[Info] 121106 The Person Who Stole Jae Joong’s Heart in Jakarta

[Info] 121106 The Person Who Stole Jae Joong’s Heart in Jakarta

It wasn’t a beautiful woman nor the most cheerful and supportive fans of JYJ Jaejoong that took his heart away during his first fanmeeting last weekend  (3/11) in Jakarta, Indonesia. So who really stole his heart away?

With the rare close encounter opportunity as a surprise, thousands of fans were even more excited and overwhelmed, racking their brains on what to say or do in front of the ‘Ice Prince’.  In their attempt to attract attention, fans were whispering in his ears and sneaky hands were sighted during the photo-taking session though instructions were clearly; no touching. Sadly none of it worked as the ‘Ice Price’ gave equal attention to every fan in the very brief moment they each had.

However, one fan succeeded by not only in attracting his attention, but making him cross the boundaries of no physical contact by just simply being herself.  The two adorable children were sitting quietly next to his seat while waiting for his arrival, a stark difference to the many fans clamoring over the man. JaeJoong’s sole attention was immediately fixated from the moment he laid eyes on them, much to the envy of the fans around. He initiated contact by shaping her tiny fingers to a cute ‘tweeze’ sign and smiled radiantly, something which is hardly seen throughout the fan-meet due to his condition.  It was literally “ignorance is bliss” and it definitely added on to the many reasons for the ladies to want to return to that age of innocence.

It was no doubt that behind his piercing stare and princely image was this warm guy, overflowing with love for children. From the previous photoshoot collaborations campaign with children for NII,to how he paid more attention to children attending his fan-meet, it was evident how good a daddy he will be in future.

So ladies, if having Mr. Kim pay more attention to you is your life mission, next time bring a kid along or go back to being one if you can will definitely get the job done! Now isn’t the girl lucky?

Special thanks to SH Entertainment for the Invitation.

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[Fanaccount] 120902 XIA 1st World Tour Concert in LA

[Fanaccount] 120902 XIA 1st World Tour Concert in LA

So much I saw, so much to say, yet so speechless during Junsu’s actual live performance >.<

People I met: I thought I had to make sacrifices to make it here, but others really showed their support for Junsu. This was my first ever JYJ/DBSK anything concert ever (went to JYJ LA showcase but not actual concert) so I was not anticipating the global support Junsu and the rest of JYJ has! Met fans from Canada, Japan, Thailand, China and Vietnam. From states: Utah, Nevada, Washington, and of course California.

-Also got really close to a Korean Fan, who is studying abroad here at the perfect time for the concert. She is AMAZINGG. Was a fan since Debut DBSK days, still a fan of them all, and almost 10 years and counting!! I was such a nuisance, kept asking so many inside scoops on our boys. And boy, did she know A LOT. K-fans really do keep a lot to themselves haha ^^;; For instance she said some fact/faction on some of their dating life but we couldn’t go too deep b/c of our communication issues. PS: She said I could fan account what she says as she can’t really write in English, and I will remark on her a lot x)

-Talked with Automatic and his Fiancé! Automatic, was a star! He was so chill with talking to Su’s fans and getting pictures. His fiancé told our group that she was happy to work with Junsu, and –cross fingers- with JYJ in the future. It was also her that helped Su with his English for Uncommitted. We said thanks for trying her best as his English coach HEHE b/c he really did improve!


The Line: Thank you to JYJ4SF for preparing so much for us (lightsticks, bookmarks, signs etc.) while waiting for so long! One scene I might be embarrassed about was when we were moving into the Hollywood Palladium, there was food/drink litter and trash EVERYWHERE from waiting in the long lines. My new Korean friend said, that NEVER in Korea would they trash the outside venue because they did not want to tarnish the name of JYJ/Junsu. YIKES, I felt ashamed, though I do admit this part of Hollywood can’t be much cleaner.

Venue: The venue itself was small but intimate for Junsu’s LA concert. Top floor was not open for general audience, only Automatic and other VIP guests went up there. I heard standing floor VIP was sold out, and looked filled to me. Even where I stood in general admission, it was partially full. Love the turnout! There would have been more red and special glowsticks visible too if they were not confiscated by staff at the gate -_- But one good thing about a smaller venue, everyone can practically have a good view of Su.

ACTUAL CONCERT: I’m at a loss of words. I was calm before waiting in line, and then anticipation and excitement arose! I yelled at times, but wanted to hear all of Su’s incredible live singing so did not jump around as much. It went by too fast, and I didn’t wanna miss a single beat. JUNSU came out, and I felt all our adrenaline, blood pumping. My feet were not tired or sore anymore.

-I couldn’t tell, but my Korean friend whose seen him countless of times in Korea said his condition isn’t his best. He was not sick it seems, but prolly due to jetlag and back to back concerts. I thought he was so powerful, intense and energetic!

-FAVORITE SONGS: All were FANTASTIC but must see are Tarantellegra, No gain, INTOXICATION, Elizabeth, and Uncommitted. My favorite ballads: Round and Round, You are so Beautiful. Su even ripped his pants in Uncommitted but played it off well. Couldn’t see in my area, until he left stage suddenly, quickly changed, and told us about it. Su said it was a treat for those who were able to catch that haha.

-During Genie Time, Junsu received a soccer jersey shirt as a gift! Don’t think it counted as a wish. He did Angel Xiah (which he STILL LOVES TO DO based on my k-fan friend, but is shyer as he ages and with men around). He said happy birthday to a fan (lucky girl!), and we wanted him to do an Oyaji gag, but declined prolly cause most of us can’t understand. You underestimate us Su, how can we not know your favorite gags?! He finally did Gangnam style with all our persuading as our last wish!! Maybe he be more comfortable with music on, but I like seeing him all cute and awkward LOL. He said he can’t really do it, cause he simply watched the video but never tried learning it. Junsu, please. You are a fast learner haha, and you say you listen to Gangnam style frequently in your cyworld interview too. Interpreter said Junsu did meet Psy in LA just recently as a plus!

-A fan boy said something prolly like an “I love you Junsu!” and Su replied with his lively English words he knows, sorta like, “WOOH! CHHYEAA! OK! THANK YOU!”

-Fallen Leaves: Yes, he chocked near the end of the performance. No tears, but definitely watery eyed. Aww Su, this song is very meaningful to you and still gets you emotional. Kind of ironic because my Korean friend said she wants to see Junsu cry because in all her concerts seeing him, he never cried! Now she’s saying, “Uljima (don’t cry)!)” He paused a bit to collect himself, tried to smile a bit for us, breathed a big breath, and continued to complete the song. BEAUTIFUL.

CONCLUSION: Honestly, I am not even Junsu biased but Junsu truly captured my heart during this two hour event. I understand why Junsu is so sexy yet so cute, so childlike yet so mature/charismatic! He really is a 110% performer/artist. I can admit no one can hit dance moves with live vocals as spot on as him. It went by too fast. They really do leave us with wanting more huh?! I went by myself, came away with unforgettable memories.
I was trying to make it short but was much longer than expected so sorry! Overall, my favorite and BEST CONCERT I’ve ever been to! No exaggeration needed.

thanks: Alyssa (a reader of sharingyoochun!)

