[TRANS] 131207 News Roundup

[TRANS] 131207 [U-Know] Volunteering With Road For Hope


Hello~ It’s U-Know Yunho.

The weather’s gotten quite cold these days, and I hope you’re all doing well?
In September, I traveled to Ghana with Road for Hope,
And I hear that the episode of Road for Hope that follows the children of Ghana will air tonight at 5:30pm.

Of course, I’ll be making an appearance as well~^^ It will be a special date with the children who deserve to be loved~
It brings back the memories of gaining so much strength from the children of Ghana while I was there.^^

I please ask for your love and attention for these children,
and I’d like to share some memories of my trip to Ghana before the episode airs~

With such lovely children…^^



Source: [TVXQ Official Homepage]

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[Vid] [Eng Subs] Yunho KBS1 TV 2013 Road for Hope Ghana

Just a sampling of the documentary of Yunho’s trip to Ghana. This is a sad, yet heartwarming account of the conditions that these people face every day. Thank you Yunho for caring for those with major human needs. A wonderful reminder of the true spirit of Christmas  🙂 ,3

credit: Hee Yun hojub

JYJ Fantalk Source: youtube

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[TRANS] 131113 ‘Road Of Hope’ U-Know Yunho, “I Learned So Much From The Children Of Africa”

yunhoghanaI think I learned more from the children in Africa than they learned from me.”

U-Know Yunho attended the press conference of KBS’ ’2013 Road Of Hope’ program that was held in Yeoido and said, “I left with the determination to create great memories with the children I was set to meet.”

He continued to add, “I learned about what the children need most. Solving hunger is more important than curing illnesses for them, and they all have a sadness in them that can only be born from experience,” and “I realized that things I take for granted aren’t always available in the opposite side of the world.”

Near the end of his speech, U-Know Yunho stated, “Although I went on this journey to do something for the children, I came back with so many dreams that they gave me.”

The special ’2013 Road of Hope’ program will follow top stars like Lee Bo Young, Park Sang Won, U-Know Yunho and Kim Mi Suk as they travel to impoverished countries to give hope to the children who live there.

Meanwhile, the heartwarming stories will begin airing every Saturday at 5:30pm on KBS1 from the 16th of November.

Source: [asiae]

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[TRANS] 131113 U-Know Yunho Says, “Ever Since My Trip To Ghana, I Find Myself Smiling More When Times Get Tough”


TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho confessed that he has learned so much from his trip to Africa.

U-Know Yunho attended the press conference for KBS’ ’2013 Road of Hope’ program and stated, “Ever since my visit to Africa, I’ve formed an unusual habit. As times get tougher, I find myself smiling more.”

He continued to confess, “Compared to what the children who live in Africa go through, the things I worry about and wear me out are nothing,” and “I promised the children that I’d smile more as times get tougher. Just thinking about them gives me great strength in troubled times.”

U-Know Yunho ended his statement by saying, “What the children need is love and interest. We hope that people will come together to help those children discover their dreams.”

The special ’2013 Road of Hope’ program will follow top stars like Lee Bo Young, Park Sang Won, U-Know Yunho and Kim Mi Suk as they travel to impoverished countries to give hope to the children who live there.

Meanwhile, the heartwarming stories will begin airing every Saturday at 5:30pm on KBS1 from the 16th of November.

Source: [asiae]

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[TRANS] 130305 Kim Jaejoong, “JYJ Always Focus On Both Being Active As Celebrities And Doing Charity Work”

[TRANS] 130305 Kim Jaejoong, “JYJ Always Focus On Both Being Active As Celebrities And Doing Charity Work”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong revealed that the group is always focused on both being active as celebrities and doing charity work in the form of donations.

JYJ donated the money they received from working as honorary ambassadors of the KBEE 2012 Hallyu convention that was held in Osaka, Japan last November to UNICEF Korea. The donation ceremony was held at the main office of UNICEF Korea in Changsung-dong, Seoul on the 5th and Kim Jaejoong attended the event as the representative of JYJ, stating, “Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu have other commitments, so it saddens me to say that I had to come alone.”

Saying, “JYJ have always focused on our charity work, including regular donations,” Kim Jaejoong also revealed, “Every month, we make donations for children all over the world, especially Africa, and the members make sure to be forerunners in making donations in beginning-of-the-year and end-of-the-year events.”

