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[TRANS] 130622 Kstyle Interview – JYJ Jaejoong, “Things He’s Gained From His Solo Activities… Gratitude To His Members And A Sense Of Curiosity Towards Music”

[TRANS] 130622 Kstyle Interview – JYJ Jaejoong, “Things He’s Gained From His Solo Activities… Gratitude To His Members And A Sense Of Curiosity Towards Music”

-Please tell us the highlights and what you hope fans will look forward to for your Asia Tour・Grand Finale, which will be held over 3 days from 24 June.

Jaejoong: I released my first solo album since debut, and have received a lot of love while on my Asia tour. During the Tokyo Dome performance, it was decided that the last finale be held in Japan. Because it’s the first time I am having a solo concert in japan since debut, I am feeling the pressure, but the anticipation is also as big. I want to present a good performance, and have a good time with everyone.

-The set-list was released leading up to the fanmeeting this time. Were the Japanese songs in it chosen by Jaejoong yourself? Are there perhaps any special emotions behind your song choices?

Jaejoong: I personally chose them myself. But I did ask the people around me to give me their recommendations if there are any Japanese songs which they like. I think my criteria was quite clear, I wanted so sing songs that would bring back memories for many Japanese. I wanted to choose songs that everyone in the audience could sing along starting from the first verse. Despite me being a foreigner, and despite the fact that I sing songs in a foreign language, I’ve always received a lot of support and love. So I thought I wanted to repay that love, by sharing the same memories with my fans. That is why I chose songs that have been loved by many people since the past.

– Ito Yuna’s “Precious”, Onitsuka Chihiro’s “Moonlight” and Ayaka’s “Crescent Moon” are all difficult songs for females. How was it like to actually since these songs? Could you share some of your thoughts or difficulties, or some things fans should listen out for?
Jaejoong: It’s difficult. Rather than being difficult because they are meant for female vocals, the songs themselves are not easy songs to sing. But after understanding the lyrics, and by thinking about the emotions the listener would experience when listening to this song, I thought that all I needed to do was to bring out those emotions in myself as well when I sang. The most important thing (to me) is, since it is a live performance, because it is a live stage, I want to bring even more happiness (to the audience).

-Do you usually listen to songs by Japanese artistes, or sing them at Karaokes?

Jaejoong: Yes, I often sing them. One of the songs I often sing is “Saiai”, which Yoochun sang in Tokyo. (T/N: The Greatest Love by Fukuyama Masaharu)

-Will there be any special events prepared for the finale this time?

Jaejoong: The first would be me singing 7 Japanese songs, that is the largest event. It is also the part that is the most important to me. And also, for the fanmeeting, I’ve had time so I’ve been able to prepare completely new things. It’s because I like talking to the Japanese fans and having little events. We are planning and enjoyable fanmeeting while taking this into consideration. Please look forward to it!

-You had a solo tour around Asia this time, was it not lonely without the members?

Jaejoong: It’s lonely. While doing ments or games myself, when I am suddenly reminded that the members aren’t beside me, I somehow feel extremely lonely. And when I’m in the hotel, I also inadvertently want to meet them. This is why after the concerts, the staff gather in my room and they make a big scene.

-Are there any differences doing live performances as part of your solo activities as compared to as JYJ? Could you share some of the things you actually felt or thoughts that run through your mind?

Jaejoong: There are differences, I think each has its own appeal. As JYJ, we can present our harmony and performance. i think that is the charm of being a group. On the other hand, when I am doing solo activities, I am able to showcase music that I like, and deeper emotions that I experience. I think that is the plus point. I think both have their own merits.

-”Mine’s” concept was that of a “dark angel”. How did that idea come about?

Jaejoong: “Mine” depicts someone who is being suppressed by some external factors, and how this someone tries to resist the things or people that are trying to dictate his life. The charm of the album is its strong sounds, which represent this resistance. When we had a meeting with the director regarding the production o the music video, the director said with a straight face that this was really a very powerful song. You are exuding fierceness towards the other party, but the real reason for that is to protect what is yours, to protect your field. We wanted to portray both sides of these feelings.

-Could you share specifically what are some of the things that you have gained through carrying out solo activities?

Jaejoong: The fields of music that I would like to pursue have broadened, and that makes me happy. I think one thing I have gained would be attempting new things. From that, I also felt a deeper sense of gratitude to my members for existing; While feeling lonely, and wanting to meet them. Also, I recently met my nephew, and for the first time since I became a singer, he said, “Uncle, the album is the best. All my friends around me say so too.” Because of that I also think that perhaps I may have gained more male fans.

