Editors Note: Condolences to Junsu and Family


It seems as if the important things always occur when you are occupied elsewhere. I have been on a much needed vacation, and I was sad to see when I returned home that Junsu’s grandmother had passed away. Grandmothers are special, wise mothers. They still nurture, instruct, inspire, encourage, and provide a stable base to the family’s existence.

I send my sincerest, heartfelt condolences to the Kim Family. I have experienced the loss of four elders in my own family within the last six weeks. Your heart is devastated and your foundation feels shaky. What you must keep in mind is that your main support comes from the Lord– through Him you gain strength. Depend on others around you as much as they can give to you, but realize that they are struggling with their own emotions. Allow grace for everyone to heal, and make a determination to grow stronger bonds among the remaining family members.

Life will continue to happen, and the pain will lessen as time goes on. This does not make the passing of our loved ones invalid, it simply allows us to remain here and continue to live out our time and our destinies.

I love you Junsu. Stay strong and do your best to honor your grandmother in your words, deeds, and intents of the heart.

Momma Cha

Editors Note: Happy Birthday Yoochun 2014


It’s a wonderful thing! Micky Yoochun is celebrating his 28th birthday with Korean fans, friends, and family. It’s been a long haul from debut to now for Park Yoochun aka Micky Yoochun. Probably one of the less obviously gregarious members of both DBSK and JYJ, Micky is an intense, sensitive, talented pianist, composer, singer, and actor. He is a loyal friend to those he chooses to include in his inner circle, and a born leader. Yoochun leads behind the scenes through the ability that he has to influence others. This influence is a reflection of his heart reaching out to others, and their response of trust. There isn’t much pretentiousness in this man. I admire his honesty and integrity, and that part of him that reveals the injustices. Micky will tell you in word or action when he’s had enough, and there is no going back. Twitter is a prime example. When he was through, he was through.

On a personal note: Yoochun, you can be shy and reclusive at times; yet this serves well to allow you rest time. You need to keep your energy reserves up, and it is wise not to allow people’s expectations to dictate your lifestyle. Public work, whether as an entertainer or other form of public servant is demanding and tiring. You tend to pour your all into everything you feel passionate about, but if you don’t–oh well…you are notoriously famous for ignoring people’s outrageous demands.

I believe that you can accomplish anything you put your effort into. You are the most remarkable actor. You make your characters come to life. I forget that it’s you, thus high praise and kudos indeed. Your latest drama, ‘3Days’ displayed you at your finest. You made us proud.

This ten year span has yielded great rewards as well as heartaches for Yoochun, whether as a member of DBSK, JYJ, an individual artist, or a devoted son. A lot of support has come from his family and team members; and I believe from fans and supporters as well. I sincerely want to see Micky continue to achieve and to grow. I believe that he is an ethical person, and I pray that his choices will always reflect that part of him whether as a member of JYJ, or as an individual influencer and achiever. I hope the best of life, peace and joy will always be there for the person of Park Yoochun.    🙂  <3

Narrative credit: Momma Cha @ JYJ Fantalk

Editors Note: Park Yoochun ‘Three Days’ Episode One Initial Reaction


‘Three Days’ is our Park Yoochun in his element. He is a natural law enforcement actor; full of good intentions, an inquiring mind, action, and just enough of that baby-faced look to endear his character to your heart. Yoochun is an excellent actor. He makes each new role believable and distinct from the one before it. He also has a proven track record as a leading man.

The melodrama unfolds with a tragic attack on Han Tae Kyung’s father, the Minister of Finance. Tae Kyung is devastated by his father’s critical condition, and is subsequently distracted while guarding the President in the marketplace. After failing to perceive a possible threat leading to the extraction of the president, Han Tae Kyung  learns that his father has died. He is put on probation from his position as a presidential bodyguard, and allowed to join his grieving family. Tae Kyung takes his proper place as the surviving son. He meets the police investigator who was first at the crime scene, and her inquiries lead to the search for a missing envelope. To add to the drama, Tae Kyung discovers a dying man who reveals a plot to assassinate the president.

Early on, the script fully emphasizes that the responsibility and commitment to family is superseded by the commitment to guard the president.

As the drama unfolds we are witnesses to a city-wide blackout. Tae Kyung has failed in an attempt to inform authorities of the plot to assassinate the president. I hope that the writer will clarify the plot a bit more, but predominately this is an excellent opportunity for Yoochun to once again take his place among the ranks of the city’s finest, and to create another memorable performance. Fighting!!!

