Translation Comedy Skit Featuring TVXQ Jaejoong

[Trans] Comedy Skit Featuring Tohoshinki Jaejoong

The comedian pair Non style are acting a skit where one of them is pretending to be Jaejoong while the other is an old lady fan ^^. The fan gets shocked when she gets close to ‘Jaejoong’ because she thinks he doesn’t look like the real Jaejoong and is ugly.
They then argue how he doesn’t look good while using puns and playing with words to relate them to “Why did I fall in love with you?” lyrics.Announcer: Non-style will participate by acting Tohoshinki’s “why did I fall in love with you?”
Female announcer: Now tohoshinki’s Jaejoong is coming on stage!

‘Jaejoong’: hello~ hello~ I love you (in Korean)
I can hear the sound of everyone (in the audience) falling in love (with me)
Hello, I’m Jaejoong.
Today, I really wanted to meet everyone in this Japan concert.

Old Lady/Man: yah! So cool! Jaejoong Jaejoong!

‘Jaejoong’: security guards! There is an old lady from Kansai who just climbed on stage!! Hey security guards!!

Old lady/man: haha sorry I beat all the security guards unconscious! Jaejoong you’re so cool!! Kyaaaaa~
When I see you from so close you’re really uglyyyyy~

(They talk about the comedian’s features)

‘Jaejoong’: shut up! It’s the middle of the concert! Go away.
Don’t throw up!!
Don’t interfere.
Ok! Let’s start again. I hope it reaches everyone’s hearts. Please listen.
“Why did I fall in love with you?”

old lady/man: that’s what I should be asking!!
Why did I start liking you??

‘Jaejoong’: “but the what you chose was a different road”

old lady/man: really with that face you can’t continue on the singer’s road. (continue to criticize)
do you actually think you look good?

‘Jaejoong’: of course I do! No matter how you look at it I’m really good looking.

Old lady/man: no matter how you look at it it’s a low quality face!

‘Jaejoong’: it’s high quality face!

(continue to argue)

‘Jaejoong’: I’m sending love to everyone here

old lady/man: what you’re saying is cool! How you look is lame~

Credit: Mwonaisiteru via Lotus
Translation Credit: As0or83 from JYJ3

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One thought on “Translation Comedy Skit Featuring TVXQ Jaejoong

  1. There’s an old saying “Imitation is a form of flattery”–in other words while they are making fun of our darling mancub, they are also causing those who don’t know him to seek him out. Won’t they be surprised? <333333 Jaejoong
    Momma Cha

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