-Any words for all the fans who are looking forward to the Asia Tour・Grand Finale?

Jaejoong: Yes. Everyone, I am already prepared, please also get ready to come and have fun at the performance. Come to the fanmeeting like you’re having a date with me, and I will present a performance for everyone that will soothe your hearts like a serenade. Please look forward to it!

[Question & Answer time with Jaejoong!]

Here are some questions from the editorial department, “Some things that have been on our minds”. Here’s our Q&A with the honest Jaejoong.

Q. The movie “Code Name Jackal” only recently began screening in Japan, but if you were to appear in your next project, would you choose to star in a pure romantic movie, or an action-packed movie?

Jaejoong: I really enjoyed working on a movie. It was really an amazing experience. I mentioned this in an interview in Korea as well, I would like to try taking on the role of a character that leads a wild life. Something more realistic. Other than that, I’d also like to try appearing in a production where there are heroes. Like hulk maybe (^^)

Q. Do you feel that you have rivals? If so, who?

Jaejoong: I don’t have rivals, I only have friends^^

Q. Given your tight schedule during the concerts, could you share how you’ve been managing your health?

Jaejoong: I run on the running machine (treadmill) every day without fail. Aside from that, I also like cycling outdoors.

Q. Jaejoong has beautiful skin! What’s the secret to maintaining good skin?

Jaejoong: Visit the dermatologist immediately once you have skin trouble. I also try to drink lots of water normally.

Q. The super-spicy dish that Jaejoong, who loves extremly spicy food, is hooked on recently is?

Jaejoong: I’ve been cutting down on spicy food recently, because I’ve been told that it’s not good for health.

Q. Jaejoong’s selfshots always become hot topic of discussion amongst fans when they are uploaded onto SNS sites. Do you have any tips for taking selfshots?

Jaejoong: Firstly, you need to use the best angle to take a selfshot. Other than that, I also think it is important to incorporate the story you want to tell through the photo well when uploading it to SNS sites. Photos with stories!

Q. What are some interesting places or good food that you’ve had while on promotions or tours or on private trips around Japan thus far?

Jaejoong: I had a lot of fun when I went on tour in Sapporo. I really like seafood, and the seafood there was really delicious. I like Winter, and I like the cold, so I really had fun when we had concerts in Sapporo!

Q. Are there any things you must definitely do or have fun doing whenever you are in Japan?

Jaejoong: Meet my friends in Japan, go and have ramen, drink beer…… Well, things like that basically. It’s also been a long time since I was last at the Yokohama Arena, so that makes me feel nostalgic as well.

Q. What’s your favourite Japanese word?

Jaejoong: It’s “Sorry”. It’s a polite word that can be used to express gratitude, and also used as an apology, or to mean “Excuse me”.

Q. Are there any particularly significant memories you’ve had with the fans?

Jaejoong: There are so many I could go on forever. There are so many I’m not sure where to start.

Q. Is there anything you would like to ask the Japanese fans?

Jaejoong: Everyone, are you having fun? Are you happy? Have you been eating well? Have you found a lover? Are you healthy? I’m the same as usual. And I am praying that everyone is doing well as usual too.

Source: [kstyle]

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Arden Cho Compilation Original Compositions

I follow Arden on Twitter. Just curious about her work. Very nice  🙂

Arden Cho – Tainted (original)

Arden Cho – With You (original)

Arden Cho – Hello Goodbye (original)

Arden Cho – I’m Just a Girl (official MV)

credit: ardenBcho

Momma’s Source: youtube

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[Info] 121130 TVXQ! Will Be Performing LIVE on NAVER MUSIC ON AIR on DEC 3 at 9PM

[Info] 121130 TVXQ! Will Be Performing LIVE on NAVER MUSIC ON AIR on DEC 3 at 9PM

TVXQ! will be performing LIVE on NAVER MUSIC ON AIR on DEC.3 @ 9PM. For more details: music.naver.com/onair/tvxq


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[NEWS] 121122 JYJ, Is There Anything You Can’t Do?

[NEWS] 121122 JYJ, Is There Anything You Can’t Do?

The group JYJ is drawing public attention with omnidirectional activities including not only films and dramas but also world tour concerts.

