[FANCAMS] 140925 JYJ’s Concert in Bangkok ‘RETURN OF THE KING – Full Collection

JYJ Focus

Creation + Be The One

Found You

Ment: Talk about the Fanboy XD (JaeSu Focus)

Be My Girl

In Heaven

Ment: JJ on the floor after dancing Empty & Get Out Remix, YooSu trolling xD

Fallen Leaves




VCR: JYJ’s Message to Fans

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[TRANS] 130721 “Junsu! Junsu!” The 3,000-Strong Shouts That Rang Throughout A Bangkok Concert Arena

JYJ’s Kim Junsu opens his ‘Incredible’ Asia Tour in Bangkok, Thailand


“Junsu! Junsu! Junsu!”

On the 20th, the 3,000 fans gathered at the Siam Paragon in Bangkok, Thailand shouted these two syllables ‘Junsu’ as loud as they could.

When the lights darkened and the instrumental of his last album ‘Tarantallegra’ began playing, their shouts only intensified, switching quickly to ‘Hey! Hey!’ to go along with the song.

Although the song was in Korean, a language that is quite foreign to them, the fans followed along with the cheers to greet the night’s star to their country.

This set the scene for JYJ Kim Junsu (26)’s first concert in Bangkok, Thailand for his second Asia Tour ‘Incredible’.

Fans held picket signs that read ‘XIA Daebak (Big Hit)’, handed out by local fansites such as ‘JYJ Box’ and ‘Coconut Xia’, and packed the venue. A sea of red rises up and down as fans hold red fanlights, JYJ’s color.

What stuck out was the fact that the concert venue was filled with teens, middle-aged parents with their children, and Koreans living in Thailand.

The day’s concert was the first event since the singer’s ‘Incredible’ showcase on the 15th.

After greeting his fans in Thai with a ‘Sawadikap (Hello)’, Kim Junsu said, “I’ve decided to kick off my tour with songs from my first and second album. Thailand has more passion than any other place I know. I’ll go all the way today.”

With a video that showed him shyly admitting his feelings to someone, he returned to the stage with a pink suit on to perform ‘I’m Confessing To You Right Now, Okay?’, ‘Chocolate Girl’, that has a sound as sweet as its name, and ‘No Reason’, which featured an erotic performance with the female dancers on a sofa.

Though there weren’t any ‘eye-popping’ special effects, Kim Junsu filled the stage with ballads that showcased his amazing vocal talents with ‘Don’t Go’ and ’11 o’clock’.

Fans didn’t let a single moment pass them by, whether Kim Junsu was drinking water, or had his veins popping on his neck as he sang the soulful ‘Rainy Eyes’, or was wiping the sweat off himself with a towel.

Fans could also hear the singer perform familiar drama OSTs such as ‘Love is like a Snowflake’ from ‘Nice Guy’, and ‘Foolish Heart’ from ‘Chunmyung’.

At his fans’ request, Kim Junsu sang the ‘Gwiyomi (Cutie) Song’, starting with “1 plus 1 is Gwiyomi” and also performed Ayaka’s ‘Minna Sorano Shita’ and Song Joong Ki’s ‘Nice Guy’ OST ‘Really’ without an instrumental, which was met with thunderous applause from the crowd.

The short videos that had been prepared in between the performances were another sight to see. The road that ‘Singer Kim Junsu’ has walked down was shown through pictures from his childhood and trainee days, and Thai subtitles ensured that the fans would be able to understand the video. When a kiss scene with an actress appeared on the screen, fans would be heard screaming “NO~” from even the very back of the crowd.

The atmosphere of the concert was at its climax during the last song of the night, ‘Incredible’, which also happens to be the title song of the singer’s second album.

Kim Junsu ran up to the front of the ‘I’-shape stage and had both hands in the air as he got his fans to join along. All his fans stood up and shook their fanlights as they danced to the music. Some even left their seats and ran up to the fence in front of the stage to get a closer look.

Mrs. Apapat (48), who attended the concert with her daughter Tataraphun (20), said, “Both of us really like Junsu,” and “My daughter says she likes him because he sings so well, and I like him because he always does his best and works hard, which makes him a great role model for my daughter. Like how we came to this concert together, Junsu has bettered our relationship and increased the amount of conversations we share.”

