110907 Wonder Girls Sun Ye and Super Junior Heechul @ Youngstreet Radio FM Part 1+ More Heechul Moments

Wonder Girls Sun Ye and Super Junior Heechul… For Chris

Super Junior’s Heechul has enlisted in the Korean Army. That will be a reality for all of our guys at some point, and basic training is hard. So I thought that I would feature a few Heechul moments as he is close to Yunho, and full of energy. I tend to see the artists not their employers.
Heechul, you will be missed by many. <3

credit: Pikeyenny4

Heechul & Hongki Do Wonder Girl’s Nobody Dance

credit: tl11rj7x

Heechul Singing Alone –CNBlue

credit: Athenejen

Oppa band Episode 6 Cut

credit: KaNGaRooBaby910

Donghae Cried Because of Heechul (leaving)

credit; SHRINX4SiHaeTV

Heechul Acting As A Korean Mother in Rainbow Romance Eng Subs

credit: ForeverHeechul

Hey, Hey, Hey, Eng Subs

credit: cameew95

Momma’s Source: youtube

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