Pictures 110806 TVXQ A-Nation Yunho Focus in Fukuoka

[Pic] 110806 Tohoshinki A-nation Yunho Focus in Fukuoka

credit: YHS
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3 thoughts on “Pictures 110806 TVXQ A-Nation Yunho Focus in Fukuoka

  1. Nice HQ photos this time around! Maybe we will have Changmin`s also? This post escaped me, as my connection is something of a mess these days and I can`t be online so much. I really want to buy some of the a-nation goods – I hope I may. They work so hard and perform so well and it would be a pleasure to support them. 🙂

  2. Hi YF. I agree and we shall shan’t we? I think that I am going to have to hold down three jobs just to keep our boys solvent. I guess each of us could say that we wouldn’t be missed in the scheme of things–but what if everyone thought that. 🙂
    I have been racing thither and yon and working on the net, but I promised myself that I would not neglect my mancubs or ladycubs, or Ladies like yourself and DBSK_FAN et al. Things appear stable but we still are fighting skimishes here and there and the battle is still ongoing. As soon as I get opportunity i will come to put my two cents worth in at your site. I haven’t even gotten to Twitter, but I will soon. Love ya, Cha

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