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  1. So cute and manly. I especially like the pictures of June with Jae’s dog?. Also the one of Chunnie sitting on the car; and it’s a toss up between the Jae singing photo and Jae with the controller. Have fun Boys! Momma Cha <333

  2. Yep. I love the matching curls 😉 June should wear curls more often.

    However, I must admit that my sense of humor goes with the skateboard picture. June’s head honestly looks like a bobble doll. [Said with much love Duckie:) <3

  3. Hi both of you <3 I love these too. Junsu looks so adorable. They all look so happy and really made me anticipate summer with these photos ^___^ I never got around to post these so I shared the link on Twitter. Keep up the good work ~ ! =D

  4. Hey YF. Sorry it took so long to answer. I had quite a lot going this weekend, and I just managed to get on here at 2pm.

    I haven’t been on Twitter for a while; or Facebook. I am trying to organize my book for publication so I’m a wee bit occupied right now. I’ll get there though. Thank you for sharing the link. I haven’t seen the Boys so relaxed in a while.

    We are still in the throes of winter. This pattern of snow so late hasn’t happened since 1885. Whoopee!!! Aren’t I glad that I got to see it. Right! Sarcasm is hard to portray here. 😮

    I was so happy to see you both also. I guess I need to try harder to access your websites. I have had to reconfigure Firefox and Internet Explorer–with Liz Ivory’s help. I thank the Lord for her and her Dad. Without them there would be days of pulling my hair completely out.

    Guess what? I broke down Saturday night and watched Dating on Earth. I don’t know why, but this early DBSK drama makes me so happy. The Boys are together and so young, and, as you say, adorable. TT

    I love you. Cha

  5. Hi Cha. That’s alright – I know how busy things have been lately, so no worries =D I am so happy (and curious) about your book. I keep wondering to myself what it will be about. Best of luck with the publication. I hope a lot of people will get the opportunity to hear your voice through your words, because that would create such a good place for many I know.

    Aw – I’m sort of glad you broke down >< That means I can too. Good times! I miss them together. Kudos to those able to move on in whichever direction they choose, but as for me, I am afraid I am still sort of stuck on those good times we knew.

    Love you both – never mind about the websites – mine's not updated anyway. 🙂

  6. Thanks YF. I think everyone is taking a little breather right now, hopefully including the Boys. They could use some much needed rest. So could we all.

    I am just posting things that interest me right now–mostly pictures and music. Right now I have O’ playing on my MP3 player. Great album. I am listening to channels on Youtube a lot lately while I work. Liz has some wonderful mixes on her Bethbethree channel and AngelWings’ channel is equally good. Her visuals are totally riveting.

    There is just so much going on in the world that I could have a news service. I just cannot get it all in here or it will become Charlene’s News Blog instead of a blog for JYJCY. Can’t have that can I? 😮

    I need to do so much updating on my pages. I am fighting some carpal tunnel right now so I get into posting and I have to stop. Right now I’m doing as much as I can. Liz discovered a virtual keyboard feature on our laptop that enables you to use the mouse to type and a Speech program that will type while you speak so I’m looking into those. She found them in the Windows 7 accessories.

    Anyway, for now just know how much you and the Ladies are all loved . Cha

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