Xia Incredible in Bangkok

Obviously there were some restrictions on camera use. The important thing is hearing the songs and Junsu sang beautifully. 🙂

credit: Finggy Channel+nkmk33+SOMEJAE Kaennoi

JYJFantalk Source: youtube

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3 thoughts on “Xia Incredible in Bangkok

  1. Thank you for posting the fancams Cha! I never got around to it. So proud of Junsu. I didn’t think he could improve on his first album, but he did – of course a live concert is a terrific bonus. ^__^ Lots of new nice posts in here. I’ll have happy times reading.

  2. Hi YF. I agree. He did improve on this one. June is innovation personified.
    I’ve been around others like him many times, always seeking to improve the art. It’s wonderful energy, and we all get carried along on their draft, but I betcha it’s hard on those around them. 🙂

    I did have some videos and lyrics on, but youtube kept snatching them, so I’ll wait for a while and repost them. My apologies, I am too busy even for me. I always think of you although I’m not always in touch. L O Love, Cha

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