The members of JYJ – Jaejoong Kim, Yuchun Park and Junsu Kim are showing off their talents as each of them is doing film, drama and world tour at the same time. Not like other groups who normally start members’ individual activities after group activities finished, all of JYJ members are standing out in each own field at the same time.

The most noticeable member is Jaejoong Kim. Currently he is meeting audience with his screen debut film ‘Code Name: Jackal’ and played a comic role which he has not done before, as a topstar who is kidnapped in the film. It seems that he became more familiar to the public after breaking from former serious characters he played in ‘Dr. Jin’ and ‘Protect the Boss’.

Yuchun Park is challenging melodramatic performance in ‘I Miss You’, MBC WED/THU primetime drama currently being aired. He has been appearing since NOV 21 after the youth parts finished and showed performance as a  police detective who has wounds of the first love in youth. ‘I Miss You is his first serious melodrama as he used to work for romantic comedies in the past. His new challenge is highly expected as he has been recognised well among actors from background of singers.

While Jaejoong Kim and Yuchun Park are leaving music career at the moment, Junsu Kim is taking over the role of a singer instead. The award winning star is due to have a solo concert in Oberhausen, Germany on Nov 30. He is the first Asian singer performing in Oberhausen.

He released a solo album ‘Tarantallegra’ in May and toured successfully in Thailand, Taiwan, China, U.S.A. and Mexico. The tour in Germany is his final stage of the world tours of 8 months.

Source: Donga via Nate
Translated by: dedicatee.wordpress.com
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Re-up by: iXiahCassie

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[News] 121003 JYJ Jaejoong: Finding Happiness in Music

[News] 121003 JYJ Jaejoong: Finding Happiness in Music

In his interview with KpopStarz JYJ Jaejoong reveals the secrets to his happiness

JYJ Kim Jaejoong

It is not often that we find ourselves actually being or doing what we have dreamed about as children. Like everyone of us, Kim Jaejoong didn’t really start out wanting to sing. In KpopStarz’ recent interview with the actor and singer, Jaejoong of JYJ revealed, “My childhood dream was to become the owner of a supermarket. I also wanted to become a hair designer.” Who would’ve thought?

However, we see him these days being successful in the path that he has chosen to take.  Perhaps this is because of not having many expectations. He admitted “I didn’t expect to receive this much love from fans in the world. I am really thankful to have met JYJ members. I am very happy to do music that we love.”

 It’s both touching and ironic to hear him speak this way, especially with the difficult path JYJ had to take as of late.  To find something rewarding, to find happiness would’ve been a tall order from someone in his situation, but still he sees the glass as half-full, with his optimism.

Kim Jaejoong cherishes the path he is on, finding that making music, specifically being a singer makes him feel the highest form of happiness possible, he shared, “There are no words needed. I am happy with everything. I am happy that, as a singer, I can do the music I want to do. I am very happy to perform on stage; sharing moments with members who have the same heart.”

Many times in the interview Jaejoong revealed the people that matter to him the most – his JYJ members and the fans who support them. Seeing these, his most prized possessions, is reason enough to understand his heart and see where that happiness comes from.

Read more about KpopStarz exclusive interview with Kim Jaejoong here.

Photo Credit: C-JeS Entertainment
credit: kpopstarz

 Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net
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Captain CoCo and The Bubble Incident Chapter 1: First Engagement Part 3

You may have noticed that there has been no mention of a Science Officer. There is a reason for this omission. The Science Officer on the ISP Grande Pollo lives in a world of his own that does not include the bridge of the ship. At present he is engaged with his latest project–an Eggonizer 6000 version Alpha, prototype 1 egg projection machine, complete with a massive chute that can accomodate 18 giant eggs per second. Captain CoCo demands the biggest and the best of buffalo wings, therefore, the ISP Grande Pollo is carrying a cargo hold full of plump, delicious giant chickens imported to earth across the galaxy from the planet MaxiDna, famed for its sole occupation of raising and exporting chickens. Captain CoCo has voiced his desire to someday retire to this planet and to live a life as a chicken recipe tester. He has heard that they are incapable of frying chicken due to lack of oil supplies, therefore, the entrepreneur in him is stimulated to bring frying technology to the planet. But we get off focus…

The resident science officer, called Smarticus for lack of knowledge of his real name which he has forgotten after years of intense research and exposure to chicken feathers–stands 6 foot 8 in his stockinged feet and has a perpetual crest shaped-Mohawk hairstyle, rumored to express his constant delight with his chicken friends. It is also rumored that he lives on corn and watermelon.

