NEWS 110812 Top K-Pop Stars To Hold Free Concert in New York!

[NEWS] Top K-Pop Stars to Hold Free Concert in New York!

Posted by ecaisme at Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some of the top Hallyu stars will be coming to New York in October!

The free concert from KBS, open to all ages, will be held on October 9th 2011 at Randall’s Island Park in New York and will feature many top artists, the tentative list includes TVXQ, Wonder Girls, B2ST, Sistar19, Lee Hyori, and 4Minute! (*Note: the lineup may change)

The concert will begin at around 7:00PM and is estimated to bring in about 10,000 fans.

The concert will promote the globalization of Korean culture through live music and performances in the US, but will also be featured in South Korea through a broadcast by KBS.

Stay tuned to allkpop for more info on this concert!

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110811 INFO Apology From The Bigeast Office

[Info] Apology from the Bigeast Office
Posted on August 11, 2011
by YunhoFan

[Info] Apology from the Bigeast Office

We would like to sincerely apologize for the many problems and inconveniences caused at the time of Bigeast Fan Club Opening.

The sudden and heavy access to the site lead to many customers unabled to access the site for a long time. There were also many delays in confirmation emails and mistakes in Membership IDs. We are deeply sorry for the troubles caused.

Currently, we are still putting all of our efforts in recovering to the normal status.

However, there are still possiblities for similar cases in the future.

In that case, please come back to the site later and re-try to access.
We truly appreaicate your understanding and support.

Bigeast Office

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Translation 110810 Kim Jaejoong’s Neat Handwriting, “His Writing Has The Managing Director Flair Too”

[Trans] 110810 Kim Jaejoong’s Neat Handwriting, “His Writing Has The Managing Director Flair Too”

Kim Jaejoong’s handwriting has recently become a topic.

The “Protect the Boss” twitter account uploaded images of Kim Jaejoong rehearsing his script during shooting, and the words “Kim Jaejoong” written on the cover of the script caught the attention of viewers. The feminine, neatly printed words matches the style of Kim Jaejoong , who was dressed in a suit.

Netizens who saw this said, “Even his writing is pretty,” “If there were characters they would be pretty too,” “MD Cha is truly different” and other supportive comments.

Also, Kim Jaejoong’s OST for “Protect the Boss” will be revealed in the 10 August broadcast.

Source [BaiduJYJ + enews24 via Nate]
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Translation 110801 Park Yoowhan Says, “My Brother’s Habit From When He Was A Baby Is…

[Trans] 110801 Park Yoohwan Says, “My Brother’s Habit From When He Was A Baby Is…”

Actor Park Yoohwan recently showed off his masculinity in a photoshoot.

Park Yoohwan showcased his chic charms in a photoshoot for the August issue of ‘Elle Girl’.

With a firm and shaped body, Park Yoohwan surprised the staff members by perfectly taking on a variety of outfits that included sleeveless shirts, leather jackets and black skinny pants.

On this day, Park Yoohwan took pictures of himself with glitter on his porcelain skin and joked around with the staff, acting like a normal and energetic youth. But when the photographer began giving him orders, Park Yoohwan showed professionalism as he took on his role with sincerity.

Park Yoohwan, who currently plays the role of Han Seo Woo in MBC’s weekend drama ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’, showed his affection for acting as he said, “I always wanted to try acting out emotional scenes so I’m so happy that I was able to.”

Regarding his older brother Park Yoochun, he confessed a secret and said, “This is a habit he’s had since he was a baby, but when he sleeps, he intertwines his fingers into my clothes and holds on.”

Park Yoohwan’s charming photoshoot and interview can be seen in the August issue of ‘Elle Girl’.

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Translation 110806 Thank You Message From TVXQ After Fukuoka A-Nation

[Trans] 110806 Thank you message from Tohoshinki after Fukuoka a-nation

(I received the thank you message for Fukuoka from my friend (≧∇≦))


It was really a long time since we came to Fukuoka… we were delighted to see everyone in Fukuoka in high spirits.
We are happy that we can perform in the evening time, but we have mixed feelings thinking about all of you waiting under the blazing sun. Since it is a very precious time, please enjoy a-nation with all your hearts!
We received power from all of your cheers, and we were very impressed! All the fans in Fukuoka! Thank you very much!! So, see you~

(Changmin, Yunho, and all the Tohoshinki fans who participated….Thank you very much!!)