Kim Junsu will move on to Shanghai, China on the 28th, and then move on to perform in Seoul and Busan.

“I opened my Asia tour last year in Bangkok as well, and I think I’ve finished on a high with a lot of energy. I received so much energy and strength from the audience today. I will work hard to continue that ‘unlimited energy’ that I received today in the other countries I visit.”

Source: [yonhap news]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

[T/N: My apologies in advance for butchering the names of the mother and daughter who were interviewed! Korean is not the friendliest language when it comes to deciphering syllables of names in other languages. If anyone can tell me the correct spelling, please let me know and I’ll fix it as soon as I can! T___T]



Ticket opens : 29 June 2013
Ticketing site: http://www.thaiticketmajor.com/
Ticket price: to be announced

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[Trans] 130218 Kim Jaejoong Opens His ‘Asia Tour’ In Thailand… Thrills 5,000 Fans

[Trans] 130218 Kim Jaejoong Opens His ‘Asia Tour’ In Thailand… Thrills 5,000 Fans

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong announced the beginning of his Asia Tour in Thailand.

On the 17th, Kim Jaejoong shared a special experience with 5,000 fans through his ‘Your, My and Mine in Thailand’ concert at the Bitec Hall in Bangkok.

Approximately 60 different media outlets attended the press conference that was held ahead of the concert, proving just how popular the star is in Thailand, and Kim Jaejoong commented, “I really wanted to come to Thailand as soon as I could. I’m very nervous but happy to be here again,” and “I promise to give a great performance.”

The concert, which was prepared to commemorate the release of Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini album, was a combination of a fanmeet and a mini concert and the star thrilled his Thai fans with a quiz show, a rock-paper-scissors game, and a cooking show that involved the audience.


After the end of the first half of the concert, Kim Jaejoong transformed into a rocker and performed ‘One Kiss’ from his album, and also performed rock versions of ‘Though I Loved You’, ‘For You’ and ‘I Always’.

After performing an explosive rendition of Kim Jaejoong’s title song ‘Mine’, he also sang ‘I’ll Protect You’, which was met by a special event by the fans in which they all held up signs that said, ‘I’ll give you my heart’ and sang along with him.

At the fans’ perfect Korean pronunciation, Kim Jaejoong asked, “You’re sure we’re in Thailand?” and prepared lollipops for all 5,000 fans to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will be continuing his Asia Tour, following his concert in Thailand.

Source: [frontier times]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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130218 [Vid] Jaejoong Your My Mine Mini Concert in Thailand+Seoul Compilation

132018 [Vid] Jaejoong  Your My Mine Mini Concert in Thailand

Excellent Jaejoong. Keep composing and keep singing…  🙂

Missed a few last time…

credit: aomgoodtime+JitpornBindusmuta+ThePoppynarak+Mei+JYJKPK+Arunnititham+
S2JunsuTeam+orenjisky+601HY+Cursy J+t4rw3n

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[Vid] 130215 Jaejoong at Incheon Airport Heading to Bangkok+Suvarnabhumi Airport

[Vid] 130215 Jaejoong at Incheon Airport Heading to Bangkok+ Suvarnabhumi Airport


[Vid] Jaejoong at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[News] 121126 ‘SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III in BANGKOK’ is a Success Even in the Rain with 23,000 Fans

[News] 121126 ‘SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III in BANGKOK’ is a Success Even in the Rain with 23,000 Fans

SMTown’s world tour in Bangkok was a success.

SMTOWN’s world tour in Bangkok was a success.

SM Entertainment artists such as BoA, Super Junior and more performed at the Bangkok SCG Stadium on November 25 in front of 23,000 fans.

The artists each sang their hit songs from “Sorry Sorry” to “Electric Shock.” They also showed off their skills through a dance parade and collaboration stages.

The fans also showed their support with posters and glow sticks. It also began to rain at the beginning of the performance and fans still continued to support them until the end.

