[News] 121003 JYJ Jaejoong: Finding Happiness in Music

[News] 121003 JYJ Jaejoong: Finding Happiness in Music

In his interview with KpopStarz JYJ Jaejoong reveals the secrets to his happiness

JYJ Kim Jaejoong

It is not often that we find ourselves actually being or doing what we have dreamed about as children. Like everyone of us, Kim Jaejoong didn’t really start out wanting to sing. In KpopStarz’ recent interview with the actor and singer, Jaejoong of JYJ revealed, “My childhood dream was to become the owner of a supermarket. I also wanted to become a hair designer.” Who would’ve thought?

However, we see him these days being successful in the path that he has chosen to take.  Perhaps this is because of not having many expectations. He admitted “I didn’t expect to receive this much love from fans in the world. I am really thankful to have met JYJ members. I am very happy to do music that we love.”

 It’s both touching and ironic to hear him speak this way, especially with the difficult path JYJ had to take as of late.  To find something rewarding, to find happiness would’ve been a tall order from someone in his situation, but still he sees the glass as half-full, with his optimism.

Kim Jaejoong cherishes the path he is on, finding that making music, specifically being a singer makes him feel the highest form of happiness possible, he shared, “There are no words needed. I am happy with everything. I am happy that, as a singer, I can do the music I want to do. I am very happy to perform on stage; sharing moments with members who have the same heart.”

Many times in the interview Jaejoong revealed the people that matter to him the most – his JYJ members and the fans who support them. Seeing these, his most prized possessions, is reason enough to understand his heart and see where that happiness comes from.

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