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Good morning 🙂
(Jaejoong, 8:20am KST, English Tweet) Hi~ pic.twitter.com/PpiynrfASj

He’s reading a lot these days, isn’t he?
(Jaejoong, 8:52pm KST) “Don’t Risk Life and Limb For Happiness” – Richard Carlson- (T/N: Original English title is “What about the Big Stuff: Finding Strength and Moving Forward When the Stakes are High”) *Don’t think of everything that is happening to you in your lives as pain. Take these problems, add a strong sense of faith that you will find happiness, and find a solution to them one by one.* There are so many great books out there. pic.twitter.com/f0Jv7PcA3f


The passage from the book that Jaejoong took a picture of reads,
“Some people are able to overcome pain, sorrow, and hardships quite well. These people with hearts of steel are able to vanquish pain in an instant. Though the sudden death of a loved one makes them sad, they are able to overcome it. This is because humans have a surprisingly strong side to themselves. Though we lose things one by one, we find a way to survive.
However, there are times when you get to a point where you can’t take it anymore. At one point in your life, you are met with pain, sudden death, unexpected accidents and despair. Even if you are not a strong person, you must never surrender to these things. Even if you accept the sorrow, never surrender.”

Wait…. what? O__O
(Jaejoong, 2:21am KST) Iron Man is at my house! pic.twitter.com/ZtELfwTAOR


Source: [Jaejoong’s Twitter]

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3 thoughts on “[TRANS] 130729 Post of JYJ Tweets

  1. Growing one word at a time Jaejoong. You are using your time wisely and we are all benefiting from seon-saeng JJ. We love you 😮

    BTW, Jae. I really like Iron Man. I played Iron Man #1 so much I ruined the DVD. 🙂

  2. Gah! My feels for his good morning tweet. XD Ah, seems like he’s reading self-improvement books or something like that? I started to read one a while back, but never finished it. .__. It was on how to deal with difficult people. And, I really love how quirky Jaejoong is in some of his pics he takes. First a gorilla doll (I think) near a fridge and now Iron Man? This is why he’s my #2 bias in the group. XD

  3. Poor thing. I think he gets lonely and just has to reach out. I believe that when he kisses the toys he is saying thank you to the people who send them. Jae grows on you doesn’t he? He’s definitely in my favorites bag. 🙂

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