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[VIDEO+TRANS] Channel V “Just Love JK” – JYJ Junsu Asia Tour in Taiwan

[VIDEO+TRANS] Channel V “Just Love JK” – JYJ Junsu Asia Tour in Taiwan

Hi everyone, thank you for watching tonight’s episode of Just Love JK.
8 years after JYJ member Junsu debuted, this is the first time he came to Taiwan for solo activities.
Just Love JK, will show many exciting footages to everyone

At the beginning of this program, we will have a look at Kim Junsu who has recently came to Taiwan
What we see right now is Junsu’s solo album
What do you have in your hand?
In my hand is the cover of his CD
It looks like it has a lacy feel to it
Right, it looks very pretty
Also look at the picture he took this time, it’s different from the Junsu we know in the past

Did you know, this album’s sales is super good
In Korea, his entire sales volume already surpassed 120,000.
Also I hear it happened in a very short time period right?
Right! Also he was ranked 10th on Billboard’s worldwide rankings.
This time with the release of his album, also coming to Taiwan to hold a concert
To all JYJ fans, this is a very happy thing.

Also his concert tickets were sold out within short 30 minutes
3500 tickets all sold out
That’s right that’s right.

What makes everyone very surprised is also 80% of this album was composed by Kim Junsu himself.

Also, I remember last time Jaejoong also came to Taiwan. Right?
When Jaejoong came to Taiwan, a lot of fans asked him to sing
What song? Sing the song he wrote for Junsu
Inside includes this song

Also this time, we see… Do you know Junsu has a twin?
His twin brother, also helped him write lyrics for songs in this album
I think this is great, it is older brother writing songs for younger brother
Right, I always had a dream that I have a twin brother. Don’t you wish for that?
Twins not so much, but I always dreamed of having a younger brother. Because I have a younger sister and an older brother, so I want a younger brother. Because I can ask him to do anything for me. haha~
Isn’t your younger brother always by your side?
Right, but he feels like an assistant

So everyone, we will see the footages of Junsu in Taiwan, as well as his concert, and our special report for everyone for Junsu’s visit this time to Taiwan.

Junsu came to Taiwan on the 22nd, he debuted 8 years ago, this is the first time for him to release a solo album and start his concert tour.

Junsu: Hi everyone, I am XIAH, long time no see (A/N: He said this in Chinese!!! *squeals*)

Junsu revealed at the press conference that he really missed the pearl tea from Taiwan
Junsu was really corporative, he would eat all the food the MC introduced without questioning it.

*press conference footage of Junsu eating*

After eating all the good food, of course he has to drink the pearl tea that he couldn’t forget

*press conference footage of Junsu explaining his filming of Tarantallegra MV, his kiss in Elisabeth, and him as a pretty girl for the MV*

This time Junsu visited Taiwan during the Duanwu Festival, and the organizers prepared some Zongzi for him.
His visit this time to Taiwan, he got to eat, drink, and received gifts.

On the day of the concert
It couldn’t be without fan support activities for the idol
Let’s take a look at how this group of fans supports Kim Junsu

Fan: This time we made our own fans, towels. For Junsu’s concert this time, we especially made a Q version of Junsu. To provide support for his concert this time. We also have activities inside. Also everyone took a picture with a live size poster of Junsu, and we collected all the pictures, and we will bring it to Korea and give it to Junsu’s parents, who will then give to Junsu. We limited this to 500 pictures.
We also worked with other fanclubs to send roses. As well as XIAH NO. 1

To provide support for Junsu, there were fans that day that stamped XIAH on their body

Because of his mom and Junsu’s nickname as “peach”, this time fans prepared these peach packages for him. They hope Junsu could be very healthy

What was really touchy was on the day, there was a fan that suffered a car accident that came to the concert disregarding her foot injury, she had to go to the concert to provide her support for Junsu.

Fan: I originally wanted to save money to go to Korea to watch his musical, because I believe Junsu shines in the musical. As his fan, I have to go support him! But, because of the car accident, I wasn’t able to go.

Reporter: So this time even if your foot is injured, you still have to come watch his concert?

Fan: Because he rarely comes to Taiwan, and it’s his first solo concert. So no matter what I told my mom “I’ll crawl there if I have to!” I have to come see him. Luckily my parents were very supportive. And other fans also helped me. So I successfully came to the venue.

Hope Junsu’s concert today will bring her strength for her to recover her foot injury. Hope this fan will get well soon.

Junsu’s fans abroad is a huge number too. On this days, fans from which countries came? Japan, Korea, Shanghai (mainland China)

*fan explains about the banner*

Junsu, you are really charismatic. The concert is about to start, let’s give him a couple words of support.

Fan: Junsu, I believe in all of your choices, you just have to do well in the things you want to do, you will do it to the best. I will always believe in you, and always support you, always love you, Junsu Fighting!

*Fans (and fanboy) show support for Junsu – Junsu fighting!*

Yay! Junsu’s concert started.

*footage of the concert*

Then it is the song his good friend Kim Jaejoong wrote for you “No Gain”

*Junsu singing No Gain*

On the day of the concert, he worked hard in performing, when he was greeting the fans, he almost couldn’t catch his breathe.

Junsu: Hi everyone, I am Xia, long time no see. I really miss you all (A/N: all in chinese! I’m impressed )

That day, Junsu’s parents also came to the concert, to support their son. What does everyone think of Junsu’s performance this time?

*fans saying Junsu’s the best*

Fan: Junsu, I’ll wait for you to come again next time~

We’ll see you again at the next concert.

credit: CSJYJ02
trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net
re-up by: iXiahCassie

[Fanaccount] 120604 JYJ for NII Fan Party

[Fanaccount] 120604 JYJ for NII Fan Party

I still need to write my Junsu fansign fan accounts but I’m procrastinating on doing my homework right now so oops~

I arrived at the Lotte Department Store at 영등포 about forty-five minutes before the event started. I started to get in line and then I look at the woman behind me and I see she has a ticket. She looks at me, and sees that I don’t have a ticket, and says (rather snarkily), “You need a ticket to get in. Don’t you have a ticket? Winners pick it up from the NII store.” Anyways I start to get kind of panicky because I don’t have a ticket, so I explain to the guard I got my merchandise online, and showed him my text message confirming that I won along with my ID, and he said that it’s fine and I’m good to go. Hah! Take that rude lady!

I get closer to the door and theres a man holding a paper bag, and I see people pulling bits of paper from the bag. I close my eyes and draw out a piece of paper from the bag, and I have number 33. I wasn’t sure what it ment, so I wander around and see a group of fans writing notes for the boys on post-its and sticking it to a board. On mine, I tell them that even though I can’t speak Korean well, their music has made me so happy throughout the years, and that I will always love and support them no matter what.


 Soon it’s time to go in, and I go into the event hall and find out the numbers we drew are actually our seat numbers and I just about wet myself because I drew 33 out of about 500 people, meaning I was in the second row and about 3m from the stage. They are playing the Making Of for the latest NII CF in the background.

Soon, two MCs come out and start talking to the crowd. TBH I don’t really know whats going on but I know they say they’re giving away the cardboard standees that are on the stage, and some other items as well as hugs and handshakes from the boys. And then the two MCs walk to the side of the stage and suddenly the boys start talking with their mics, but we can’t see because they are still offstage.

 Then the boys come out, and everyone bursts into screams and applauds. Junsu (wearing a blue NII shirt) is sitting closest to me, then Jaejoong (wearing a white NII shirt), and then Yoochun (wearing a grey NII shirt) is farthest ;_; (but still really close).

Also I might be crazy but I’m pretty sure Yoochun kept staring at me. Like not just glancing at me but we would make eye contact for at least 10 seconds before I would have to cover my face with my hands from blushing or look away to Jaejoong or Junsu. He did this a few times >//< I guess I really stood out? haha

So I honestly can’t remember which of these two events happened first but they ask the people in the audience wearing the same shirts as JYJ to stand up. Then, they bring the girls up on stage. The girl wearing the same shirt as Yoochun gets a back hug from him, and she covers her face while he does it because she’s so shy haha. Jaejoong had four people wearing the same shirt as him, and they each got a hug. Junsu had two girls, and they both got hugs and got to take polaroids with Junsu!