As Captain CoCo and Protection Officer Bun-Bo race for the engineering section with Chief Engineer Francois bringing up a distant rear, they hear Science Officer Smarticus exclaim from his chicken lab, “Eureka!!! I have done it. It’s Alive, it’s Alive!!!”

Captain CoCo stops dead in his tracks, sliding furiously on corn and straw and causing an epic dogpile of all three officers. His brain begins to whirl with possibilities, for he knows what Smarticus has been working on. Smarticus is probably the only officer on board that Captain CoCo gives grudging respect, and is certainly the one officer who gets away with not approaching the bridge. Spitting out corn and straw while lashing out at his unfortunate officers who are presently pressing him into the fertilized chicken bed, Captain CoCo aggressively rounds on Science Officer Smarticus with the following tirade: “How often have I told you to keep this area clean, Mister!!! And why didn’t you hear the alarm?”

“I did. I put him in his cage so that he would not disturb my best layers. My weapon demands top quality eggs.”

“I heard you scream ‘Success!!!'”

“No, Captain, I screamed ‘Eureka’…an old earth term.” Smarticus has a reputation for using quick, impertinent answers, an undesirable trait on his poetic home planet of Bard. Perhaps this is why he felt a need to leave home and join the ISP Force. Sometimes Captain CoCo wishes that the eccentric scientist felt the same need to leave the ISP Force. However, this would result in smaller chicken portions aboard the ISP Grande Pollo. Also, Smarticus’ help is the only reason that Captain CoCo managed to graduate from the academy…a fact Smarticus is always quick to point out when the good captain threatens his prized chickens (and his smart-aleck retorts) with exile. Whichever planet happens to be in the area when he and Captain CoCo engage in one of their frequent arguments is targeted as Smarticus’ next home. But, we’re unfocused again,,,

Captain CoCo shoves Protection Officer Bun-Bo and Chief Engineer Francois aside and staggers to his feet, lurching to the chicken inhabited sink to rinse out his mouth. “Feathers, Feathers,” he intones, sticking out his tongue on each syllable. “I need the Thespiadeck. I need to relax.”

Science Officer Smarticus is starting to comprehend the gravity of the situation. “Captain? Is there a major problem? I smell strawberries instead of chicken droppings.”

Captain Coco rolls his eyes. “The ship is under attack and will be flooded with strawberry bubblebath, Smarticus.  We have half an hour to defeat the enemy or die!!! Perhaps your Eureka meant that you have perfected the egg ejection machine?”

“Not egg ejection, Captain, egg projection. This baby can lob eighteen eggs a second under high power and strike deep into outerspace. Would you like a demonstration?”

“No, Smarticus, I demand instant application. Chief Engineer Francois, find some strong persons to assist the Science Officer. We have our counter weapon!!!  Protection Officier Bun-Bo, get a visual hail and mystify the Bubble Berry Soapy ship with your cool dance moves. Get help if you must. I mean work it, Mr!!!  I want their attention solely on you. Got it?”

“Got it Sir!” both officers cry out. They can scent battle and the adrenaline is starting to flow.

Chief Engineer Francois hurries to the Engineering section. No intercom remember? He manages to grab three strong junior officers and directs them back to the Eggonizer 6000 where Science Officer Smarticus and Captain CoCo are already loading the weapon with the largest eggs they can find. Smarticus has been using chicken manure to create methane gas and has stored it on-board the ISP Grande Pollo for months. This methane gas is what will provide the bio-fuel for the Eggonizer. Captain Coco is in the process of  threatening to court-martial Smarticus for storing this volatile fuel on board without his knowledge. We all know how that goes. Court-martial; smourt-martial.

Protection Officer Bun-Bo sprints to his quarters to collect his MP3 Player. Yes, you read it right. MP3 Player. Everything on this totally advanced ISP Grande Pollo is ancient!  He sprints to the bridge [by-the-way, there are no elevators either] and upon his arrival addresses Lt. Bomma Whama at the communications board.

“Lt. Bomma Whama, is there a way to pipe this music through to the Strawberry Bubble ship?”

“Certainly Protection Officer Bun-Bo. I’ll just leave the telephone off the hook. and turn the music up to full volume. Just give me a moment.”

