Translation 110806 Thank You Message From TVXQ After Fukuoka A-Nation

[Trans] 110806 Thank you message from Tohoshinki after Fukuoka a-nation

(I received the thank you message for Fukuoka from my friend (≧∇≦))


It was really a long time since we came to Fukuoka… we were delighted to see everyone in Fukuoka in high spirits.
We are happy that we can perform in the evening time, but we have mixed feelings thinking about all of you waiting under the blazing sun. Since it is a very precious time, please enjoy a-nation with all your hearts!
We received power from all of your cheers, and we were very impressed! All the fans in Fukuoka! Thank you very much!! So, see you~

(Changmin, Yunho, and all the Tohoshinki fans who participated….Thank you very much!!)

T/N: This message was sent to the fans who participated in Fukuoka a-nation via cellular phone service.

Source: a-nation Fukuoka Thank you message & Nomanpoyo☆Tohoshinki☆K-POP
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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