To thank JYJ for their donation, Kim Jaejoong received UNICEF ‘Awoo dolls’ that looked like the members. He smiled as he stated, “These Awoo dolls were made by us, and it would have been nicer if they were all smiling but they all have the same expression on their faces.”

He continued to add, “From what I know, these dolls are being used to collect donations for children,” and “We would like to put these JYJ dolls up for an auction, and we hope that the money collected from this auction will be able to help children in need all over the world.” Kim Jaejoong also commented, “I’ve decided to bring these dolls with me so that more people will see them and participate in the ‘Awoo Doll’ campaign.”

When asked about JYJ’s current whereabouts, Kim Jaejoong stated, “The members are all focusing on individual activities. I’m currently working on promoting my solo album.” He also stated, “JYJ will soon be greeting our overseas fans through a concert in Japan. We are working hard to show a different side of JYJ.”

Meanwhile, JYJ were chosen to be the honorary ambassadors of the KBEE 2012 Hallyu convention in Osaka, Japan last November and worked hard to promote communication and business cooperation between Korea and Japan.

Source: [segye]

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111223 Phillipines Reels From Typhoon Destruction and A Death Toll of 927

Once again, especially during this Christmas season, prayers go out to those affected by the Typhoon.

Posted at 01:07 PM ET, 12/19/2011

Philippines Reels From Typhoon’s Destruction and a Death Toll of 927 (Photos)

Typhoon Washi swept across the southern Philippines this weekend, washing away whole villages and killing 927 people, according to the latest estimates.

A resident stands next to a vehicle swept away at the height of the devastating floods. (TED ALJIBE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

In a statement Monday, President Obama expressed condolences for “the tremendous loss of life and devastation” caused by flooding from the typhoon and said the United States stands ready to provide humanitarian assistance and recovery help.

Just last week, my colleague Elizabeth Flock asked whether 2011 was the year of natural disasters, with 12 disasters causing $1 billion or more in damage each in the United States alone, plus the Japanese earthquake, the Thailand flooding and the drought in Africa, among others.

The typhoon in the Philippines looks to enter the inauspicious list after the northern coast of the southern island of Mindanao was pounded for 12 hours with nonstop rainfall Friday. Of the 580 people who died in one city, Cagayan de Oro, the majority were women and children. The Associated Press reports: “About 143,000 people were affected in 13 southern and central provinces, including 45,000 who fled to evacuation centers. About 7,000 houses were swept away, destroyed or damaged, the Office of Civil Defense said.”

“The suffering here is unspeakable,” Philippine Red Cross Chairman Richard J. Gordon told Bloomberg News from Iligan City, where he is helping oversee relief operations. “The government should act here very fast. The people have already suffered, and they’re making them suffer more.”

A resident grabs a television swept away by flash floods (Erik De Castro/Reuters)

 This aerial photo shows the damage caused by devastating floods. (Richel Umel/AP

 Residents, affected by flash flooding, return to their devastated community (Bullit Marquez/AP)

 Water and mud clog village streets (Bullit Marquez/AP)

 With funeral parlors overwhelmed, authorities in a flood-stricken southern Phillipines organized the first mass burial of unidentified victims. (Bullit Marquez/AP)

 A man distributes relief goods to victims of Typhoon Washi. (Erik De Castro/Reuters)

 Affected residents clean up their homes which were damaged by Friday’s flash floods (Bullit Marquez/AP)

 Affected residents survey the devastation brought about by Friday’s flash floods in Illigan City (Bullit Marquez/AP)

By  |  01:07 PM ET, 12/19/2011

Momma’s Source: blogPost+yahoo news

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Translation 111125 JYJ, Park Yoowhan, Song Ji Hyo Become “Manga Santas”, Let’s Plant 20,000 Mango Trees in Sudan, Africa!”

[TRANS] 111125 JYJ, Park Yoohwan, Song Ji Hyo Become “Mango Santas”, “Let’s Plant 20,000 Mango Trees In Sudan, Africa!”

Posted on November 25, 2011 by TheRarasauras

With Christmas coming soon, JYJ, Song Ji Hyo and Park Yoohwan have participated in a “Plant 20,000 Mango Trees Of Hope In Sudan, Africa” project.