While Lt. Bomma Whama is setting up the music, Ensign Allegra, the Navigator, is sitting stunned. She has managed to clear the view screen enough to show the Bubble Berry Soapy in all its splendor–a pink, shiny hull is its most prominent. feature. A continuous stream of bubbles is pouring forth from its stern, and port ejectors are shooting strawberry bubble bath at the ISP Grande Pollo. [Don’t worry about the physics here, we’re not trying to make this logical] The view of the Bubble Berry Soapy isn’t why Ensign Allegra is sitting stunned. It is because as a grand keyboardist, the thought of using an MP3 Player to pipe music through both ships is horrifying. Ensign Allegra jumps up and rushes to her quarters where she unhooks her keyboard and totes it [it’s heavy] back to the bridge. Winking at Lt. Bomma Whama who is staring at her, Ensign Allegra hooks the keyboard to the communications console speakers and begins to play.

Meanwhile, Officer Bun-Bo is not on the bridge. He has gone to fetch Doc Shades and Mr. Blade to assist him in his dancing efforts. Remember, all crewmembers must be able to sing, dance, and act. [If you haven’f noticed, there is no bridge discipline] Everyone is scattered all over the ship!

Lt. Bomma Whama has just finished upping the volume and dialing the Bubble Berry Soapy bridge when all three officers rush in. They have heard the mad keyboading on their way to the bridge and they begin to dance right in step with the music and each other. “I have visual contact!!!” says the Ensign at the console. The Bubble Berry Soapy bridge crew is glued to the screen as they watch the gyrations of [by now] the entire ISP Grande Pollo dance team.  What I mean by entire dance team is every crew member not engaged in the last ditch scrambling efforts to save the ship. Counselor Penna, never one to dance in public, is popping and bopping like no tomorrow, which, if you stop and think about it, could prove quite accurate. Everybody is now engaged in saving the ship. They are rockin’, ya hear me? Rockin’!!!

Back at the egg factory–Captain Coco, Officer Smarticus, and the three junior officers are drenched in sweat. They have loaded 8,000 ostrich-sized eggs into the Eggonizer’s chambers and are now approaching the arduous task of touching the button to begin the firing sequence. They have aimed the trajectory of the Eggonizer at the helm of the Bubble Berry Soapy. Hopefully, they will be able to cover the bridge hull with raw egg and shells. The heat from the firing will deliver the eggs half-cooked to become a glutinous stinky mass.

“Fire!!!”  Captain Coco’s voice booms loudly as the first volley of eggs releases from the first Eggonizer chamber. Going at the speed of 18 eggs per second, the hull is soon covered thickly in [an omelet?]…Oh Dear.

“Keep firing,” orders Captain CoCo. “I need to check up on Protection Officer Bun-Bo. It’s hard to dance that energetically by yourself. I will go help him.” [Giggle. Can’t resist can ya?]

As we all know, Captain Wash-a-lot was last seen wandering toward the bathtub with his rubber ducky. Frustrated, but confident of his ship’s and crew’s abilities, he has left the Bubble Berry Soapy in the hands of his First Officer, Mr. Strawberry Shake–so named because of his ceaseless shaking in the face of danger. Mr.Shake’s teeth are chattering noisily at this moment as he sends an ensign for the Captain.

“Ensign Wells, g-go in-f-form the Captain t-that h-e-e’s n-n-needed on the b-bridge”.

“Yes Mr, Shake, Sir!”

Captain Wash-a-lot is deeply asleep after that wonderful bubblebath.

“Captain!!! Captain, you’re needed on the bridge, Sir!” blurts the baby-faced ensign. “The ship has fired on us while we were watching them move really strange to music, and we are now covered in a giant omelet!”

“Aw…that’s why I was dreaming of dancing with quiche,” mutters Captain Wash-a-lot. “I didn’t get to eat it, though. Go back and man your station, Ensign, I’ll be right there.”

“Yes, Sir, Captain Sir.”

Captain Wash-a-lot sits for a few seconds pondering this change in affairs. “Eggs,” he mutters. “Eggs!! Eggs and dancing? “He begins to giggle. “I like this Captain CoCo. I do. Snort. Snort. Time for negotiations. We seem to be at a stalemate!!!”

To be continued…Muahahahaha!!!…

Note: No resemblance to any living persons intended. Uh-huh. Yeah, right. You know it is. Sorry.

credit: The JYJ Fantalk Team

Picture Credits:

Video Credit: youtube.com channel: DonnaORaphaelTV

Please remove with credits intact. Better still, maybe we shouldn’t take credit. Would you?  Muahahahaha!!!

