[Trans] THE JYJ, The Story of 1000 days

[Trans] THE JYJ, The Story of 1000 days

Yoochun on Jaejoong:
A person with a warm heart and full of compassion for people.

Junsu on Jaejoong:
Towards work, he is a perfectionist and a perfect man. in taking care of the people around him, he is number one. Both YC and JS envy JJ’s glitzy social network :D When we were in japan, we found a person whom we’ve never met before – sleeping on our bed. after asking, we found out that he was drinking alone sorrowfully beside JJ when JJ went to the pub to drink. They started to drink together and in the end, JJ brought him here to let him sleep. even though it’s unimaginable, but to JJ hyung, it is a common act (of kindness).

When it comes to work, he is serious and cautious, a perfectionist. But at the drinking table, he is the kind of person who opens up his heart and become friends with everyone. The way JJ hyung takes care of people around him so meticulously is admirable.

After making new friends, taking care of old friends is a difficult thing. but JJ is able to take care of ALL!

Sometimes I wonder if he has a clone helping him to send messages. haha.


For the sake of fans, i want to be more proactive in music activities this year i will write more songs that are indulgence to the ear as gifts to fans. Especially in this one year, I’ve personally felt the preciousness of my members and fans. I also understand that being together, and continuing to walk together is such a blessing. Hope that members are healthy. and it would be good if not too many fans go and get married. Haha!

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[Trans] 111206 They Are Indeed Brothers, Even The Passion For Acting Is Similar‏

[Trans] 111206 They Are Indeed Brothers, Even The Passion For Acting Is Similar‏

“My acting is better than hyung, right? (laughs)” (Park Yoohwan)
“Yoohwan’s acting is more natural than me. But his portrayal for emotional scenes are still far on par to mine. Haha!” (Park Yoochun)

New actor Park Yoohwan debuted just 9 months ago with “Shiny Shining Shining”, is currently acting in drama “A Thousand Days’ Promise” as the younger brother of the female lead who is suffering from senile dementia. Park Yoohwan is the younger brother of JYJ member Park Yoochun and Park Yoochun previously acted in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”. On the afternoon of 29th last month, the reporter interviewed Park Yoohwan at SBS drama centre in Gyeonggi-do and through a phone interview with Park Yoochun who was in Hawaii for a photo shoot.

The actor brothers with many similarities Park Yoochun and Park Yoohwan. Younger brother Yoohwan: “We have been busy recently and didn’t have the time to meet.”, and expressed his wish to act in the same project with his brother.

Yoohwan said, “Hyung is like a father to me”, and Yoochun said, “My brother is worth to be praised, I’m proud of him.” There is a reason for such a deep relationship between the brothers. They migrated to America in 1998 but the brothers suffered after facing financial difficulties and their parents’ divorce. Especially when Yoochun returned to Korea for his singer dream, the younger brother Yoohwan who has always been dependent on his hyung, starts to feel the uneasiness.

Yoohwan said, “I couldn’t understand why I had to go through all these issues. And bore grudges towards my hyung who left me. There was nothing I wanted to do and had no confidence to do anything. As I starts to have the thinking of ‘what’s the use of studies?’, I withdrew from school. I was a high schooler then.”

However there was a dramatic change to Yoohwan. One day, Yoohwan followed his hyung to acting classes in preparation for “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and end up falling for it. Yoohwan said, “I found myself through acting. For the first time in life, I had my own dream.” Yoochun said, “Acting transformed Yoohwan from someone leading a dull life with no desire into a very lively person. I used to get rejections from him when I ask him to join me for drinks but now he would initiate to ask me out for a drink.” Yoohwan’s portrayal in “A Thousand Days’ Promise” gained compliments where he was grabbing his older sister who was rejecting treatments while crying out loud and when he endured the sadness and teared while taking care of his sister. Yoohwan then revealed the source for this extraordinary emotional scene, “It was the painful memory when I was young. When hyung came back to America for a temporary visit, I looked at hyung who was sound asleep and upon thinking that we are going to be separated again, I felt so sad and tears just fell uncontrollably. Upon thinking of that situation, I can still feel the sadness somewhere deep within me.” He continued, “The love for noona in the drama is very similar to the love for hyung. During the emotion scenes, I imagined if hyung is the one suffering from senile dementia.”

When reading the scripts, Yoohwan would ask scriptwriter Kim Soo Hyun for advices on acting and take notes of it. In order to perfect his enunciation, he would read out loud for 30 minutes daily. Older brother adored and worried for such a younger brother. Yoochun said, “He would stay up through the night to research on the character. I would advice him frequently that currently it is still the beginning phase, must have confidence (with yourself) and don’t work over painstakingly. But he still overworked himself. Luckily he worked hard in training his body and took good care of his own health.”

