DBSK Cuteness part 5

Okay ya’ll.

In this series, we’ve rambled on about Junsu’s impeccable cuteness skills.

We’ve discussed the adorable cheeseiness of Yoochun.

Bravely, we delved into the dark recesses of Changmin’s lair closet, and found that he can still be a sweety-pie-sugar-plum now and again.

And, most recently, we discovered that Jae is at his cutest when he’s just being his hyung/oppa bossy self. Go figure.


That’s a lot of cuteness. (wipes off sweat, gets out fan) But you all know what’s missing. Or, should I say, who. Ooooh yeah!!!! It’s about time for a certain, special leader-shii to smile sweetly and strike a pose!!!! (does happy, crazy dance!! Yippee!! Hurrah!!)

What if I don’t want to, eh? Have you considered my reputation? Silly dongsaeng….

(pouts cutely) But oppa!! Everyone else has done it!




 I don’t give in to peer pressure.  Neither should you. I know it’s hard, but you can resist if you try.

But, oppa, um….

Is anyone threatening you? Are you in trouble? Is someone forcing you to do something you don’t want to do?

Well, my mom makes me wash dishes, but I don’t think that really counts…

You just stick with oppa, okay? I’ll take care of you. Christina Hwaiting! (walks away)


(grumbles under breath) All I want is to post about how cute you are. Is that really so difficult to agree to?



Yeah, yeah. (walks along for a little while, get’s impatient)  Yah, oppa. Can’t I just take a couple of cute-ish pictures? They don’t even have to be cute, persay. Just cute-ish.  You know?  (bats lashes)


 Yah. Didn’t I already say no?

But, WHY??!!!! (jumps up and down, whines pathetically) Argh!!!!

Because I said so. Come on, let’s go shopping. I need a new shirt.

What?! Shopping?! Why you….oh. (sudden thinks of evil genius plan) Oh yes. I think that would be alot of fun. Let’s go.

(stops outside a store after a while) Oppa, do you like these clothes?


Hmmmm….guess that’s a yes. (secretly takes picture with her phone) 


  How does oppa look? Manly?


You look so cute! Ahem. I mean, you look very handsome. Yes.




Look. There’s even a hat. I look good, right?


Yeh, oppa. You look very nice. How about that shirt over there?


I don’t think it’s in my size.


(snaps picture, smiles angelically) That’s too bad. How about that rack over there? You should try them all on!! Strike a pose now!!! (muhahahaha)


Very nice!!!  (snaps)



That’s right!!! Work it, oppa!!! (snaps)



OH! OH! OH! What about that costume over there? Would I look good in that?


Why of course. (muahahahaha) Try it on!



I don’t know…I mean….wouldn’t it make me look , well, cute?


No!!!!  (cough cough)


Well, okay….


How is it? Nice?




(supresses evil laughter, snaps) Yes, oppa. Very handsome.


Okay. Just let me buy these, then I’ll take you home.



Whatever you say. (checks pictures while he’s gone, cackles) I’ll upload these when I get home, hehe. He didn’t even guess, hehe. What a great plan.




Alright. Let’s go.



Kay. (rubs hands together, very self-satisfied)





Doodlydoodlydoodlydoo…Oh, look! My house! Well, see ya, oppa!! (runs)

Now, wait just a second.

Give me the photos.


Ummm, what photos, oppa? (breaks into cold sweat)

Don’t think I didn’t notice you taking pictures. I am U-know Yunho. Now give.

(drops to the ground, grovels) Oppa, pretty pretty please. I’m sorry I deceived you, but please let me keep the pictures!!! I must finish DBSK cuteness, or I’ll never move on to another subject. 



Please?! I’ll never be bad again! And, (eyes dart wildly) I’ll…I’ll…I’ll write about you first for the next series. Promise!






Promise? Tehe.



Okay? But don’t try to fool me again. Silly dongsaeng.


Okay! Bye! (runs before he changes his mind, uploads, does happy dance) Oppa’s so nice…..

Alright, folks. That’s it for DBSK cuteness. It’s been fun, but all good things must come to an end. Who know’s what I’ll do next. Hotness, maybe? Eh, this is a family-friendly website. Ummmm, hairdos that I like? I don’t know. We’ll see.



All pictures from Google. You know who you are.

credit: thatmelancholysoul@jyjfantalk.com

8 thoughts on “DBSK Cuteness part 5

  1. Thatmelancholysoul, you did it again. I am just about rolling in the floor with laughter,and while realizing of course that funny differs from person to person–I can’t guarantee that everyone will do the same, but I’ll bet you they will come close. Yunho is decidedly cute and nurturing here, but cunning as a fox. Such cute pictures here. I’m sad that this series has come to an end, Please start thinking quickly about what series is next, o.k? Love you, Ladycub, Momma Cha. <3

    • What can I say. But CUTE! Thank you for your posts, Thatmelancholysoul. I am glad leader-sshi cooperated at last and thus allowed you to move on towards new triumphs.
      Cha, there are so many fine new posts in here. Happy to see JYJFanTalk is still going strong. Hope you are all well and happy.
      Best, YF

      • I’m actually kinda sad to see the end. (pout) But I’ll think of something else that’s fun and entertaining. Thanks for always posting a friendly, encouraging comment. 🙂

        • You`re welcome 🙂 I know you will come up with something awesome. Cha, I`m going to think of a way to steal this one (ie thatmelancholysoul) from you. Can she be bribed? I want these kind of posts too.*pouts* As always, thank you so much, guys. ^^

          • If you can figure out how to transfer these posts to your website (blessings to you for trying 🙂 ) I know that thatmelancholysoul would not mind sharing. She told me so. None of us mind sharing, take what you want. . Butcha cain’t hav ha body. Giggle. Cha

      • Hi You. Snuck in unawares on me that time. I’m usually on the site, just posting or doing drudge work. I cannot keep up with everything out there so I try to post what is good information. Of course, that could be all of it. How’s it going in your neck of the woods? I need to mosey over to your place soon. Cha

        • Again a very late reply from me. Yes I did (smirk smirk). Now there are even more great posts to enjoy. I think there`s very little that can`t be found here – but I know what you are saying. I, too, have to choose a percentage of everything that comes our way everyday. Reminds me I haven`t yet watched “Boss.” Now that one, I will and must choose.
          Love YF

  2. I had to go out two nights in a row so I couldn’t catch it last night, but I will watch it today. I have women’s group tonight so I had better find a window of opportunity. I am really excited for Jae. I look forward to June’s cameo, also. I have been watching Scent Of A Woman–it grows on you. It has some of the same slapstick elements as Protect the Boss. CYa Cha

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