SMTOWN Live World Tour III will continue to make its way around the world.

credit: kpopstarz

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121026 Video Jaejoong Thailand Fanmeet Compilation

credit: littledevillek+FingyyChannel+3rebelangelsproject+ChangDrinking
+FussyAunty+MDpitt0618+KessudaPiyajitpairoch+miumiu1117+rreewwzzaakkii+Imon Shi

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[Info] 120919 SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Bangkok Update

[Info] 120919 SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Bangkok Update

SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Bangkok
Place: Muangthong Thani Stadium
Date: 2012.11.25 (Sun)

credit: @pingbooknews
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[Pic] 120916 Park Yuchun 2012 Asia Tour Fanmeeting Press Conference In Bangkok

[Pic] 120916 Park Yuchun 2012 Asia Tour Fanmeeting Press Conference In Bangkok


 credit: sharingyoochun.net

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 Snacks for Junsu and staffs

 Japanese Bento Set to welcome Junsu 1st solo concert in Thailand. As soon as Junsu landed, we gave him a warm welcome by this meal (*whispers* this is Junsu’s hotel room)
-อาหารญี่ปุ่นเบนโตะเซท ต้อนรับการมาคอนเสริตเดี่ยวครั้งแรกในไทย พอจุนซูมาถึงไทยปุบก็ต้อนรับกันเลยจ้า(กระซิบนิดนึง นี่คือห้องพักของจุนซูค่า)

 Dinner from Thai fans to welcome Junsu crew.

 Congratulation flowers to cheer and support Junsu 1st solo concert in Thailand.



Xia Time Project by Junternity | Xiahkick | SKITH that our team has given them a helping hand in order to coordinate with the organizer. We apologize for not being able to take good picture for this project during the concert we were too busy with many things on the concert day. But we’re sure you all will still remember the feelings during the time Junsu sang “Fallen Leaves” right? It’s so touching T^T
-โปรเจคของ Xia time โดย Junternity | Xiahkick | SKITH ที่เราช่วยประสานงานให้่ ขออภัยจริงๆวั้นนั้นทีมงานของเราไม่มีเวลาถ่ายภาพเลย เพื่อนๆยังจำได้ถึงความรู้สึกช่วงที่จุนซูร้องเพลง Fallen leaves ได้รึเปล่า ซึ้งมากมายนะคะ T^T

Thanks a lot for the power and support from Thai fans and SYC fans, you are the ones that made this fan support happen and also made these remarkable memories successful. Though this is not the biggest project but all the staffs, the organizer and most importantly our hottie cutie sexy man “Junsu” have recieved our love and care. Junsu has left the thank you message to Thai fans via SYC “Thank you very much, it’s very delicious” (We couldn’t recorded his voice, all we can do is to share you guys this message ^^)

Finally in the name of SYC team we feel honored and touched for everyone’s support. Thank you for your kindness. In the very very near future let’s build this awesome memories together again (oops……)

-ขอขอบคุณพลังและน้ำใจของแฟนๆ ชาวไทยและแฟนแชริ่งฯทุกท่าน พวกคุณเป็นพลังและเป็นกำลังสำคัญที่ทำให้โปรเจคนี้ประสบผลสำเร็จและสร้าง ความทรงจำที่งดงามเหล่านี้เกินขึ้น แม้มันจะไม่ใช่โปรเจคที่ยิ่งใหญ่ที่สุดแต่ทางทีมงาน ผู้จัด และที่สำคัญคิมจุนซู ผู้ชายสุดฮอต ร้อนแรงแฝงความน่ารักของเรา ก็ได้รับรู้ถึงความตั้งใจของทุกท่าน ทั้งนี้ก็ได้ฝากคำขอบคุณและความซึ้งใจถึงแฟนๆ ชาวไทย ผ่านมาทางแชรริ่งฯด้วยค่ะ “ขอบคุณมากครับบบบบ อร่อยมากครับบบ” (อัดเสียงไม่ได้เอามาเป็นคำพูดแทนเน๊อะ ^^)

สุดท้าย ในนามของแชรริ่งยูชอนและทีมงานทั้งหมด รู้สึกซาบซึ้งและรู้สึกขอบคุณแฟนๆ ทุกท่านด้วยเช่นกันค่ะ ไว้ในโอกาสหน้า(ใกล้ๆ นี้) มาร่วมกันสร้างความยิ่งใหญ่และความทรงจำที่สวยงามกันอีกครั้งนะคะ (อุ๊ปส์………)

Thank you list:
Pattamon  Rattanapan
Ying / Pornpimol Dammee
Pla_ j2k
Nok Penvadee
Apisara Suwansopha
Nan Putthi

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