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(10:59am KST) We thought that we wouldn’t be able to stand on stage again. But for the past four years, we have been able to stand on stage and sing. And it was all thanks to our fans’ sincere hearts and love for us. The link below will take you to C-JeS Entertainment and JYJ’s official statement on the Fair Trade Commission’s ruling on SM Entertainment. We hope that our fans all over the world take interest and read it. Link
T/N: Our translations for the statement can be found here]

1:37pm KST) Translations for the video are below.

(Yoochun) The name JYJ… I really like it. Thank you all so much. Thank you for caring for us so much that we are able to live a happier life. I think we still have so much to do if we want to repay you for all of your love, so we’re going to do our best and go at it with all we have.

(Junsu) Thank you… Thank you.

(Jaejoong) I apologize. We hadn’t planned to come up and talk, so we don’t have much prepared. And when you don’t have much prepared, your emotions start pouring out first, like Junsu right now; it’s natural. If we were to have a real heart to heart, we would probably end up needing four to five hours, just to talk it out. Even that wouldn’t be enough, right? Yoochun said this too, but we’re so happy right now. We’re human after all, and I think humans feel most suffocated when they can’t like what they like, can’t do what they want to do, or express what they want to express. I’m so happy to be standing in front of all the people who have made it possible to be free in what we do, if not 100%, at least more than before. We will take all the strength you’ve given us and work harder, and within what we have.. Like what Yoochun said, we’ll go at it and break free. Till then, we don’t need anything else, we’ll be grateful if you just believe in us and watch over us. Thank you so much. And thank you to those sitting on the second and third floors as well. Thank you.

Till now, this has been JYJ. Thank you!

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