Translation 110828 Fan’s Tweets About A-Nation Tokyo (First Day)

[TRANS] 110828 Fan’s Tweets about a-nation Tokyo (first day)

Yesterday’s a-nation was really the best♪ The shock still remains (*^^*) I went back home near the time of the last train, and the person who spoke to me when I got onto the train was a staff of avex. There is such encounters-♪ I got excited hearing all the stories until we arrived at the nearby station.

It was the first time that staff participated in Tohoshinki’s rehearsal. When he first went to greet them, the two looked straight into the staff’s eyes, and greeted the staffs one by one in very polite manners. He had the impression that the two members were very favorable and good guys (*^^*)

Afterwards was the meeting and the rehearsal. The two members seemed as if it was the actual performance, especially, the staff was really impressed by Yunho’s dancing. Yunho was dancing so earnestly that it didn’t seem like the rehearsal xD He said that he had never seen an artist that dances so earnestly during the rehearsals♪ Well, its our Yunho (^_-)

The two members were speaking frankly to the staffs, but they had the special aura. Seeing the two speaking together, it seemed that they had a comfortable sense of distance between themselves. He said that he felt the strong relationship of mutual trust, too. It may be because I first said that I like Tohoshinki.
The rehearsal was like; Yunho was mainly talking with Changmin’s assistance, but sometimes Changmin was the one to speak out of his thoughts. They were also on very good terms with the dancers, and there was always laughter. He felt that the atmosphere of the two were somewhat similar (*^^*)

Their appearance (to be the last to perform) seems to be decided after the Osaka performance. The staffs also had to cope with the decision, so yesterday seemed to be a very hard day, running around.

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  1. I understand that it`s a great honor being chosen as the last artist/group to go on stage. In spite of the arranging, re-arranging and general running about that had to be done, I am sure that the staff was as proud of TVXQ as was the audience. I hope the two members are proud of themselves too! Nice job. 😀

  2. Hi Yf. Yes. It reminds me of the old days (70’s) when the headliners were groups just starting or warm-up the audience groups. You’re right, the honor is being the last. Thanks for commenting on Chris’ post. She was bummed because she thought you weren’t interested. You probably know, but I wrote you on Twitter this morning. You just were on my mind. I checked at dbskalways, and you all seemed so happy. I didn’t want to spoil the fun. 🙂 Cha

  3. Aaaw…I am sorry you thought that, Chris. I`ve just been so busy with the blog and e-mails lately, I haven`t been paying proper attention. love dbsk`s computer is down, so I am currently the only one in there. Yes, I did saw your kind reminder note – thank you! I did actually reply and I talked to Elizabeth as well last night. But my tweets seemed to live their own lives, disappearing before anyone gets to read them. Twitter is quite the problem child these days. We were happy? I`d think that would be me, being animated all by myself again. More late night strangeness from YF. What was that about spoiling the fun, by the way? It`s not fun without you. I thought of you this morning and how lucky I was to meet you way back when. With all of the unwanted activity going on in the Cassie world at the moment, this place is a wonderful, wonderful opposite. Please join us whenever possible on our site, comrade. Or else I`ll just curl up into a cute little ball and give in one of these days. 🙂

  4. YF, What in the world are you talking about? You sound tired. I told Chris that you had written so hopefully she’ll answer you soon. Thank You.
    I’m afraid that I am such a social person that writing without response is very hard for me. Sometimes I post on several things–then I can’t get back to see whether anyone responded or not, so the problem is mine not yours. I am a flighty bumblebee, more correctly a flighty ADHD. Then if I do find enough time to wait it out–I can’t remember my password to get in when I am asked for it. Life, she is complicated, no?
    Ok. Let me play fair. You have really caught me using some of my time to OH, NO, watch the dramas. I sincerely am enjoying both of them, and “Scent Of A Woman’ could drive you crazy in two seconds flat. I am at the point of wanting to take her over my knee and delivering… you know. The pity party is getting to be a drag, and this sweet young man is almost killing himself to protect someone who can’t see beyond her childhood experiences. I find myself hoping for a miraculous cure just so that she can be accountable for what she is putting other’s through. I have had cancer, and not once did I take it out on my loved ones. They were a comfort to me. Am I being too cruel.
    Nope, I think that she is.
    O.K. Bargain.The next time I go in to your site, and it seems as if I am talking to myself I will make it a point to check back the following day to see if anyone answered. Will that do? Love you. Cha

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