[TRANS] 130516 M.Limited Releases Its First F/W Photo Spread With JYJ

[TRANS] 130516 M.Limited Releases Its First F/W Photo Spread With JYJ

M.Limited, an outdoor urban brand targeted at those in their 20s and 30s has released its first Fall/Winter photo spread with JYJ.

With the slogan, ‘an outdoor look for the next generation’, M.Limited has mixed the practicality of outdoor apparel with street fashion to create a new outdoor brand last month. JYJ participated in a photoshoot for the F/W photo spread at a studio in Nonhyun-dong on the 15th and kicked off their activities as CF models for the brand.

M.Limited is gearing up for the F/W season. Centering around colors that aren’t easily found in outdoor brands such as olive and mustard, the various prints and patterns that are integrated into their clothes is sure to catch the eye of customers. With a plethora of knowledge and experience in partaking in photoshoots, JYJ showcased perfect teamwork and expressed their concepts with natural poses, eliciting a round of applause from their staff. Making powerful and active poses for the ‘mountain outdoor’ line that focuses on practicality, and sophisticated but relaxed poses for the more casual ‘urban outdoor’ line, M.Limited’s team was impressed by JYJ.

Par Yong Hak of the marketing team stated, “M.Limited is a brand that boasts both design and practicality, as well as a mix of different cultures,” and “We chose JYJ, who never stop challenging themselves and back themselves up with amazing vocal talent, to be the models of our brand because we believed they would be the best at representing what our brand stands for. We are extremely pleased with the outcome of their photo spread.”

M.Limited will hold a launching show on the 21st of May and will broadcast this live on their official YouTube channel. (www.ustream.tv/channel/mlimited)

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