[TRANS] 120917-120918 Post of JYJ Tweets

[TRANS] 120917-120918 Post of JYJ Tweets

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes tweets from 6am KST, September 17th to 5:59am KST, September 18th.

T’is my jam too~ \o/
(Ryan, 5:40pm KST, 120915, English Tweet) Back home unpacking from the honeymoon – groovin’ to Uncommitted! Haha @1215thexiahtic
(Junsu, 3:33am KST, 120917, English Tweet) @cRyanChandler yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Junsu realizes JYJ have lots of endorsements, took you long enough kiddo XD
(Junsu, 8:15pm KST, 120917) Penzal Q, thank you! Tony Moly, thank you!
(Junsu, 8:22pm KST, 120917) Oh! Thank you to Nii, too.
(Junsu, 8:29pm KST, 120917) Oh, we’ve taken on quite a lot (of endorsements)… Thank you to Nintendo, too^^

Got a lot on his mind, I bet :/
(Junsu, 1:51am KST, 120918) Even the stars, the wind and the cool air of this night.. even they have their own individual reason for existing
(Junsu, 1:54am KST, 120918) Like how everyone has a reason to be alive.. or maybe that reason is formed along the way….. Regardless of whether our reason to live is created by ourselves or by others, it is formed because of something
(Junsu, 2:01am KST, 120918) I want to be like the setting sun.. that blooms in beauty, comes in resplendence and sets, unnoticed and silent. I like sunsets.. and palm trees, clouds and the sea haha

Jaejoong just being his dorky self 😉
(Jaejoong, 4:32pm KST, 120918) Junsu hyung~ I’m a fan of yours~~ http://pic.twitter.com/kDPzvhE3

My thoughts exactly…
(Junsu, 7:38pm KST) What on earth… are you afraid of..

Source: [Junsu+Jaejoong+Other’s  Twitter]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


[Trans] 120512 JYJ Twitter Updates

[Trans] 120512 JYJ Twitter Updates

Bum: @6002theMicky Ai-goo!! Suddenly fired up and shoulders worked up~ Ke okay!! Was busy recently thus neglected. Cared about the youngest Yoohwan too! Keke hope to meet soon~~ ^.^

Yoochun: @bums313 That’s our shop afterall~ ^^ Please do take care of it~^^

Yoochun: Really wish to see you… crazily

Yoochun: Father…

Junsu: pic.twitter.com/vAgDTT97

Junsu: pic.twitter.com/nyJNcdFC

Junsu: t.co/s2U9ioQd

Junsu: When the heaven and earth meets… t.co/wMFb8C8K

Junsu: I’ll definitely go back there again…. With the one I love… No matter when… My forever dream… Bora bora island t.co/Cnx05tWO

 Yoochun: Twa~~~ah~~~~~~~~^^

Junsu: It’s okay that you don’t have to do anything like ‘live playing’~ just as long as I’m able to sing good songs and good music… and to have everyone who listens to these great music, I am already satisfied… Because the so-called fairness has left us long ago… Nonetheless, I will not feel tired and sick of it.. ^^
(T/N: ‘Live playing’ is when fans bought music vouchers and used it to buy ‘live playing’ online through various music sites. The no. of times that music was played will determine its popularity.)

Junsu: I wish to go here. http://pic.twitter.com/ycKzJUSR

Young Pil (@youngfeel): @1215thexiahtic Me too me too~~~~ TT It’s a pity to have no girlfriend to go with… Why not let’s go together~~~~^^

Junsu: @youngfeel Ha ah! So weird..

Young Pil: @1215thexiahtic It’s not… That… You are not the kind I like… I hate guys…

Junsu: @youngfeel Kekeke

Jaejoong: When I am exhausted, the one that tormented my head is music and the one that heals my diminishing soul is also music… Unstoppable, and unable to neglect it… even though I did not managed to sleep for a few hours and yet still insisting on composing, to which my looks have proven to me… how shall I say this…

credit: josiemiao + freyazo +JYJbaidubar
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[NEWS] 111121 North Korean Celebrities Are Struggling Because Of The Hallyu Wave

[NEWS] 111121 North Korean Celebrities Are Struggling Because Of The Hallyu Wave

Radio Free Asia (RFA), a non-profit organization that operates a radio station and internet news source, recently published a story about North Korean celebrities being forgotten due to the Hallyu Wave. Apparently, South Korean movies and dramas are spreading like wildfire inside the isolated country and are devouring low-quality North Korean films.