Narrative Credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com.

Editors Note: Military Service

DBSKpictureofyouJaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, and Yunho are named in the article below as possibly entering the military soon. Only they know their personal time frames for this mandatory obligation to the Korean military. it is an inevitable thing, and it will be best for us to mentally ‘gear up’ to survive their absence. After all, they are family to us.  There are many innovative activities that can be done by the fans while they are in service, and hopefully the time will pass quickly and safely. Let’s keep loving all of these young men.

Narrative credit: Momma Cha @ JYJ Fantalk

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Editors Note: Out of Respect for LeeTeuk’s Family


I can understand the disbelief and sorrow of sudden death. Death struck my family in December of 2013. It is a shock to the mind, body, and spirit.  It is because of this fact that  Leeteuk’s family needs a display of understanding and sensitivity to this tragedy from the fandom and from the media.  This is not a time to speculate, or obtain a scoop, but to give support. It does not matter whether Super Junior is a favorite group or even that Leeteuk be a favorite person. Death is not a  respecter of persons. We all travel this road.

Only GOD knows what truly happened here, and He is the only qualified judge.Out of respect for Leeteuk’s family, JYJ (CY)Fantalk will not be posting for a 24 hour period. We will resume posting on Thursday, January 9th. May they rest in peace.   Momma Cha

Editors Note: Where Has Respect for Public Sacrifice Gone?

It is truly sad to read so many negative comments during the mourning period for former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. Many people today may not know who this man was, but he was instrumental in bringing peace to a part of the world that did not have respect for all peoples. Serving as a political prisoner for a large portion of his adult life, Nelson Mandela wanted freedom for everyone, regardless of race or nationality.

The closest comparison of persons that I have experienced in my lifetime would be Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Nelson Mandela. Although Dr. King chose non-violence as his weapon, and former President Mandela chose to take up arms, both won the Nobel Peace prize; both sacrificed dignity and self for the rights of others.

As this period of mourning goes by, I extend my sympathies to the family of former President Mandela, and hope that there are many more statesman in this present generation who hold dear the concepts of freedom, dignity, and loyalty.

narrative credit: Momma Cha @ JYJ Fantalk


Editors Opinion: JYJ Honorary Ambassadorship of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games

jyjniifallcircus2013I have been waiting to hear news about the outcome of the decisions surrounding JYJ’s participation in the 2013 Incheon Hallyu Tourism Concert : Incheon Korean Music Wave 2013. The possibility that Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu would once again fall victim to a system that sees no moral dilemma in using their popularity as a means of promoting the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, yet continues to deny them the respect and courtesy deserving of their popular status, has come once more into public view. It is not a pretty picture.This is just another example of the pettiness of the entertainment industry in their bold disregard for the established institutions of their society which have been set in place to ensure fair treatment of all citizens. This basically boils down to violation of JYJ’s constitutional rights as citizens of South Korea.

How did I get here? It is obvious that the court system has ruled in favor of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu through the countless lawsuits and injunctions resulting in decisions supporting JYJ handed down by the judiciary. The FTC and public officials of powerful rank and personal integrity have given their support, yet all are being ignored. This has dire implications. By ignoring the judiciary, the FTC, and public figures, a message is being put out there that states the belief that they are untouchable and hold all the power. Time will tell.

The industry has been told hands off of JYJ’s activities, thus implied,  Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu’s individual activities as well. In essence, they are being told to take their hands off of JYJ’s potentialities in the marketplace of entertainment. There is no way that anyone can truthfully deny JYJ’s abilities, earning potential, or promotional power. So, in an effort to exploit those assets; perhaps in hopes of receiving recompense, or in furthering their own cause, the bait and switch method has been employed. Engage these dynamic, charismatic, patriotic persons to attract the public’s attention; then withdraw any opportunities that will permanently place them in the historical equation or that will allow them access to former teammates..

Those who have been totally underestimated in this situation are the fans and supporters of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu. After all, this has happened before in the form of the ‘Jeju Island’s 7 Natural Wonders of The World’ incident as referred to in the message C-Jes recently placed on their Official Homepage. The dedicated fans will always be committed to trying their best to help JYJ to weather this seemingly unending storm based on the fans knowledge of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu’s integrity. The fans and supporters are individuals and groups who can see the injustices for what they are–  attempts to belittle and rob JYJ of their opportunities and self-esteem. Viewed in an objective manner, it is a complete travesty of justice. In whatever form the fan support appears, it is a direct message to Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, and others who may some day face similar circumstances. Justice can prevail. It is JYJ’s commitment to maintain their integrity that will win the day.

