130331 Have a Happy Easter by Momma Cha

Easter is an exciting time for me. There is so much activity to celebrate the Cross of Christ which brings me to the understanding of who I am in Him. It is His Spirit in me that makes me love everyone around me, and even those far away. As we celebrate Easter of 2013, it is with gratitude that winter is starting to release its grip on the land. The robins are here, leaner than before, but they will soon fatten up on the earthworms. There is still an abundance of snow that is slowly melting here on the farm. This creates deep mud, and I go out each day with a prayer that there is enough firm earth to safely make it to my car. There has been so much moisture that the asphalt driveway sways slightly beneath my feet. I need the beautiful green grass to energize me; the birdsong to lighten my heart, and the color and beauty of the crocuses and daffodils to herald that Spring is finally here. Spring and Easter are both my motivators to begin the renewal process. The garden beckons me with a longing to feel the dirt between my toes–an old habit from childhood and part of the Joy of Spring.

Easter is also filled with music–my major motivating force. It is the musicĀ  [ I embrace many genres] that gives me heart-ease, strength, and a bright horizon to share with others. Singing comes naturally, I have been singing and writing music since childhood. Music is as breath to me. My world begins to shrink without music, and depression tries to sink into my soul. I do not fully understand the draw of the music that JYJ and TVXQ bring to us, it is simply there. I relax to it; I enjoy the lyrics, the rhythm, and the beat, and I especially enjoy getting to know the people behind the music. As a youngster growing up, I simply embraced the song. Now I have learned to embrace the song and the songster.

To those who celebrate Easter, I am with you. To those who do not, I am still with you. Love encompasses all and makes this world a better place.

Have A Wonderful Easter

Narrative credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

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