According to an insider in North Korea, “I don’t know anything about new North Korean songs or movies that have been released. There are only 3-4 [North Korean] films that are produced each year, but since there are so many South Korean movies laying around, no one pays attention to our [North Korean] films.”

Not only are North Korean films low in quality due to insufficient budgets, they lack creativity and are considered boring because they are all material that only praise Kim Il Sung‘s family. Thus, it was reported that citizens and young people completely ignore films and entertainment produced by their country.

North Korean celebrities are suffering significantly due to the Hallyu Wave, mainly because South Korean celebrities are gaining much popularity, while they are becoming forgotten. Multiple insiders state, “People related to the North Korean entertainment business ignore the demands of the people and solely focus on Kim Jong Il‘s propaganda. People can expect to see the end of North Korea’s entertainment industry“.

North Korean youths who defected from the country were able to name several South Korean films including ‘Stairway to Heaven‘ and ‘Scent of a Man‘, while they were unable to recall any names of actors/actresses from a particular North Korean film.

It’s not just North Korean movies and dramas going down the drain — the music industry is declining as well. An insider explained, “All songs, including new ones, involve chants and praises for Kim Jong Il or the Worker’s Party. No one wants to listen to them.”

South Korean netizens were quite amused by the news and commented, “Aren’t all North Korean songs practically hymns that praise that dictator pig?“, “There are celebrities in North Korea? That kind of occupation exists? Wow“, and “I can feel the end of North Korea nearing..“.

Check out this clip to get a taste of North Korean music.

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Interview JYJ Speaks Out #1

KBS’s review is unqualified: (Jaejoong) Because tracks of an album that aren’t the title song often fail to pass the review, I didn’t feel offended when I first received the news. But the problem is ‘why the song failed to pass the review’. They laid down the verdict that the song was unsuitable for airing because of a word that they made an assumption about and made up without asking the creator for the actual meaning. To mark something off in the way they want and to give a notice of this is disrespecting the creator.

P.S.M: (Jaejoong) It means Performer Success Museum. Everyone wants to find success in their lives. But it is only possible to succeed by receiving help or education from institutions or borrowing the strength of others. For example, if we assume that schools or private educational institutes are museums that make you successful, then the people within these institutes lie to the people who are looking for hope. They say, ‘We don’t care about the materialistic things, we just want to help you’. That’s what it means.

Concert: (Jaejoong) When we hold our concerts, we deliberately try to put in as much time to talk as possible. It’s to the extent that one could ask ‘Is this a concert or a fanmeet?’ We don’t have many outlets in which we can communicate with our fans. By choosing to focus our activities on concerts, we keep increasing the number of songs we have and present these to our fans, and we try to have as many conversations as possible with them. It’s like we vent out our emotions in front of our fans. Though we decided on a theme for every concert, we end up ignoring that theme because we talk so much and we start joking around. (laughter)

Solo Concert in Europe: (Yoochun) Though we’re holding a tour in Europe, we won’t change our color and style just because the venue of our concert has changed. We try to integrate JYJ’s color in the culture of these countries. (Junsu) Even when we had our North American tour in Canada and the LA, San Francisco and New Jersey regions, we felt this great sense of pressure like we do now for our Europe tour. But once we actually got to the concert venue, we saw that there were more fans who had waited for us than we had expected. Though we’re worried, we try to think of it in a positive way.We think of the fact that we’ve gotten this far as a miracle, and we hope that another miracle will ensue.

Director Kim Jaejoong: (Jaejoong) I like to meddle in things a lot. If something’s even a little out-of-place, I try to set it straight so I keep butting in. That’s how I started directing. Even with our music, I went from saying ‘I don’t like the lyrics’ to ‘Let me write them’. And when I wrote lyrics that were suitable, that’s how I began writing my own lyrics, and I have a lot of small greeds that I wish to fulfill.

Yunho, Changmin: (Jaejoong) They often appear in our dreams. Once, all three of us dreamt of them on the same night. I think a considerably large amount of time has passed. Though the misunderstandings that came about because of the time and distance we’ve spent apart may take more time to unravel, shall I say that for us, a lot of it has already disappeared? We want to meet with them and talk, just once.

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