Then, they bring out the boards with the post-its and they start picking out ones to read. Like I said, I can’t speak Korean really well but I THINK Jaejoong might have picked off mine and gave it to Yoochun saying something like, “Here, this one is English, you can read it” but Yoochun laughed and took it but didn’t read it aloud so I guess I’ll never know ;_; It might be just wishful thinking.

Then, the boys drew a number from the box, and whatever number he drew the whole row got to go up and get a handshake from them… It was a row from the back this time though ;_;

At one point Yoochun started saying something (I think I remember it as “What I really like is…” and then he trailed off) and one girl shouted “헐!”. Yoochun looked at her and said, “헐?!… 대박…”

During the fanmeet, I was tweeting what was going on, so sometimes I wasn’t giving my 100% attention or not looking at the stage. While I’m tweeting about the above event, suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder and hear “STAND UP!”, and I look around and see everyone else in the audience is standing up. I stand up and the MCs and pointing at me and still saying playfully, “STAND UP! STAND UP PLEASE! THANK YOU” and JYJ are looking right at me and grinning so I smile and give a thumbs up and say sorry! Haha I’m glad JYJ noticed me but not exactly the way I wanted to get noticed haha ;_;

Anyways they played a game where if you were wearing a certain item of clothing/were a certain type of person, you had to sit down. They asked questions like, “If you are single…”, “If you are wearing a ring…”, “If you aren’t wearing any makeup…”. They played this three different times and each winner got a bottle of perfume/cologne signed by one of the boys. Yoochuns girl got a hug from him, and Jaejoong wrote what I swear was a novel on his perfume bottle. He wrote on the edges and cap and everything haha. Junsu even initiated the hug with his girl ;o;

They start having a short chat session (which the girl beside me was kind enough to translate small bits of), and they bring up how Junsu was so shy during the latest NII photoshoot because of the girl, and he kept blushing a lot and couldn’t even touch her because he was so shy haha. Idk how much of it I believe because Junsu certainly showed his not-so-innocent side during his latest comeback haha ^^

Then, they tell us to check under our chairs. There are three chairs with pieces of paper taped to them and the winners got one of the cardboard standees. One winner was a girl in front of me, and the other two were somewhere in the back of the crowd.

They have another number drawing where a row of people (from the back again!) get to go up and get handshakes ;_; They have another talk and Jaejoong says how JYJ doesn’t wear the shoe inserts to make you taller because they are already tall enough haha. Yoochun also said how Jaejoong is working so hard for his drama and he even has to go to a shooting right after the event.

Soon after, the event comes to a close and the boys take a photo together with a NII banner, while the guards are trying to shield fans from taking photos of the boys haha. Outside of the hall, ladies that one the cardboard standees were kind enough to let us take photos of them ^^

I really hope this isn’t he only time I’m able to see all three of them together. I’m going home in a few weeks (or I might extend my stay until mid-August!), so I hope there’s another opportunity to see them, especially Yoochun! ;D

thanks a lot @yooCHUNSA
credit: kimchidelight

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[ACCOUNT+AUDIO] University of Michigan Symposium on Hallyu 2.0 Seminar “OF THE FANS, FOR THE FANS, BY THE FANS-THE REPUBLIC OF JYJ

Hello! ^_^

I had the opportunity to go on Friday to the Symposium at the University of Michigan and attended the seminars (with the exception of the first block since I drove 3 hours and I overslept 30 minutes >~<), including “Of the fans, by the fans, for the fans – the Republic of JYJ” by Professor Seung-Ah Lee of Los Angles City College. As a scholar, the conference as a whole was very informational and looking forward to the book that the university is planning to published within a year that includes the scholarly papers for each speaker, including the one regarding JYJ ;D.

I was also able to meet a fellow JYJ3 member at the conference when we went up to chat with Professor Seung-Ah Lee after her talk 🙂 It was nice meeting you Meaghan (not sure of the spelling, sorry) and too bad you had to go home right after the Second block of presentations. Would have loved to get to meet you even more.

I recorded audio of the talk for those that were unable to attend but are interested in what what was said and typed out an outline below:

  • Introduction of Speaker
  • History Of Hallyu
  • The fans she interviewed. Passion, enthusiasm, and affection towards the members came from all the fans she interviewed.
  • Who is Dong Shinki?
  • Artist Contracts in the Korean Music Industries (slave conditions, with no power)
  • Lawsuit brought by the three members of TVXQ
  • Unfair treatment continues after the judge ruled in the favor of Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun by not being able to appear music charts, programs, etc.
  • Sites that once supported the original TVXQ converted to only support JYJ.
  • JYJ today truly continues the legacy of original TVXQ
  • The Repulic of JYJ – anyone who loves JYJ is a citizenship
  • The role of the fans is to protect JYJ and have become the fighter of justice.
  • Sasaengs are illegal immigrants in the Republic of JYJ
  • Why a Republic of JYJ and not a nation, family or something else? In hopes to highlight the autonomy and democracy of the fandom.
[NOTE: I apologize for the quality of the audio, but the Nam Center for Korean Studies at the University of Michigan confirmed that the seminar will be recorded. The video recording of the event will be posted on the University Web Site. Once it has been posted, I will update everyone :) ]
Also, University of Michigan Professor Youngju Ryu’s presentation was entitled “How a Podcast Started a Revolution: New Media and Electoral Politics in South Korea” and said that she thought that her presentation was a little out of place compared to the other speakers since it was not really about Hallyu so decided to wear something that represented the Hallyu wave. She wore an official JYJ t-shirt she purchased at the 2011 Busan concert. Me and my friends cheered. \(^_^)/ During the 4th and final block, my whole roll was JYJ fans, 3 friends I came with, the JYJ presenter, Professor Seung-Ah Lee, and Professor Ryu.

Several presentations had images of the trio since their debut in 2003. I ended the night by stopping at Seoul Street in Ann Arbor with my group. If anyone is in the area I really recommend. My friend from South Korea said it tasted authentic. We ended up buying Bibimbap, Kimbap, Dukboki, Fried Rice, Budae Jigae and Kimchi! So nommie…

Credit: popopiluvsjyj of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

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120206 JaeJoong Ankara Fanmeeting Fan Account

JaeJoong Ankara Fanmeeting Fan Account

I went to the place where fanmeeting will be held at around 09:30 and there was already a lot of people waiting in line. The weather was really cold at that time so after waiting for a while I couldn’t feel my feet T_T Thanks God there was a man who is selling Turkish tea so we could at least make ourselves a bit warm…Then they started to let people in. They also gave everyone a poster of the FM and a number for the lucky draw to get a signed CD! After all the fans entered the hall they showed some parts from JYJ DVDs and also showed some MVs.. And ofcourse all the fans were singing to the songs together with red balloons in their hand^^

Then JaeJoong came to the stage! All the fans were screaming! He said “Merhaba” which means “Hello” in Turkish^^ Then he introduced himself as “Hello, I’m JYJ’s Kim JaeJoong”. I took a fancam of this. You can see it here:

And after this MCs said that taking photos and videos is prohibited from now on so I didn’t take any photos or videos after that. But I know there were still fans who took photos and videos..

