[TRANS] 130812 Loyal Guys TVXQ Get Friendship Bracelets With Their Staff Members ‘Everyone Wants Them Now’



TVXQ have become the first Korean singers to hold a Five Dome tour in Japan, and they have rewritten the history of Korean pop music by attracting a total of 700,000 fans to 16 concerts. What’s gotten as much attention as this feat is their fashion.

A photo taken inside TVXQ’s waiting room before their latest Japanese concert at Tokyo Dome, which was held on the 17th of June, was released and TVXQ’s wish bracelets instantly became a hot topic. On this day, TVXQ, their dance crew and staff all put their fists together to give a shout of support and energy before the concert. What drew the attention of many were the bracelets everyone was wearing on their wrists. These bracelets are from ‘Moree’, the ‘nation’s wish bracelets’ brand, and is popular as a gift because each design and color signify a different wish.

Netizens who saw the bracelets left comments such as, “TVXQ’s bracelets are so pretty”, “I want a friendship bracelet too”, and “TVXQ are the kings of loyalty, as expected!”

Source: [sportsworld]

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