Through all of this Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu have proven themselves to be strong, moral individuals, who, even as this insult among many has targeted them, have made a determination to carry through with the activities they have been offered as Honorary Ambassadors of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. They will do well. Diplomacy is their largest suit. After all, how do you think they have managed all these years? Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu are wonderful candidates for honorary ambassadorship.

Credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

Editors Note: Deja Vu–We Have Been Here Before


Here we go again. Just when you think that things are getting better and you start to breathe a little easier–there comes the blow. This has happened over and over again; and I believe that the fans had relaxed into thinking that the major hurdles were over for JYJ. In reality they have just begun.

Before there was the problem with censorship, denial of contracts, and etcetera, while under the protection of the court system. Now, without the courts, those who have a problem with JYJ and their management are going to feel free to do unlawful things with no thought of repercussion. The problem is that there is no such thing as without repercussion from a fanbase as large as JYJ’s. and individually as large as Jaejoong’s, Yoochun’s, and Junsu’s.

Even if there were a totally justifiable reason for Loen’s actions, it is morally wrong to cancel such important promotional aspects of the contract so close to the release date that it impeeds the marketing, sales, and promotion of Junsu’s album.

There have been so many reasons put out there over time as to why JYJ couldn’t be given opportunities to engage with the mass public. It in now at a point where it all points to harassment. It is not right to wield power simply because you can–power is in doing the right thing so that you may support what will be beneficial to everyone..Unfortunately, it appears as if the fandom is going to have to step up to the plate and bat the ball once again. The fight is not over.

We all must be diligent to pay attention and care enough about the Boys and the music to fight for it, and their responsibility is to produce quality, appealing music for us to enjoy.. If it comes down to C-jes using the JYJ Youtube Channel to promote–we’ll be there.  Always Keep The Faith!!!

credit:  Momma Cha @JYJFantalk.com

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May 21, 2013 Prayer For Oklahoma Victims and Victims World-wide

May 21, 2013 Prayer For Oklahoma Victims and Victims World-wide

The tornadoes that have been devastating Oklahoma and surrounding states have caused immense devastation and loss of life. There are other places in the world that are also suffering. Many of the dead are innocent children. I ask for your prayers for all those  suffering and facing losses behind these natural disasters.  If possible, please find a charitable institution that will be a help in giving aid to victims locally and worldwide.   Momma Cha

Editors Note: A World of Unrest: The Ball Keeps Rolling

A World of Unrest: The Ball Keeps Rolling

One thing does lead to another. This may sound trite, but whenever there is a reporting of one disaster or potential disaster, it seems as if others are encouraged to vent their own grievances at their society or at society as a whole.

The ongoing inflammatory posturing of North Korea, and even China’s assertions that the United States is stirring up trouble in the Asian region are bad enough without the addition of a violent bomb attack at something as monumental, traditional, and family oriented as the Boston Marathon. The objective in both scenarios is to shock and disorient others in an attempt to gain a personal goal. In the case of North Korea there seems to be an attempt to cause fear and gain rewards for outrageous behavior. The Boston Marathon bomber(s) appear to seek notoriety and the ill satisfaction of killing and wounding others. There is never a reason to take either stance.

Throughout history there have been innumerable examples of posturing, aggression, and terrorism; so this is nothing new under the sun. However, the tragedy is in the sadness that these unnecessary acts of aggression should exist at all, and especially that they should harm and target innocent people. Over the span of the last 100 years, among the outstanding wars and conflicts have been WW I, WW II, The Korean War, The Vietnamese War, and the Mid-East Conflicts. Some of these have never been fully resolved. This leaves a climate of potential trouble that can occur on any day or any hour, and certainly on any continent.

The world is facing an ever-growing disregard for people, societies, and moral values. Life is considered highly expendable, even to the extent of euthanasia which extols allowing the sick to die to benefit society. On the local level there is more disrespect for each other while shopping, traveling, or attending recreational events. On a national and international level this same dynamic is present. Patience as a virtue is not winning the day.

I pray that the Boston Marathon bombing is not a prelude to even more detestable actions on the part of individuals, groups, or world powers. Life is hard enough without having to imagine yourself under an attack from someone you have not only never met, but have never held in contempt or derision.