Recently, via the C-JeS website,  JYJ, Song Ji Hyo and Park Yoohwan communicate that “For the children of Sudan, a country which has lost hope due to long periods of Civil War,  how about giving them a present of mango trees to provide them with food and shelter?”

This mango tree support is a project by World Vision in aid of children in Sudan, Africa. The artists of C-JeS will be participating in this project together with their fans at the end of the year, activity promoting with growing 20,000 mango trees as their goal.

Each sapling will require 10,000 won in support, and C-JeS will be sending those who support this project a message of thanks from the artists, as well as an autographed photo.

Aside from this, Song Ji Hyo said, “The children have been starving due to a long civil war in their country. We hope that these children can receive our “Mango Tree Santa” gifts. This year-end, It would be great if everyone could join this project with a warm heart. “

Also, JYJ said “We hope that, together with our fans who have been protecting and loving us, we will be able to create a forest of lush greenery. The lifespan of a mango tree is 100 years, and bears the significance of being together for a long time.” Park Yoohwan said, “The mango trees take 3 years to mature fully.”

JYJ, Song Ji Hyo and Park Yoohwan also participated in the charity photoshoot for fashion magazine ELLE, and JYJ donated 200 million won to Thailand, which is suffering from one of the greatest floods in history.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ +  Wstarnews via Nate]

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[Translation] 111116 JYJ for Happy Energy

[Trans] 111116 JYJ for Happy Energy

“Love will come back”
Jaejoong: JYJ’s happy energy, I would say, is the boomerang of love. The dramas that we act in, the albums that we create and release, these are all things that we have put all our efforts into. So with all these things, if the fans watch, listen, enjoy, and give us their love, we gain our strength from them. We then combine the strength that we gain and show our fans an even better side of us. I feel this is like a boomerang. If we give love, we will receive love in return. It’s like a boomerang.

“Straight to the age of 60″
Jaejoong: JYJ’s sharing will continue until the age of 60. The reason for this is because after the age of 60 we should also be receiving some of this “sharing” right? (laugh) For JYJ, the practice of sharing is very important to us. Even though we also have tough times due to various circumstances. And in those times, we receive strength from so many people that give us empowering words, that’s why we want to give support too. Because we are in the process of taking the strength we received and turning it into a good outcome, so we want to share our love with more people.

“We were like that too”
Jaejoong: There are books that are written with the structure of a fairytale, and there are books like “Talmud” that are like a fairytale. Books that give us so many lessons to learn from. The lessons that are always with us in our minds and that we feel we should practice, I think all of these lessons are embedded in fairytales. In regards to music, there are so many forms of good music aren’t there? Besides music, there are also the real sounds of nature aren’t there? What we consider noisy sounds, if we concentrated on them one by one like the sounds of an insect or the quiet voices of conversation, I think these little experiences would be good for kids.

“Thoughts about “giving”
Junsu: The people we want to help are kids. Ins’t education the most important thing for children? But with education, I think learning from daily from experiences is more important. Regardless, the kids from family with poor conditions have a greater probability of not being able to grow up under a good educational environment. For those that can also thrive later on, I want to give them nourishment as a present.

3 gifts
Yoochun: We have prepared a love collection for everyone. Jaejoong hyung chose a book he has read, here’s the signature. I brought a passport case I used before. Junsu’s is a jersey. The jersey Junsu wore when he played soccer. “Did you have a game yesterday?”
Junsu: “Only a practice”
Yoochun: “Practice right? It’s still wet.”
Junsu: “I couldn’t wash it”
Yoochun: Because this jersey really is very hard to find, everyone please pay a lot of attention to it.
Yoochun: Ya, did you really not wash it?
Junsu: I didn’t wash it!
Yoochun: Didn’t do it
Junsu: Didn’t do it

Sharing highkick is unstoppable
If everyone can just devote a little more care, you can feel the feeling of satisfaction that you haven’t felt up until now.

Junsu: Our love and care can become the seed of hope for many people. If you want to feel happy regularly, then it would be good if we participate in this together.

Jaejoong: “Sharing” can be returned, I believe it is this way. If someone will be happy because of me, it will make me feel very satisfied. It would be wonderful if everyone can do a lot of sharing.

Jaejoong: it’s okay if I take one right? (takes mr bean thing)

credit: Mr.Park
trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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