 And after this MCs said that taking photos and videos is prohibited from now on so I didn’t take any photos or videos after that. But I know there were still fans who took photos and videos..
Then MCs asked some questions which fans sent to them before. I don’t remember all the questions now but most of them are related to Turkey and Turkish fans. I will just write the ones I remember and these are not in the order.When asked did he think that he has a lot of fans in Turkey before, he said that he didn’t know that he has this much fans and he is very thankful now. Also he said as he wrote on his twitter last night that Turks and South Koreans are very similar so he didn’t feel himself in another country. It felt like his home.

MCs asked him what are the Turkish words he know and he said that since he came last night so he only learned today. And the words are “Merhaba (Hello)” and “Sizi seviyorum (I love you)”. After he said this all the fans screamed and he was shy so he tried to hide himself by bending his head..he was so cute^^ Then he said that actually saying “I love you (Saranghae)” in Korean is also a thing that makes him shy^^ Then he asked that if there is any Turkish words he should learn and all the fans were screaming different words so the MC said he should learn “Sizi özledim (I miss you)” and then he said it in Turkish and ofcourse all the fans were screaming^^

When asked what he thinks of Turkish fans he said that Turkish girls are very beautiful..Also he talked with his staff about Turkish girls and he thinks that if he can find a Turkish girl who can speak Korean well he can even consider marrying her^^ When the translator saying this in Turkish all the fans were screaming and JaeJoong was very shy so he just went under the table LOL XD He is so cute when he is shy^^

Another question was did he eat any Turkish foods here and how was it? He said he ate it and it was very delicious!

He said this is his first official activity in 2012 and he is very thankful for this. He also said that he is very sorry that now only he came here and he wishes to came with JYJ members again and have a JYJ concert in Turkey too!

One of the question was how he call Junsu and Yoochun (like nicknames). He said he calls Junsu as Junchan/Junjan (I’m not sure I only heard it^^) and Yoochun as ParkYoo. Then he said that he is sorry that these are not interesting nicknames^^ And he said his members call him as JJ and he is again sorry that this is also not interesting^^

When asked if he thinks of acting in a drama again after Protect the Boss he said that he is thinking of another drama and he will act in this year too!
(I’m not sure about acting in this year because the translator’s Turkish was very bad and I think he didn’t get some questions and didn’t translate his answers properly because I can understand JaeJoong says different things with my limited Korean but the translator translates it in a very different way. Also the translator used a lot of weird vocabs too)

Also it wasn’t in the plan but since all the fans wanted the MC asked JaeJoong if he can sing a little bit for his fans. He said he can sing a little and asked which song we want him to sing..Then all the fans said different songs and I said “For you it’s seperation for me it’s waiting” but he didn’t heard me T_T Then the MC said he should sing Protect the Boss OST song and he started to sing without music! His singing was perfect and he actually sang almost half of the song! Then after singing he also said that “I said I will sing a little but I sang a lot right”^^ Then MC said if he wants to sing we’re okay with it he can sing as much as he wants and we can listen him but he didn’t sing anymore..

Another question was if he wants to act in a musical since Junsu acts in musicals a lot and he said that if there is a chance he will try it. Also MC asked which musical character of Junsu is the one he wants to act but I think the translator didn’t get it right so we couldn’t learn the answer >.<

After the questions ended they showed the video which Turkish JYJ fans made for him and after the video there is the birthday cake^^ Everyone sang birthday song for him in Korean. Then he blew the candles. The MC showed the figures of JYJ members on the cake and asked him if he saw Junsu. Then he took Junsu’s figure but while taking he broke the head of Junsu and he himself laughed at this too^^ Then he said he is sorry that he broke Junsu’s head^^

After this he choosed 20 numbers to give signed CD and all three members signed it two days before coming to Turkey! Unfortunately I wasn’t choosen T_T Then he choosed another 10 number to take photos with him and me being very unlucky in this kind of things again I wasn’t choosen T_T

One fangirl who was choosen for photo taking kissed him on cheek when she got on stage!!! Also a very excited fangirl was jumping up and down when she got on stage and after they took the photo she just bend down and did Korean traditional greeting for a few times and since she did it JaeJoong also bend down and do it with her..After this the fanmeeting was over and he just went to the backstage.

Me and my friends thought that he will wait for awhile and then left so we were waiting inside but when we got outside we saw that he just went with his car T_T
So we decided to go to the hotel he is staying and took a taxi..When we arrive to the hotel we saw other fans who were waiting for him.. He was already in the hotel but his security man came to us and we said we want to see him and take his signs..Then after awhile the security man said he will come down and give us signs and also we can take a group photo with him!
So we waited and then he just came out with all his staff but he just went to his car and left..So we couldn’t take any signs or photos with him T_T
But I do have a very short video of him coming out of hotel and going into his car^^I’m now trying to upload it on youtube and I’ll share the link here when I upload!

Overall the fanmeeting was only for 1 hour!!!We were told that it will be 2 hours before but it just ended in 1 hour!! But JaeJoong was very cute and happy^^ He was smiling all the time^^ I think he enjoyed it as much as we do! I was in the 4th row so I had a very good sight of him^^ And I need to say this he is way better in person! He is a lot more handsome in person! His skin is just perfect^^

credit: nowrain501@twitter
shared by: sharingyoochun.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[Translation] 120118 Detailed Fan Account of Yoochun In Beverly Hills‏

[Trans] 120118 Detailed Fan Account of Yoochun In Beverly Hills‏

This incident was RT a lot in weibo and I didn’t expected this news to be catching everyone’s attention… I was too elated that I lost myself, but didn’t expect that everyone is the same excited. Thus I would like to detail it out.

This is actually my LA trip before my university in New York begin and it was my 2nd day in LA. My friend had wanted to bring me to Beverly Hills to shop and walk around. I felt that all these happened in a fantasy. As I was still wondering if I would meet any artistes in Beverly Hills, silently imagining… (Actually the images in my head were all the western artistes.) Really didn’t expect to have such a coincidental incident after my meal while walking on the streets.

Actually there were numerous who passed by me but as there were not much people plus it is a weekend and thus not much people who are walking around. I was basically sightseeing and chit-chatting with my friend. Just then when I look up, I saw two guys walking towards us and was to pass by us. I automatically switched my attention to a guy in black and was wearing a black hat, then I immediately saw his stubble… then the whole face… then when I saw Park Yoochun, I was not reacting yet, just felt that this guy is so good looking and looked very familiar. Then I switched my focus on the guy next to him, it was a plump uncle carrying shopping bags. The two just passed by me like that. When the split moment when they passed by, my mind was in a blank, then I immediately said to my friend, Yoochun!!!! It’s Yoochun!!!! My friend was shocked and I was even more shocked… I even forgot about running up to him until my friend reminded me and she quickly took out her handphone and ready to take a photo.

I immediately panicked and shouted, “Chamkkanmanyo!” (Wait a moment!) (According to my friend’s narration, Yoochun immediately lowered his head and continued to walk like nothing happened, so is the manager.. the two walked on without turning back.) My friend asked me to chase up and probably it’s chance, it was red light then and they can’t crossed the road. I quickly ran over and towards their back. I actually wanted to talk to the manager first to ask him for permission to take a photo with Yoochun. But manager turned and told me in Korean that no photo taking is allowed. (I guessed it.) Then I continued to ask Yoochun, “Can I take a photo with you?” (T/N: in English) Yoochun replied in English saying no photo taking and sorry about it. Then I can’t give up… no photo-taking is fine but it should be okay with autograph right. So I said, “Can you sign for me?” (T/N: in English) Manager seems to be unwilling but after Yoochun exchanged glances with him, he said okay to me.