Please pray for the Richard Family, who suffered the loss of their son, Martin, and also suffered personal injuries. I’m sure that their presence was to support and cheer on a hard-working athlete and father who deserved respect, as did everyone attending or participating in this race. No one at the event deserved pain and injuries.

Please also pray that the investigation of this crime will yield information that will lead authorities to the perpetrators. This tragedy has been compared to 9-11 and the Oklahoma Bombing. It was certainly meant to disrupt a momentous occasion in our nation’s history.

Narrative credit: Momma Cha @ JYJFantalk.com

Pictures Credit: yahoo news

130331 Have a Happy Easter by Momma Cha

Easter is an exciting time for me. There is so much activity to celebrate the Cross of Christ which brings me to the understanding of who I am in Him. It is His Spirit in me that makes me love everyone around me, and even those far away. As we celebrate Easter of 2013, it is with gratitude that winter is starting to release its grip on the land. The robins are here, leaner than before, but they will soon fatten up on the earthworms. There is still an abundance of snow that is slowly melting here on the farm. This creates deep mud, and I go out each day with a prayer that there is enough firm earth to safely make it to my car. There has been so much moisture that the asphalt driveway sways slightly beneath my feet. I need the beautiful green grass to energize me; the birdsong to lighten my heart, and the color and beauty of the crocuses and daffodils to herald that Spring is finally here. Spring and Easter are both my motivators to begin the renewal process. The garden beckons me with a longing to feel the dirt between my toes–an old habit from childhood and part of the Joy of Spring.

Easter is also filled with music–my major motivating force. It is the music  [ I embrace many genres] that gives me heart-ease, strength, and a bright horizon to share with others. Singing comes naturally, I have been singing and writing music since childhood. Music is as breath to me. My world begins to shrink without music, and depression tries to sink into my soul. I do not fully understand the draw of the music that JYJ and TVXQ bring to us, it is simply there. I relax to it; I enjoy the lyrics, the rhythm, and the beat, and I especially enjoy getting to know the people behind the music. As a youngster growing up, I simply embraced the song. Now I have learned to embrace the song and the songster.

To those who celebrate Easter, I am with you. To those who do not, I am still with you. Love encompasses all and makes this world a better place.

Have A Wonderful Easter

Narrative credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk

Editors Note: Northeastern Blizzard

Please take the time to think of and pray for all those in this Blizzard’s path. We have been experiencing snow, sleet, and ice for two weeks with no let up. Even though there may not always bee a great accumulation–the roads are slick and there are many accidents.

On the East Coast the conditions vary from mild snow to blizzard conditions. There are power outages in many places including New York City and Connecticut. New York and New Jersey and other areas are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy.

“Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave…” “Queen of Ambition”

Queen of Ambition

 “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive….”

Sir Walter Scott

Queen of Ambition Synopsis

“When you grow up in extreme poverty, the experience can instill a steely resolve to succeed at all costs. Joo Da Hae (Soo Ae) is determined to leave her life of poverty behind and will stop at nothing until she achieves the wealth and lifestyle she so desires. Ha Ryu (Kwone Sang Woo), who loved Da Hae and would have done anything for her, is used and betrayed by her in her greedy quest. He later becomes a public prosecutor who must bring her down. But the heartless Da Hae, who rises to become First Lady, has plenty of others who will sacrifice themselves at her whim, including the smitten Baek Do Hoon (U-Know Yunho of TVXQ). Can the ruthless Da Hae be stopped before she goes too far? “Queen of Ambition,” also known as “Yawang,” and “Night King,” is a 2013 South Korean drama series directed by Jo Young Kwang and Park Shin Woo and based on the manhwa written by Park In Kwon.”

Synopsis credits courtesy of: www.viki.com

I admit that I’m a bit behind on my opinion of the new drama “Queen of Ambition” that stars one of my favorite people–Jung Yunho. Yes, this American eo-meo-ni unabashedly proclaims that Yunho is her favorite in this drama. What can I say? Yunho has this boyish charm thing going on that just disarms you from the start. He’s playing sweet naughty, but as this drama progresses I am interested in seeing how Yunho intends to mature the  character of Baek Do Hoon, a hockey enthusiast. I guess that could be up to the producer, writer, and director, but it also the responsibility of the actor to convince the viewers that this role is believable. It’s a bit early to say, but I am enjoying Yunho immensely.

The lead female character Joo Da Hae seems a bit stiff, but this is probably deliberate. After all, she has to portray someone who kills and agrees to cover it up to advance her personal career.. She tends to be judgmental, drawing back from Ha Ryu, her lover and the father of her daughter, when she discovers that he has been providing for the family by working as a male prostitute. She had attempted to go this way years before, and Ha Ryu rescued her and has given up everything–his dignity and his body– to put her through college.

