[Translation] 111116 JYJ for Happy Energy

[Trans] 111116 JYJ for Happy Energy

“Love will come back”
Jaejoong: JYJ’s happy energy, I would say, is the boomerang of love. The dramas that we act in, the albums that we create and release, these are all things that we have put all our efforts into. So with all these things, if the fans watch, listen, enjoy, and give us their love, we gain our strength from them. We then combine the strength that we gain and show our fans an even better side of us. I feel this is like a boomerang. If we give love, we will receive love in return. It’s like a boomerang.

“Straight to the age of 60″
Jaejoong: JYJ’s sharing will continue until the age of 60. The reason for this is because after the age of 60 we should also be receiving some of this “sharing” right? (laugh) For JYJ, the practice of sharing is very important to us. Even though we also have tough times due to various circumstances. And in those times, we receive strength from so many people that give us empowering words, that’s why we want to give support too. Because we are in the process of taking the strength we received and turning it into a good outcome, so we want to share our love with more people.

“We were like that too”
Jaejoong: There are books that are written with the structure of a fairytale, and there are books like “Talmud” that are like a fairytale. Books that give us so many lessons to learn from. The lessons that are always with us in our minds and that we feel we should practice, I think all of these lessons are embedded in fairytales. In regards to music, there are so many forms of good music aren’t there? Besides music, there are also the real sounds of nature aren’t there? What we consider noisy sounds, if we concentrated on them one by one like the sounds of an insect or the quiet voices of conversation, I think these little experiences would be good for kids.

“Thoughts about “giving”
Junsu: The people we want to help are kids. Ins’t education the most important thing for children? But with education, I think learning from daily from experiences is more important. Regardless, the kids from family with poor conditions have a greater probability of not being able to grow up under a good educational environment. For those that can also thrive later on, I want to give them nourishment as a present.

3 gifts
Yoochun: We have prepared a love collection for everyone. Jaejoong hyung chose a book he has read, here’s the signature. I brought a passport case I used before. Junsu’s is a jersey. The jersey Junsu wore when he played soccer. “Did you have a game yesterday?”
Junsu: “Only a practice”
Yoochun: “Practice right? It’s still wet.”
Junsu: “I couldn’t wash it”
Yoochun: Because this jersey really is very hard to find, everyone please pay a lot of attention to it.
Yoochun: Ya, did you really not wash it?
Junsu: I didn’t wash it!
Yoochun: Didn’t do it
Junsu: Didn’t do it

Sharing highkick is unstoppable
If everyone can just devote a little more care, you can feel the feeling of satisfaction that you haven’t felt up until now.

Junsu: Our love and care can become the seed of hope for many people. If you want to feel happy regularly, then it would be good if we participate in this together.

Jaejoong: “Sharing” can be returned, I believe it is this way. If someone will be happy because of me, it will make me feel very satisfied. It would be wonderful if everyone can do a lot of sharing.

Jaejoong: it’s okay if I take one right? (takes mr bean thing)

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