T/N: This message was sent to the fans who participated in Fukuoka a-nation via cellular phone service.

Source: a-nation Fukuoka Thank you message & Nomanpoyo☆Tohoshinki☆K-POP
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INFO 110808 Kim Jaejoong Accessories in Auction Reaching 1,000, 000 Won in 6 Days

[Info] 110808 Kim Jaejoong accessories in auction, reaching over 1,000,000 won in 6 days

JYJ member Kim Jaejoong’s accessories have reached bidding amount of over 1,000,000 won

Currently SBS is auctioning accessories celebrities wore. The accessories donated by the leading roles of the dramas “Protect the Boss”, “Scent of a Woman”, “Miss Ajumma”, and “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” are awaiting their new owner.

Of course the most popular items are Kim Jaejoong’s necklace and bracelet. With the starting price of 200,000 won on August 3rd, by the 8th of the month it reached over 1,050,000 won, grabbing attention. The deadling for bidding is September 30th. This item has the highest bidding price recorded for the auction.

Another popular item is a jacket worn by Yoo Seung Ho in “Warrior Baek Dong Soo”. This jacket has been on action since July 4th with the starting price of 80,000 won, it has now reached 400,000 won.

credit: 东方神起中文网CB家族
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Translation Will JYJ’s Concert Be Held in Japan?

A Dong Bang Shin Ki Fan Page

[Trans] Will JYJ`s concert be held in Japan?
Posted on August 9, 2011
by YunhoFan

[TRANS] 110809 Will JYJ Concert be held in Japan?

T/N: The article is a part of the notice from ZAK Corp, “Notice for Registration for premium members”, (annual membership fee: 3600 yen) so that the members can receive first hand information for ZAK Corp’s hosted concerts and events.

Future Lineups (as of Aug 8, 2011)

(few sentences omitted)

*Concerning the event for JYJ, it is not decided yet. However, we are earnestly under negotiation so that we can inform you by the end of Aug. We cannot reply to any of your emails and phone calls until we announce (T/N: the details)from our side. We thank you for your kind understanding.

Source: ZAK Corporation
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NEWS K-ola: Corruption in Korean Pop Music

[NEWS] K-ola: Corruption in Korean Pop Music
Posted on August 1, 2011 by Cecilia

WITH its over-reliance on manufactured teen pop, and a leave-nothing-to-chance managerial style reminiscent of Phil Spector (minus the murder), there are obvious parallels between “K-Pop” and the American music industry of the 1950s and 60s. And perhaps now another box can be checked: the practice of bribing one’s way onto the charts. That’s payola, or 증회 in Korean.

Twenty-nine people, mainly radio and cable-TV staff, have been arrested on suspicion of accepting cash payments in return for airplay or fraudulent chart positions. New artists and their managers, keen to start their careers off with a hit, were the most frequent customers: Incheon Metropolitan Police believe that between April 2009 and May of this year, around a hundred wannabe singers paid a total of 150m won ($143,000) to several producers and the chairman of a cable-TV company. Such sums are dwarfed by the 400m won or so allegedly collected by the operator of a website that compiles a chart based on the number of radio plays each single receives. According to police, the unnamed 60-year-old took the money from singers and pop managers, promising six-month stays in his dubious top ten, for a price of 38m won each.

Others received money for songs that nobody ever heard: six employees of one radio station apparently fiddled with playlists in order to add songs to the charts which had never actually been aired. This pay-to-play(-or-not) scandal is especially unfortunate given the banner year that the Korean entertainment industry has been enjoying. Successful K-Pop concerts as far away as Paris have driven the local press into a frenzy, and prompted ordinary housewives to pour their money into shares of labels like SM Entertainment, the price chart of which now resembles that of an internet stock circa 1999.

Corruption though is the one problem that this country seems unable to stamp out. This year, on top of the usual civil service and chaebol naughtiness, no fewer than 46 players from the Korean football league have been arrested over match-fixing. For its extraordinary economic progress and rapid democratisation, South Korea is a smash hit of a nation—but in terms of Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, there is a real danger of an imminent drop from the top 40.

Source: The Economist
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