Just as I was searching my bag, the green light came on and we trio looked at each other and thought that “let’s talk about this on the other side of the road.” and we crossed the road. My friend caught up with us by then.

Since it’s such a rare opportunity, I have to say something to him and so while crossing the road, I told him, “I have been to your Vancouver concert.” (T/N: in English) He seems to have heard “concert” and when we reached the other side, they turned and waited for me to search my bag. My friend asked, “Can we take a photo?” Manager said no. Then my friend asked, “Sign?” They nodded. (As my friend caught up with us later so she didnt heard the part about no photo-taking.) The waiting time seems a bit long, kekeke, so Yoochun asked my friend, “Where are you from?” (T/N: in English) My friend said, “We are from Vancouver, Canada.” (T/N: in English) As we are immigrants to Vancouver and currently studying in US. They surely do know that we are Asians. My friend said again that we went to the concert in Vancouver, something like that. Nonetheless, Yoochun must have know that we did went to the concert. I was ransacking my bag for a looong while.. and I can’t find any pen or paper, not even a thing to write on. I looked at Yoochun and he seems to know and said, “I don’t have a pen too. (T/N: in English)” Then I felt so…. tragedy-like! I don’t have a pen and to think of asking for a pen from the idol himself for an autograph… My goodness… I was very regretting about it and very unhappy… I didn’t bring a pen with me. My friend then graciously said, “Nice to meet you.” (T/N: in English) Yoochun smiled to her and then they left. Awwwww, in conclusion Yoochun is very nice and approachable, and no diva feel at all.

And one small tidbit, at the beginning when crossing the road, Park Yoochun was not wearing any sunglasses and only wore it after crossing the road. Probably he didn’t expect anyone to recognise him here, kekeke… but he is really nice and I’m very happy to talk to him.

There wasn’t any make up in Yoochun today and there’s still stubble… I’m very happy to see his pure look. Very handsome face and the handsome image as before, very stylish, really like him. Hahahaha… Everyone must have love him in many ways too. Hehehe.

Just to share my coincidental incident with everyone, kekeke, love that everyone was able to feel the atmosphere with him. No pressure at all, I felt as though I met an old friend… Maybe because I have been frequently seeing their photos and videos… I was actually sitting in the 1st row in Vancouver concert and they were dancing in front of me at the stage about 1m high… thus no pressure at all. kekeke

credit: MiSs猫
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source:sharingyoochun.net

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[FANACCOUNT] 120117 Fan Meets Yoochun In Beverly Hills

[FANACCOUNT] 120117 Fan Meets Yoochun In Beverly Hills

[TRANS] Just when I was wondering, while in Beverly Hills today, whether I will encounter anyone famous, two men were quietly walking down the street, facing us. When we took a look, Ah!!! Park Yoochun-ah!!! I initially wanted to ask for a signature, but I didn’t have a pen with me! I exchanged some words with him and told him that I attended his Vancouver concert. [Yoochun is] so handsome in person, so kind/genial! He spoke to me in English and even asked where we’re from. Ah Ah my feelings cannot be expressed in words.

Source: MiSs豸苗
Translated and Shared byJYJ3
Please do not add to, alter, or remove the credits.

Momma’s Source: JYJ3

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[Fanaccount] 111025 Encounter with JYJ on the streets of Barcelone, Spain

[Fanaccount] 111025 Encounter with JYJ on the streets of Barcelone, Spain

Aaah ~ Today was a day I will remember ^^

Today I went to Barcelone to buy a Garnier’s BB Cream with my friend Ying and her roommate … We went where we knew there could be, but it was sold out. So we decided to go for a walk and to take some drinks in Barcelone.  Since I came from the college dorm, I had to take advantage! hahahaha

The point is that we walked down the Ramblas, not the sidewalk downtown, but by one of the sides. We watched the people who were watching the mimes (I, personally, I bet there is an asian in each one … lol) So we were looking at some, and Ying told me “hey, that guy with the glasses is really handsome” and I said “true, true, yes he is” as we continued walking … And then I see the other asian guy who covered the handsome guy with the glasses…his hair color was orange, That guy looks like Junsu. I said “Ying, isn’t he Junsu?” Ying said: “I don’t think so”, I said ” But he looks like him”, Ying: “He isn’t, let’s go”. We walked ahead. I was still looking at them thinking “I swear, it’s them” and saying “If they were really Jaejoong and Junsu and we just left them..omo “. We decided to cross to get to the other side of the street . I thought we were going to the side where we can see the asian guys, and Ying told me “You want to see them, don’t you?” I told her “Yes, To me they are Jaejoong and Junsu”, “The guy with orange hair I’m sure is Junsu. Let’s see them”…I was excited…We come closer to watch them “Yes, yes they are Ying …O_O” The two of them put on each side of the mime to take a picture. The handsome guy (Jaejoong) put down his sunglasses and I jump there … “Yiiiiing! Yes, they are, they are Jaejoong and Junsu. Look, loooook!!!” Ying: “Ehh, but where they are?” (She didn’t noticed they were taking a picture). “There, with the mime”… “Ask him, Ying, ask him!” We came more closer …And she gave Jaejoong two taps in his arm, Junsu was two steps ahead looking at the little shop…Jaejoong turns around to look at us (OMG)…And Ying was like “please, photo?”… Jaejoong pulls down his sunglasses and stare us above it…and then the manager appeared saying “no, no photos …” he was looking at me as saying “hides the camera that they can not take pictures “… And we stand there … With a face …” How? OO but … but … just a picture … ” And then they walked ahead going to Plaza Catalunya, Ramblas up …


We didn’t want to follow them and we just decided to take some drinks. Then I managed to convince Ying and she convinced her friend to went to Plaza Catalunya to see if we saw more of them again, But nothing… they were gone, it was so fast… But well, that was an experience… OMG *-* Jaejoong has a very white and smooth skin, it contrasted a lot with his black hair and clothes … lol Junsu’s skin was more darker. And well I thought they were more tall. I had an idea somewhat exaggerated … ? how they were … xDD (I am very bad for sizing heights u.u) That’s why they were more shorter that I had imagined… But still they were very tall^^ and very handsome! *-*

I have an impressive desire  that we reach that day ( Saturday) and go to the concert … I want to see them again … I want to see Yoochun! … maybe because he had arrived this morning he probably is still very tired … and the time difference is no small … so he should be resting or something ^ ^ And then yes, photos and more photos! lol
Well, that’s it! What a shame not to live in Barcelona and try my luck more often these days … lol. At the moment, I need to wait until Saturday to see them again! To see how it’s their concert … I’m sure it will be amazing! *-*

Translation CreditJYJ3
Please do not remove, alter, or add to the credits.

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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FanAccount 111021 YooSu — In Heaven FanSign Event Day

[Fanaccount] 111021 Yoosu – In Heaven FanSign Event Day 1‏

Heart still thumping…
The fan sign today was arranged by giving out numbers.
Arrived earlier than expected, and though it’s not the first row, it was quite in front. Tomorrow should be arranged by numberings as well…
After getting the number ticket, I waited at the hall and unexpectedly saw Yoochun and Junsu who came in.
Although I have seen their photos before, they are really handsome. T T
Photos are only half evident of how handsome they are.
Yoochun wore a coat with swept hair and a pair of characteristic specs… hahaha
Not sure if it is my own feeling, I exchanged glances with Yoochun a few times.
When our eyes meet, Yoochun did not look away but stared intensely…
Yoochun ah…. such a great person….
I’m not good with writing, keke, I shall write down their conversations as a fan account.
(Although I recorded the audio, I don’t know what went wrong… I realized it only after I heard it, the conversations were cut into segments… The important parts, some were saved and I shall upload it some other time.)
This was written by my own memories and the spoilt audio recording.


