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JYJ are currently active as the honorary ambassadors of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. During the commencement ceremony in February, the committee of the Asian Games stated the reason behind choosing JYJ as their honorary ambassadors by stating, “In order to expand awareness of Incheon, the city where the tournament will be held, as well as kick off the tournament’s overseas promotional activities, we have chosen JYJ as our honorary ambassadors because of their immense popularity in Asia.”

Yesterday’s was held with the purpose of showing support for the success of the Asian Games. However, JYJ the honorary ambassadors of the Asian Games, were not in attendance. The fact that the honorary ambassadors of the Asian Games weren’t attending an event that was set to commemorate the tournament didn’t make any sense to us, so we submitted an official objection to the committee and the related organizations. We were met with an agreement from the committee, and we took action against the organizers, sponsors and broadcaster of the event and requested a change in the line-up.

The Asian Games committee received an opinion from the Incheon Development and Tourism Committee that JYJ would not be able to appear in the event, and expressed to the organizer that this was not a hope for ‘JYJ to appear in the concert’. A second request was made for JYJ to appear in the concert to appear on stage to introduce the sporting event and announce their overseas promotional activities for the second half of this year, as they are the honorary ambassadors and this was a concert to commemorate the Asian Games. However, MBC, the broadcaster of the event, and the Incheon Development and Tourism Committee notified the Asian Games committee that their second request would also be denied.

In July, the Fair Trade Commission laid down a prohibitive order against the organizations guilty of systematically interfering with JYJ’s activities. However, JYJ’s activities are still being interfered with by the broadcasting company in charge, despite the fact that JYJ have valid reasons for attending the event. Regardless of the Fair Trade Commission’s prohibitive order, it has been revealed that the celebrity industry is still engaging in unlawful activities as it is controlled by the influence of a large-scale entertainment agency.

Two years ago, a similar controversy took place while JYJ were active as the honorary ambassadors of Jeju Island’s 7 Natural Wonders of the World bid. Even then, JYJ continued to do their best to fulfill their roles as honorary ambassadors. This time will be no different. JYJ will tour Asia as the honorary ambassadors of the and do their best to increase the awareness of the event, as well as the cultural excellence of Korea. Also, they will do their best to fulfill their responsibility of getting Incheon known throughout Asia, through a true cultural mission rather than a musical stage that is a mere formality in name.

Last of all, we would like to thank the Asian Games committee and the Mayor of Incheon who recognized JYJ’s value as honorary ambassadors of the and did their best to rectify the situation till the very end, despite the absurd external pressure that faced them.

* We would like to notify you of JYJ’s overseas promotional schedule for the [2014 Incheon Asian Games]
– Singapore Road Show – Greeting interview through a conference call (9.26)
– Vietnam Road Show – Attendance at a media event and cultural event (10.24)
– Guangzhou Road Show – Attendance at a media event and cultural event (11.21)
– Attendance of the Incheon Asian Games’ 100th Anniversary media event in Boracay (end of November)

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