[News] 140415 An unusual picture of Yoochun at the airport snatches the “KOPA & NIKON Press Photo Awards”


Airport security can sometimes be very hard for a number of people and JYJ’s Yoochun was one of those people. Once, he was pictured when he took off his glasses to pass the security checking at the airport to confirm his identity and match it with his passport. This picture was then chosen as the best photo for Entertainment Category at the “KOPA & NIKON Press Photo Awards”.

The picture was taken on March 27, 2013, when Reporter Choi Jin Seok covered JYJ who was going to Japan from Gimpo International Airport for their concert at Tokyo Dome. The picture was entitled “Park Yoochun, takes his sunglasses to confirm his identity.”

The awards ceremony is the most prestigious awards ceremony for Korean press. The winner category was divided into General, Sports and Entertainment. It has been held for the third time this year.

Meanwhile, JYJ members are currently focusing on solo projects; Jaejoong is preparing for his upcoming drama “Triangle”, Yoochun is focusing on his ongoing drama “Three Days” and Junsu is preparing for his upcoming concerts in Japan in May.

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[Pic] 140414 JYJ Official Facebook : Park Yuchun’s fashion which is as popular as the drama!

Park Yuchun’s fashion which is as popular as the drama!
The fashion he shows each episode become talks of the town.


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[News] 140404 JYJ’s Yoochun wants his mother and agency to stop worrying about him


It has been years since Yoochun debuted and stood up on stage but he admitted that he still gets nervous sometimes. Yet, he always tries his best to improve his ability, not only for his own sake but for his family and agency to stop worrying about him. By choosing to play a different and stronger character, Yoochun thinks that he can achieve that goal.

Yoochun said that playing a bodyguard in “Three Days” put him on the right path.

“I want to try a stronger character. Although I am still lacking much in acting, I want to try my best. I always believe in chances. If one day it comes, I will take it and work very hard for it. If I become successful, my mother and my agency will stop worrying about me. I will be able to make people believe that I can do well by myself,” said Yoochun in the interview with ONE.

Yoochun said his mother, younger brother and agency always worry about him because of his excessive nervousness.

“They always told me that I am too nervous all the time. Even though I feel that I am very much alright, my brother always tells me that I look shaky and nervous when I want to go out for a drink with him. Then, I will feel sick and become stressed out. And my brother will tell me that I indeed got into a nervous breakdown,” added Yoochun.

Well, it is hard to believe that Yoochun still has to overcome such problem but we wish the best for him and we all believe that he will and has been showing the best of him on stage as a singer and an actor.

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[NEWS] 140329 ‘Three Days’,Breaking Prejudice Against Rebroadcasts.. Completely Re-edit into 120 Minutes


SBS’s Wed-Thur drama ‘Three Days’ is breaking prejudice against rebroadcasts.

‘Three Days’ production completely re-edit ‘Three Days’ episode 7 & 8 into 120 minutes and is scheduled for a rebroadcast on March 30. According to SBS, they not only simply connect the two dramas but plan on presenting new interests by completely re-editing.

The crew especially input new sound mixing, trying to improve viewers’ engagements including not putting advertisements in the parts from episodes 7 & 8. Having skillfully lowered the density, the scenes were distinctly brought out, heightening the tension through sound works.

Golden Thumb Pictures said “It is extra costly and a big task. However we’ve taken care of the broadcast already to present a ‘weekend movie’ to the current viewers and for viewers who haven’t seen this week’s broadcast; it is another way to present interests [in the drama] that can be enjoyed by all of the parts from episodes 7 & 8 in one sitting”.

Source: OSEN via Naver
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
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[NEWS] 1140319 JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun gained a lot while filming ‘Sea Fog’


JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun was recently featured in the latest issue of fashion magazine ‘Singles’, where he was photographed at the film set of his current drama ‘Three Days’, while also revealing his thoughts about filming in the accompanying interview.

On the day of the shoot, Park Yoo Chun was seen constantly in dialogue with director Shin Kyung Soo in front of the monitor, as they reviewed footage that had just been filmed. Shin Kyung Soo praised Park Yoo Chun as an actor who was intelligent, meticulous, adaptable, and creative.

The filming staff also praised Park Yoo Chun for being a honest actor. In the accompanying interview, Park Yoo Chun admitted, “It is really great. I get along well with the staff, and I had a great time filming the drama. It is really cold during filming, and there are many action scenes, so it isn’t really easy for me. But after going through all that, I find myself changing. I always try my very best to be courteous in the past. But I have become more at ease now, and can talk and joke with the staff without any inhibitions.”

The reason for Park Yoo Chun’s transformation, can be attributed to the 4 months that he spent with the filming staff for the filming of his movie ‘Sea Fog’. He said with a smile, “It felt really awkward to have to adhere strictly to all the courtesy and politeness during the filming of the movie. So I felt that I should treat everything as natural as possible instead, instead of forcing the issue. I had meals and drinks with the filming staff in the 4 months of filming, and understood a lot of things.”

Park Yoo Chun’s full photo shoot and interview can be found in the April issue of ‘Singles’ which will be out on March 20th, as well as the magazine’s official website.

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[ENGSUB] 140305 How to enjoy ‘Three Days’ at 300% – Park Yoochun

Dear Micky Yoochun. I can assure you that every eye is glued to the screen while enjoying this spectacular ‘Three Days’ production. I was so blown away by the fight scenes. If anyone hasn’t begun to watch this fast-paced, exciting drama, please do so!       :)

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Editors Note: Park Yoochun ‘Three Days’ Episode One Initial Reaction


‘Three Days’ is our Park Yoochun in his element. He is a natural law enforcement actor; full of good intentions, an inquiring mind, action, and just enough of that baby-faced look to endear his character to your heart. Yoochun is an excellent actor. He makes each new role believable and distinct from the one before it. He also has a proven track record as a leading man.

The melodrama unfolds with a tragic attack on Han Tae Kyung’s father, the Minister of Finance. Tae Kyung is devastated by his father’s critical condition, and is subsequently distracted while guarding the President in the marketplace. After failing to perceive a possible threat leading to the extraction of the president, Han Tae Kyung  learns that his father has died. He is put on probation from his position as a presidential bodyguard, and allowed to join his grieving family. Tae Kyung takes his proper place as the surviving son. He meets the police investigator who was first at the crime scene, and her inquiries lead to the search for a missing envelope. To add to the drama, Tae Kyung discovers a dying man who reveals a plot to assassinate the president.

Early on, the script fully emphasizes that the responsibility and commitment to family is superseded by the commitment to guard the president.

As the drama unfolds we are witnesses to a city-wide blackout. Tae Kyung has failed in an attempt to inform authorities of the plot to assassinate the president. I hope that the writer will clarify the plot a bit more, but predominately this is an excellent opportunity for Yoochun to once again take his place among the ranks of the city’s finest, and to create another memorable performance. Fighting!!!

Narrative Credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com.