[Trans] THE JYJ, The Story of 1000 days

[Trans] THE JYJ, The Story of 1000 days

Yoochun on Jaejoong:
A person with a warm heart and full of compassion for people.

Junsu on Jaejoong:
Towards work, he is a perfectionist and a perfect man. in taking care of the people around him, he is number one. Both YC and JS envy JJ’s glitzy social network :D When we were in japan, we found a person whom we’ve never met before – sleeping on our bed. after asking, we found out that he was drinking alone sorrowfully beside JJ when JJ went to the pub to drink. They started to drink together and in the end, JJ brought him here to let him sleep. even though it’s unimaginable, but to JJ hyung, it is a common act (of kindness).

When it comes to work, he is serious and cautious, a perfectionist. But at the drinking table, he is the kind of person who opens up his heart and become friends with everyone. The way JJ hyung takes care of people around him so meticulously is admirable.

After making new friends, taking care of old friends is a difficult thing. but JJ is able to take care of ALL!

Sometimes I wonder if he has a clone helping him to send messages. haha.


For the sake of fans, i want to be more proactive in music activities this year i will write more songs that are indulgence to the ear as gifts to fans. Especially in this one year, I’ve personally felt the preciousness of my members and fans. I also understand that being together, and continuing to walk together is such a blessing. Hope that members are healthy. and it would be good if not too many fans go and get married. Haha!

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  1. Are we surprised? As Jae would go…Ha Ha Ha Ha!…..[I can see him with his head stuck out of the sunroof] Perpetual Caretaker he. I love you. Jae.

    BTW. I love you too June and Chunnie…<333 Momma Cha 🙂

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