Upon entering, Yoochun is very lively and the duo’s feelings were great.
They smiled sweetly and greeted. keke.

JS: It’s been a long time for a fan sign event right? As it’s been too long, I’m excited yet nervous… To be able to see each other up close is really good.

YC: Junsu’s words were nothing unique (T/N: as usual i.e.), right? (fans laughed)

JS: There’s nothing new but it’s my true words!

YC: Oh… sorry… keke

(T/N: Some of the conversations might not link, as per what the fan said that her audio recording has errors.)

YC: But we saw these messages on the net. Some bought 30 copies and was not able to come. Some bought one copy and was able to come.

JS: This is luck, I guess. Keke. Just like everyone here. It’s my pleasure to have a fan sign event with everyone like this.

(fans applauded)


YC: Jaejoong hyung is not here today… we heard a lot of rumors (from various sources)

JS: There’s a rumor that we purposely did not let him come… It’s definitely not like this. He has something to do… Erm? Did somebody from the front just sighed? Kekeke~ It’s (T/N: JJ’s not coming) not due to something bad that happened.

YC: It was two people during the previous fan sign event too, isn’t it?

JS: No, it was (you) with Jaejoong hyung, two of you, ke ke ke, I didn’t join in due to musical involvement.

YC: It felt so good that time.

JS: Eh? Why? Because I’m not there? Keke

Both of them laughing away.

Fans: (out of a sudden) Make a call! International phone call!

YC: If you all would pay for the international roaming charges… kekeke

Fans: We’ll pay!!! We’ll pay!

Both smiled and silence….

JS: Any questions for us? Kekeke~ We did not intend to accept questions today thus if there are awkward questions, we’ll reject answering, okay? Keke.

Fan’s question 1: At the concert in Japan, when Yoochun filmed Junsu, he said, “Oh? So big!” What does it mean?

JS: (immediately) This is an awkward question, PASS!

Fan’s question 3 (T/N: yes, it was written as 3): Have Yoochun oppa finished the game?

YC: Probably everyone could not see, but my eyes are blood-shot right now. I have been playing for 38hrs… currently 60% done.

JS: When we met at the shop today, he said he played till morning. Yoochun has been a enthusiastic player of Legend of Zelda. During our Japanese activities’ days, I saw him playing this frequently. But he said he will stop for a while. keke. Said that it’s too difficult.

YC: I think that professional gamers are very powerful. I salute them.

JS: My friend is a professional gamer and to them it’s not a game but a job. Anything is never easy.

Fan’s question 4: I’m sorry to ask this from the start, but can Junsu do Angel Xiah?

JS: T T T T…. This is old trick of mine already. Let’s have Yoochun! Kekeke~ Let us see Angel Yoochun~

YC (with a face of ‘huh?): I can’t do it… I have never been an angel since high school…

JS: Then let us see Devil Yoochun! Keke~ If Yoochun do it, I will do it. Come, get ready your expression, Keke~

Yoochun with a face of “Why should I do it?” and smiled, looking at Junsu.

Fans did not back down and keep pleading. Just once more, once more.
Of course, I’m one of them as well. Kekeke~
Junsu still did the Angel Xiah pose in the end.
Yoochun looked at Junsu who was being teased by fans, and smiled.

Fan’s question 5: When will there be activity in Korea (as in concert etc.)?

YC: Korea? Hmm… it’s still unconfirmed… Although it’s still unconfirmed, but might be before the year ends. Probably… End of December or roughly there. Although it’s still in consideration but it’s not yet fixed. Plus there’s things to settle…

Fans: Larger scale! Ticket sales!

YC: Erm… if were to hold a concert and has to be large scaled… Hmm… how about (held) at the road to University for just 5 people? Kekeke~ For (accommodation of) 5 people only~ (T/N: He meant that the place is only big enough for 5 people.)

Fans: Ah!!!!!!!!!!!

Fan’s question 7: You all were so popular with South American fans, Asian fans, (and worldwide fans), what’s your plan in the future?

This fan behaved and asked in a very reporter-way. Everyone laughed….

YC: Is that laptop switched on? Kekeke (As though he is facing a reporter.)

Then both of them did not talk for a while… silence…

JS: Hmm… there’s a lot of plans… but not all matters are easy to handle with. There are a lot of times where things are confirmed and yet cancelled. To us, these are hope and encouragement. But when talking to everyone, we have to be cautious a bit. Just like what was said, before the end of this year, we will try our best to create a chance to meet everyone. If possible, we will release our second worldwide album next year. In the mid of it, we might have solo activities. Hm… just these. Ok? Keke.

After the questions, they began to sign.
The line up is Junsu, then Yoochun.
The two were feeling great during the fan sign.
I have been observing, if asked for it, Yoochun would shake hands with.
Time for me to go.

Upon reaching Yoochun, the atmosphere around him….
He was very gentle and considerate… but he signed very fast… Isn’t it a bit too fast? T T

YC: Your name is?

Me: Li~~

Yoochun signed…

Me: Are you happy recently?

YC: Hm?

Me: You looked very happy recently, thus I’m happy too.

Yoochun was signing without any expression initially but looked up after hearing this.

YC: Very blessed. ^^ I’ve been doing very well.

He smiled happily while saying this.
The strength of these words were stronger than any other hundred words, not kidding.
I almost fainted…
I like Yoochun… no, it’s love. Although it’s only a short time, my heart, kwang….
Please don’t smile to me like that~

My autograph was done very fast but strong.
I went back to my seat, thinking of Yoochun’s “I’m very blessed!”, felt so touched.

The fans today were very polite and well-mannered…
(Fans, you did well.)
The fan sign event’s atmosphere was very warm-hearted… he himself was warm-hearted.

Crazy fans kekeke~
Park (YC) and Kim (JS) were very calm but the fans were excited.
Applauded, teased/cheered, kekeke~ Yoochun and Junsu smiled.

Fan’s question: The two of you walked through from youth till now… was there a side where you saw and realized, hey this kid grew up! Or, he’s still the same!

Everyone like this question.
It is a heartwarming question.

JS: Erm… first, given the same circumstances, rather than saying Yoochun’s reaction changed, I would say it got better. Be it his expressions, or actions, it became more relaxed. In the past, Yoochun often smiled in TV programs but he would sometimes be gloomy off-camera. It got better recently and he smiled a lot more in private. It was really amazing and (I) was very happy.

Just when he was saying warmheartedly about Yoochun’s positive traits and changes, fans suddenly asked about his negative traits.

Fans: (Yoochun’s) Shortcomings!

JS: Mm? Yoochun’s? Nothing negative.

Fans: Oh~ Eh~ Keke~

JS: It is that way! Good looking~ Sings well~ Knows how to compose~ Good in sports too~ (his tone is filled with love and fans were “oh~” ) Ah~ there’s a shortcoming that can’t be changed! Forehead? Kekeke~

Fans burst out laughing.

JS: Forehead can’t be changed and it actually upgraded. Keke~ This should be a good thing, able to see the age lines soon. kekeke~ Haha

Time for Yoochun to answer.

YC: Firstly, I like my forehead a lot. Keke~ For Junsu’s, when being active as an artiste, various… even not being an artiste, anyone has their own way to be relaxed. If weren’t able to do that, it would be troublesome. But Junsu did that aspect very well.

