121214 Happy 27th Birthday Mr. Jeong-nyeok-jeog-in [Energetic] Xia Junsu :)

 Happy Happy Birthday Junsu

Awwww…To be so young. You have so much life, learning, and opportunities ahead of you, Junsu. You are talented and imaginative, and you possess just enough ingenuity to experiment and risk finding out what your particular niche is in the scheme of things.

You can bask in those things that you have achieved thus far with the knowledge that you have those of us who truly desire the best for you cheering you on.. The question is, what do you consider the best to be? Always strive for those things that will benefit yourself and others. To leave a legacy is a responsibility that may overwhelm some, but it is as essential as breathing. What do you want others to remember about you 100 years from today? I pray that you will have inspired many to achieve their own goals and that they will look to you as a worthy source of guidance.

You probably are not looking that far ahead at this point, but you are now in the throes of your productive years. Choose wisely, my dear, for once done nothing in this world can be undone. You have achieved memorable work that entertains, inspires, and soothes the masses.

Junsu, I know that you have the ability to play hard. This will strengthen you as well. I admire your soccer skills and thus your ability to be a leader and a team player. You can discipline yourself and go without rewards until the job is accomplished. Yet, always remember that taking care of your own legitimate needs will benefit others around you. Stay healthy, stay strong, and stay determined.

A Birthday is a momentous occasion with family and friends wishing you well. I also wish you well, because I can see the fire and potential in you to do many great things. I admire the tenacity that you share with your brothers–that ability to stand in the midst of a storm. Your strength comes from within–from your spirit. Thank God for that, He will always hold you up. Know when to give and bend, but also when to be a tower of strength to protect others.

Happy Birthday to a deserving, young Birthday Man.  Momma Cha   🙂 <3

narrative credit:  Momma Cha  @jyjfantalk.com

cake photo credit: forum.xcitefun.net

video credit: foreverTAEMIN9192

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6 thoughts on “121214 Happy 27th Birthday Mr. Jeong-nyeok-jeog-in [Energetic] Xia Junsu :)

  1. Hi YF. I’m glad that you liked the birthday post. Always feel free to take anything you want. There is so much going on here that I was hard pressed to even get this accomplished. You work just as hard if not harder so thanks to you too.

    There is a different feel to Christmas this year. It’s a little quieter , and I haven’t gone shopping yet.

    BTW, is it just me or does Twitter seem a little crazy right now. Most of the things aren’t working for me there.

    Anyway, I did visit dbskalways. Is there a redirect to your new location or is it just going to look the same with the same address? I’m confused. Love You. Cha

  2. Thanks so much Cha. I tweeted the page. I think that this post rivalled most of the ‘official’ greetings we saw appearing on Junsu and Junho’s big day. 🙂 I was trying to make a post but ended up with a virus instead due to some infected sites. What are such things doing in DBSK-sites anyway?? Thank you for the kind words. I tend to do too much at a time then do nothing at all for too long. But, the same goes for you of course – if there is anything you like then please take it! ^_^ Same feeling here my friend. It’s a bit hard getting started. I was sick for a while but even now it’s like I’ve stopped moving. I’m begging people to do my shopping. They ‘forget’, of course, having their own business to tend to – just like I had. Let’s talk during the holidays if we have the opportunity. I will be here and – hmm, you should still be able to access the blog in the old way. I tried out a few other options but decided to stick to WordPress. So I’ll be where I’ve always been at I guess 🙂 I’m almost relieved to hear this because Twitter didn’t work for me at all last night ~ ! All of Internet seemed weird, I think it goes with the season – as do the viruses. >.< See you soon ~ (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

  3. YF. Feast, then famine. We need to talk more often. 🙂 I am always happy when you come by. I can get the girls to read, but commenting seems to be beyond them nowadays.
    I’m sorry that you were dealing with viruses. I guess this is the time of year that
    viruses are going to spread. I bet someone gets a kick out of that. I’ll just visit you at the homey site 🙂
    I’m a little down this year–I haven’t had a lot of incentive to go shopping. Then to top it off we are just getting our first snows. We are expecting 12 to 14 inches between now and tomorrow night. Pray hard YF. We have such bad traveling conditions when it snows, and sometimes we can’t get out of our driveway.
    Thank you for tweeting this. I was on there Friday and yesterday with no go.
    Forgive me. I need to wish Junho a Happy Birthday too. Here goes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JUNHO!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love you Too. 🙂

  4. I think our feelings are pretty similar towards the end of this year. It’s been tough in many ways. I’m on my bed right now writing this. Don’t want to think too much about next yeat except for *waves flag* JAE’S SOLO ALBUM! Haha ~
    There are always things to be grateful for, though, and good friends are the biggest blessing of them all – I’ve learned that much! Stay strong and stay warm. I cannot imagine those kinds of snowfalls. We had quite a lot of snow, but just as predicted, it went its way and Christmas will probably be rainy. Praying and hoping for all of you to be safe. Your car is quite new, right? A strong car is invaluable…still…please be careful. ^^
    I don’t have many commenters either, I guess we can agree on that neither begging nor bribing nor hurting people outright will bring those desired lines to us. So I guess we’ll keep talking to ourselves huh? 😉 Ye-es, people will get a kick out of the strangest things, right? Like me. I get a kick out of antivirus programmes and registry cleaners. Unless they come complete with viruses, of course. The last time my computer was in for repairs, they spent two hours doing repairs and two days getting rid of unneccessary antivirus programs bogging it down. Yes.
    All the best to the girls and John – we’ll talk soon. Love YF

  5. Okey Dokey. Don’t get me started on antivirus problems, YF. I had to shut one computer completely down because without the antivirus it was worthless and with the antivirus it was just as worthless. That machine was so-o-o-o-o-o slow. How slow was it.? The tortoise would have won the race. 😮

    Our newer car needs snow tires. This year the snow is wet and slidey. [Is this a word?] Anyway, you can slide easily. Also, I think that people are losing their driving skills. They do some stupid things on the road. So I drive extra-defensively.

    Ivory had someone cut in front of her while going to work and her car went into a snowbank. Everything’s ok but I will not rest until she is home again.
    I’m content with just making comments here and there. Whenever you are here it is a treat. You usually have more talkers on your site.

    I’ll mosey over as soon as I can. Cha

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