My sympathies are with the young lovers because they lack wisdom, and out of this lack arises a murder cover-up and a life of hiding from Joo Da Hae’s step-brother.

There is also another element present in this drama–the older CEO sister of Baek Do Hoon [Yunho]. Hints have been dropped here and there that seem to indicate that Do Hoon is her son, not her younger brother.

BTW, I am happy to see Ha Ryu’s aunt being portrayed by veteran actress Lee II Hwa. She starred with Jung Yunho in “Heading To The Ground”.  If I’m in error please correct me. 🙂

I will write again after absorbing a few more episodes. This drama is well written, directed and produced.


O.K.  I just absorbed a few more episodes as I promised and My! My! My!. I’m almost speechless, and, if you have been visiting this blog over time you know that is not my norm. This woman is unbelievable. As long as things are looking up she is right with you. As soon as her little imaginary world starts to topple, she’s ready to ditch you and start clinging to the next available rock. What woman deserts her child like this? The Momma Bear in me is starting to snarl!!! This reminds me of Miss Ripley in some respects because both women are manipulators, but I believe Miss Ripley was less mercenary than Joo Da Hae. They both faced loss early in life, and I sympathize with Joo Da Hae concerning the sexual abuse, but even taking her early childhood into account–there is no justification for the way she treats those who love her. She is a formidable enemy, and she has one many-faceted goal in mind–prestige, money, power, and success. Joo Da Hae is driven by fear–fear of being without provision and without love. Somehow she remains a small girl who wants everyone to take care of her, right or wrong. I cried with Ha Ryu, the most loving, naive man possible, when she told him that she knew what he did at his job. He was suffering all of that degradation just to please and provide for her. She gave him disrespect in return.

Right now, this drama is sizzling on the bar-be. There is a volcano poised to blow at any moment and when it does I guarantee you that Joo Da Hae will be safely conniving to be somewhere else.  Let’s see what’s cooking up for next week. In the meantime here are a couple of the Queen of Ambition OST songs to listen to…

Video credits: Yozohhh1+BubbleFeetGravityOST+santosaguitar

Video Source: youtube

Narrative credit: Momma Cha @ jyjfantalk

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Missing You–A Happy Ending+The King of Dramas–A Hurried Happy Ending

Missing You–A Happy Ending

After all the hints of a tragic ending for Jung Woo and Soo Yeon of “Missing You” including [supposedly] Yoochun’s assessment that his character needed to be killed off to make things right, I was happy to see that my own personal desire for the melodrama’s ending was realized. I could see no justification in a conclusion that would separate Jung Woo and Soo Yeon after all the heartache they had been through. Fourteen years is a long time to have an ache in your heart–at least the reward of being together can ease that hurt. There were a lot of positive role model elements in this melodrama that endeared it to my heart immediately. Jung Woo displays great compassion and sensitivity, and Soo Yeon has an ability for self-sacrifice that is fearsome. The two of them deserved each other. All of the actors in this melodrama were commendable, believable, and deserved awards all around.

I have to say something here about Yoo Seung Ho who portrays “Harry” aka Kang Hyung Joon in “Missing You’. I was curious so I looked up his profile and realized why he is such a good actor. He has been acting for years. I believe that his acting in “Missing You” was top notch. He somehow managed to be a villain and make you love him at the same time. My mother’s heart went out to Harry Borrison.


The King of Dramas–A Hurried Happy Ending

I have no idea how the ratings went for this remarkable drama. It probably wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea–it taught too many life lessons. I fell totally in love with all of the characters especially Mr. Aen Seo-ni and Writer Lee aka Kim Myeong-min and Jeong Ryeo-won. Choi Si Won of Super Junior also starred in this drama that centered on the transformation of the main characters from self-centered obnoxious persons into caring individuals. I enjoyed every moment of this drama that was packed with an excellent cast. It was apparent that the writer’s intent was on redeeming the hearts and minds of the main characters, especially Aen Seo-ni, who makes a 360° transformation by the conclusion of this drama. His influence and inspiration–a mere slip of a girl who teaches him that people matter more than success or appearances. I was only disappointed at the end of this drama by what appeared to be a rushed ending. I believe it would have benefited from two additional episodes.

Hats off to both of these well-written, well acted dramas.

Credit: Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

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