Yoohwan recently has been reading actor Michael Caine’s “Acting in Film: An Actor’s Take on Movie Making”. He said, “A quote from the book that left me an impression is, ‘If you have any other plans besides performing, then give up performing right now.’ I don’t know anything else other than performing, thus I won’t give this up.” (T/N: In this case, ‘performing’ refers to acting; a form of performing arts.) Yoochun said, “When I started my activities (as a singer) then, I was bearing the responsibility for my family’s livelihood but I hoped that Yoohwan can break away from the duty of money earning and perform freely (as an enjoyment).”

source: chn.chosun
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Translation 111123-111125 Post Of JYJ Tweets

[Trans] 111123-111125 Post Of JYJ Tweets

Naww :)
(Junsu, 6:13pm KST, 111123) @parkchanjong Each and every word you have said has always been a great strength to us.. We sincerely thank you..

Congrats B2ST~!
(Gi Kwang, 10:28pm KST, 111124) Thank you. Thank you. We love you. We’ll work really hard to become greater artistes for you
(Junsu, 6:39pm KST, 111125) @B2stGK Congratulations Gi Kwang~~!!

(Junho, 3:56pm KST, 111122) I’m going to China for the first time in a while because I have a fanmeet there tomorrow!!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ http://pic.twitter.com/YXxoQER5

(Junsu, 6:40pm KST, 111125) @JUNO_Japan Hyung!!!!!

Source: [Junsu+Others’ Twitter]
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Translation 110929 Beyond Monica Twitter Update

[Trans] 110929 Beyondmonica Twitter Update

After a whirlwind morning, had an interview and we reached the CF filming site. The big hyung is currently sleeping, the dongsaengs collaborated on Hug, reminisces while singing it. Upon talking about the story of Forever Love, their eyes were teary. Aigoo. The sunset can be so sorrow after stepping out of the door.

credit: beyondmonica
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Translation 10918 JYJ and Prain Have Ended Their Contract

[TRANS] JYJ and Prain has ended their contract — tweets convos of CEO and JJ18

Sept 18

“JJ: Though our work with Prain is over, I’d like for us to continue our friendship and keep the promise we made to have a drink together that we haven’t kept till now^^ I’ll visit once my drama’s over haha

Yeo Jun Young: Yes, of course.^^. You don’t have to when good things are happening, but if something difficult pops ups, call me or text me. I’ll help you to the best of my abilities.

JJ: The same goes for you, Mr. CEO^^ No, I mean, the same goes for you, hyung~
JJ: Because outside of work, you’re a hyung to me~^^”

The text message I received five minutes ago.

Though I thought long and hard about whether or not it would be a discourtesy to post a private conversation, I’ve always wanted people other than myself to know about the personal sincerity, politeness and sensitivity this person, no, this dongsaeng has hidden behind his public aura.

[cr. Yeo Jun Young + Yuaerubi]
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NEWS Choi Siwon Praised, “U-Know Yunho Is A Handsome Hyung and Senior

News] Choi Siwon Praised, “U-Know Yunho Is A Handsome Hyung and Senior”


Choi Siwon expressed his thoughts for filming with TVXQ for major scenes in both ‘Athena’ and ‘Poseidon’ during the production ‘Poseidon’ press conference held on the 15th at Seoul Gangnam’s Convention Diamant.

Choi Siwon expressed, “The most important scene in Athena was filmed with Changmin and this time in Poseidon for an important scene to account for the storyline, it was filmed with Yunho hyung. In fact, today was Yunho hyung’s last filming and after filming through the night, he immediatly went to Japan for his Japanese schedules. It was touching to me, thus I left a message on my Twitter.”

Choi Siwon wrote on his Twitter on that morning, “Yunho hyung who acted as Kang Eun Chul. One day he’s in Japan, another day he’s in America. No matter how difficult the schedules were, he would say to the director to do it one more time after each scene! The passionate senior and hyung. Please applause for such a Yunho hyung! You have worked hard!”

He said, “As there are a lot of scenes and a tight schedule, filming was done without any time for a rest. But Yunho hyung has never complain and everytime his own scenes were done, he would sit by the monitor and said, ‘Please let me film it again.’ It was endearing to see such a hyung and therefore when he has completed his last scene, I applauded him loudly.”

“After this collaboration, I had this new feeling; From a dongsaeng’s point of view, Yunho hyung is a handsome hyung and senior. When we stood together on a family stage, it is as though he emits light charismatically. Now I am thinking if there would be a day we could film a work together.”

U-know Yunho acted as the Maritime Police Tactics team leader Kang Eun Chul in his special appearance in ‘Poseidon’. He is an outstanding highly principled person who have gained recognition and is a rival to rule-breaker Kang Seon Woo (Choi Siwon) who is from the same Special Force team.

Choi Siwon and Yunho’s deep friendship in real life was the complete opposite in the drama. Seon Woo was the ace member of Maritime Special Force but lost his team mates in a mission and was thus demoted. He was then transferred to coast guard team 9 after three years.

source: http://t.co/CHM4cub
credit: loveissammi
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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