Fans: Huh? (Don’t understand)

YC: (Upon facing problems) He has his own way to solve his problems… That is, he has many ways to make himself feels good… erm, although I can’t be there… but, he always asked me to go play soccer… kekeke

JS: (abruptly) I always asked him along! But he won’t come.

YC: No, if it’s only Junsu, I would definitely go but there’s other artistes as well… it’s a bit awkward.

JS: Ah~ if Yoochun would come, I would not ask other artistes along then. (he said it earnestly.)

YC: Actually… isn’t there a lot of fans in the audience?

JS: Ah~ keke~ the training matches. There are private matches as well, just come for that!

YC smiled and didn’t answer.

JS looked at YC: “See, it’s him who doesn’t wants to come. Yoochun loves to exercise, probably he has some psychological barriers… afraid that he won’t do well.

YC: I have no confidence in soccer. I prefer baseball or basketball.

JS: Then you should create a basketball team one day. He’s very good with basketball. Put me in the team as well.

YC: Erm… I…. will work hard with my current work.

Yoochun who kept avoiding till the end. Kekeke.

Fans: Oppa, can you say a line (from drama or musical)?

YC: Erm, I shall choose one from Junsu’s musical that left me a deep impression, ‘That Tiger…!’ (It was a line where Junsu pointed to the tiger and said during the last day of Tears Of Heaven.)

But how did Yoochun knew about this? Or Junsu told him?

JS: Then, let’s have one from Ripley.

YC: Sorry about that… (The fans in front shouted Penzal!!) Penzal? Upon recording, I didn’t intend to say that but the advertisement company hoped to have that line included.

JS: Don’t you find it funny? Kekeke~ So funny, kekeke~ To say it alone. Keke.

Fans: Please say it!

YC: How was it said?

Fans: Don’t feel painful~! Fool!

YC: Let me think about it first.

YC: Everyone, if there’s any rumors, remember to eat (Penzal Q) only when you feel painful!

Lastly are the words to fans.

YC: Fans gave us a lot of support and encouragement… We also have expressed our feelings for fans through words… What we can do… Honestly… Only through words “Will work hard!” or “Will work hard to do the best!”. No matter said it how many times, it feels that the people who will believe in these words are minority. The majority just listened to it. In a daily conversation… it’s just a sentence. The best repayment to fans, really, no matter if it’s individual activities or JYJ’s activities… Now we have prepared a recording studio and a training studio, stages like these, was it the best repayment to fans…. we are still working hard and hopefully everyone can support us. Thank you.
(Yoochun meant that rather than using words to express his thanks, the best repayment is through actions and the various live stages.)

credit: blessingyuchun+baidu
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

Momma’s Source; sharingyoochun.net



Songs Of Comfort: “Shelter” and “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know”

You know, the reason we all fell in love with DBSK and still love JYJ and HoMin is because of the music and the wonderful young men producing the music. When it seems as if blue drops are raining upon all of our heads, we can go to music to express how we feel. I have always loved “Shelter”, and it makes me sad that it cannot be sung by our guys, but this song expresses what we as a fandom/’fanily’ have to offer and what they have to offer us. Shelter means a wall of protection, a mutual cover over our heads, and love for our hearts. As I listen, I feel so close to these marvelous young men who have walked with us, and with whom we have shared a remarkable journey.

This is a life changing adventure and the second song I have here, Michael Ruff’s “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know” says how much we are sincere in our love toward JYJCY.

This is a real love for those of us who walk in a nurturing way–praying and fighting everyday to keep our guys happy and fulfilled, because they make us happy in return. I’m sure that each of you can think of songs that express this more because we all are different, but Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, Changmin, and Yunho–these songs are for you to let you know that we will never leave your side as long as you need us.

I Love You, Momma Cha @jyjfantalk.com

Shelter Jaejoong and Yoochun

credit: green43eyes
No copyright infringement intended.

I love You More Than You’ll Ever Know Michael Ruff

credit: lovely luz

No copyright infringement intended.

Momma’s Source: youtube

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Project Summary: Details Of A Date With Yuchun — Fan Meeting in Thailand Support

[Project Summary] Details of A Date with Yuchun Fan Meeting in Thailand Support

Details of A Date with Yuchun Fan Meeting in Thailand Support
This project has been approved by 411ent ^^~

Photos Summary of our project
A Date With Yuchun Photo Summary @ Impact Hall 3 2011.09.17

Let’s start with our surprise to all fans at the venue from our team project >_< “aDateWithYuchun” We set a BIG cutout at the size of 2.4 x 3.6 meters in front of the hall entrance. Special Thanks to : parkyuchun.kr, badboymicky.com, happyyuchun.ivyro.net for sharing their gorgeous photo and allow us to use their photos ^^. Also Big Thanks to : 411ent. All 411 devoted staff who helped us since we started with the project proposal until our mission completed! (During the preparation, there were many issues and obstacles occured. Still, together we got through. YaY! ^____^~ ) And finally….our heartfelt thanks to : Everyone who involved in this project “aDateWithYuchun” we really appreciate and feel thankful for the effort and the heart to support our beloved Yuchun >_

So… Let us take you back to the day we went for <> 2011.09.17

At 9:00 (GST+7, BKK, Thailand Time) Note: The entrance of Impact Hall 3 still did not open!

One of a staff (from Adv. Company) managed to set up the cutout by attaching 3 big pieces of the cutout together!

He did a great job on every pieces of his work
As he was alone by himself, so we gave him our hands to lift up the cutout and attache to its stand >// (We were afraid that it would tear apart T^T… and even 3 of us tried to help lift it up.. We still felt its weight.)

Almost finished… working on its detail

About 10 a.m., after the set-up completed, there were fans and other exhibition-goers spotted at our cutout.
(To this point we observed the passersby silently and we found some of them stop and ask “Who is he?” While some of them even took photos with “him”) With many feedbacks we received, we were happy and sort of relieved >//

After that, we left our cutout to manage another mission: “Our Food & Drink Support” for our beloved Yuchun & staff” >////

We were still waiting for the arrival of several items such as from Zen, Starbucks, Au Bon Pain, a small-yet-cute flower basket and some bakeries..
In the picture, we have our banner, lunch sets from catering services, variety of home-made cupcakes, and drinks.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

After all were ready… we moved to the back stage up stair to set things up (In this pic, about 85% of our support)

Staff who were with us while preparing were really impressed with our love and support to our Yuchun and to spread our love to those who work and support oori Yuchun as well. ….

After all: …

MILLION THANKS TO @6002theMicky, who came across the ocean to date with us and perfectly be you as the way to are >//<~ … We came this far and did this best because of you…..
THANK you 411 who helped us and facilitated. This project would not be accomplished without their good co-operation.
THANKS to all encouragement from everyone who gave us strength to carry out this project…. Please feel free to give us feedback. It’s a pleasure to hear from you as well.

On behalf of the project team, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience and/or any disappointment that we may cause.
With the tight & tough timeline and limited staff, we are sorry that we still can not make all things as initially planned. TT^TT~Thank you for always being by our side, really thankful ^_________^~

aDateWithYuchun’s Support Team – Thailand

credit: aDateWithYuchun
shared by: sharingyoochun.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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110829 Junsu’s Signature and Message for Dongbangdata! FanAccount

Junsu’s Signature and Message for Dongbangdata!

Posted on August 19, 2011 by melodiamuse

We had the privilege of meeting a certain Mr. Kim Junsu at his mom’s cosmetic shop by chance 🙂 We gave him a little introduction about our site and he very willingly agreed to give us a signature and a little message!

His parents asked us what we wanted written on the signature and we said anything was fine, so this is what he wrote for us♥

“I pray that you’ll always be healthy and have a life filled only with things that make you smile/laugh ^.^”

A big thank you to his parents for letting us meet him, and an especially big thank you to Junsu for writing us such a sweet message!

~for our fan account, go here~

RANDOM] Fan Account of Meeting Junsu at Crebeau Today!
August 19, 2011 in Random Babbling

The giant cat house of awesomeness right here!


*breathes in and out*

lol I’m still flailing and I met Junsu six hours ago…. *flails again*

teehee, anywho Rara and I decided to go to Junsu’s pizza place and Crebeau today to eat and get our nails done.
We were supposed to go on Tuesday but because of my college apps, we pushed our Ilsan trip to today and thank God we did!

After Imshil (btw Junsu’s favorite pizza is the Chicken Barbecue one if any of you are interested) we found our way over to Crebeau and Rara had just gotten her nails done, when a couple of Japanese fans started like major spazzing.

Then we saw his mom and she was carrying two photos for the Japanese fans. My initial thought was ‘wow they’re getting so excited from seeing his mom. I wonder what they’re like when they see Junsu’ and I decided to eavesdrop a little.

For some odd reason, the lady who worked there was talking to them in Korean and said something like “and he’ll sign these for you since you bought them”

I was like “……….. ?!?!?!” and then the lady who was doing my manicure was like “Oh Junsu must be here right now.”

Cue me and Rara’s “………….. WAIT WHAT???????”

Spazzing, we ended up each buying Xiahlendars for him to sign (they are hella cute btw) and we waited for our turn. We walked into the room and there’s this guy in a hoodie with the hood covering half his face and texting like a mad man.

He put his phone down and looked and us and he actually has pretty nice skin, even without any make up on. So he started signing Rara’s, whose name I had to spell out like four times X) And I was spelling it out for him and his mom and dad starting chiming in, it was adorable. It felt like being a parent teaching her kid how to spell♥

And I told him that Rara spoke Japanese and English, though his mom and dad both thought she was Korean. And I thought he would write something in Japanese, but he wrote “thanks~” in English and his dad laughed.

And then I gave him my name and his dad asked me if I was a college student. I said I had just submitted college apps and he was like “Oh so you’re a 12th Grader?” and I was like “No, I graduated overseas,” and his mom asked where I lived and I said, “Dubai!”

Junsu, his mom and his dad all looked at me and were like “Wow~” and I was like ‘EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’ on the inside. So then Junsu’s dad asked where I had replied and I said, “I’ve gotten into Korea and Yonsei University and I just applied to SNU today,” and he said “Wow~ You must be really smart!”

By that point, Junsu was done signing my paper and I said, “Oh! and we run a translating site and we were wondering if you could give us your signature for it?” His dad looked really interested and he gave Junsu an A4 sheet of paper and asked me to write down the name of our site. I wrote it down and Junsu gave us a signature. His mom asked what Junsu should write for a message and I said anything was fine, but she said that ‘anything’ is pretty hard and Junsu just wrote what he wanted and said ”I pray that you’ll always be healthy and have a life filled only with things that make you smile/laugh ^.^”

And I asked if we could take a photo with him and his dad said, “Oh he hasn’t put anything(bb cream/make up) on his face, so he won’t” and I said, “I haven’t either! It’s okay~” and we all laughed 🙂

So after that, Junsu’s phone rang, which he answered with “Who is this?” and then he was having a phone conversation and I zoned out because I don’t like eavesdropping on people’s phone convos, and we were wondering if we should leave when Junsu’s dad said “Shake his hand before you go.” So we waited a bit.

And then Junsu got off his phone and looked at us with this gaze that seemed to say ‘Wait, why are they still here?’ and it was so ADORABLE♥ And then his dad was like, “Junsu shake their hands!” and Junsu was like “oh right!” and he shook our hands. omg his hand is so small for a guy but so strong T__T

So then as we were leaving, I was like “Oppa Hwaiting~ Hwaiting on your new album~” and him and his parents all laughed and smiled.

After that, I was getting my manicure finished and I told the lady that we weren’t able to take pictures with him, and she said, “Oh yeah, he doesn’t like taking photos because he says he comes out chubbier on camera. But isn’t he so skinny?” so then she and I talked about how skinny Junsu was for a good five minutes.

He left for a bit to go to the bathroom and when he came back I looked to see how skinny he was and dat butt…. lol Yes it is noticeable since his legs are so skinny compared to it 😉

After a bit, he left again and when he did, he said bye like four times. It was so cute♥

So then we got to see his cats and omg ;A; I LOVE THESE CATS SO MUCH LIKE….. NO LIE
I can’t even express my love for them in proper English SO CUTE T__________T
Bakira and Tigger were chasing each other around for a bit and Leo was just….. lazing around and sleeping lololol

So then we left, and his mom was like “Come again soon~”

Credit: melodiamuse

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net+melodiamuse.wordpress.com

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Translation 110828 Fan’s Tweets About A-Nation Tokyo (First Day)

[TRANS] 110828 Fan’s Tweets about a-nation Tokyo (first day)

Yesterday’s a-nation was really the best♪ The shock still remains (*^^*) I went back home near the time of the last train, and the person who spoke to me when I got onto the train was a staff of avex. There is such encounters-♪ I got excited hearing all the stories until we arrived at the nearby station.

It was the first time that staff participated in Tohoshinki’s rehearsal. When he first went to greet them, the two looked straight into the staff’s eyes, and greeted the staffs one by one in very polite manners. He had the impression that the two members were very favorable and good guys (*^^*)

Afterwards was the meeting and the rehearsal. The two members seemed as if it was the actual performance, especially, the staff was really impressed by Yunho’s dancing. Yunho was dancing so earnestly that it didn’t seem like the rehearsal xD He said that he had never seen an artist that dances so earnestly during the rehearsals♪ Well, its our Yunho (^_-)

The two members were speaking frankly to the staffs, but they had the special aura. Seeing the two speaking together, it seemed that they had a comfortable sense of distance between themselves. He said that he felt the strong relationship of mutual trust, too. It may be because I first said that I like Tohoshinki.
The rehearsal was like; Yunho was mainly talking with Changmin’s assistance, but sometimes Changmin was the one to speak out of his thoughts. They were also on very good terms with the dancers, and there was always laughter. He felt that the atmosphere of the two were somewhat similar (*^^*)

Their appearance (to be the last to perform) seems to be decided after the Osaka performance. The staffs also had to cope with the decision, so yesterday seemed to be a very hard day, running around.

Source: @hinanooooo_tvxq @ twitter
Trans: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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Translation 110828 A-Nation Tokyo (First Day) Staff Report and Thank You Message

[TRANS] 110828 A-Nation Tokyo (first day) Staff Report & Thank you message from Tohoshinki

1. A-nation staff report

Credits: Bigeast

a-nation Tokyo, first day

Again, everyone got very excited with today’s live! For those who came to the venue, thank you very much for supporting them until the last moment♪
The photo is just before their performance, right in front of their backstage room. The scarf (one of the official goodies) perfectly matches their stage outfit, they really look cool♪


2. Thank you message

To all the fans in Tokyo!! Thank you again for the outstanding cheers today. We really know that the stage is not made only by Tohoshinki! Everyone’s cheers are included and blended into one, that is the first time that the performance would be complete.
We were really impressed today! We are sorry that this year’s a-nation will finish with tomorrow’s stage, but we would do our best to liven up the stage until the last moment. Thank you very much again for today!

T/N: This message was directly sent to my cellular phone, I went to a-nation Tokyo today.

Source: Bigeast & smiley@OneTVXQ.com
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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