[News] 140514 JYJ Yoochun’s first solo fan meeting sells out in 15 minutes


Fans of Yoochun have given him an early birthday present! The JYJ member will be spending his birthday next month by holding his first solo fan meeting, and tickets for the event have already sold out.
C-JeS Entertainment stated on May 14, “The tickets for Yoochun’s first solo fan meeting with domestic fans sold out within 15 minutes.” The agency previously said, “In honor of his birthday, Yoochun will meet fans as a solo artist in Korea for the first time… For his birthday this year, he plans to spend a good time with the fans who have constantly shown their love and support until now.”

Yoochun is holding his fan meeting with 6,000 fans at KINTEX, Ilsan on June 4.

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[News] 140422 K-Pop Idols Participate in the Yellow Ribbon Campaign for the Sewol Ferry Disaster Victims


The past week has been a time of trial for Korea as the tragic Sewol ferry accident has shaken the country with hope, sorrow, and anger. Amid these times of hardships, celebrities have been taking part in the Yellow Ribbon Campaign by setting their sns profile images as or posting an image of a yellow ribbon. The Yellow Ribbon Campaign aimed to bring the mourning people of Korea together through the belief that “a small, unified movement can create a big miracle.


On April 22, Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung posted the Yellow Ribbon Campaign poster on her Instagram. Furthermore, Secret‘s Jun Hyosung retweetedyell a tweet in regards the campaign, indicating her hope for the safe return of all the students and passengers on board the Sewol ferry.


Also, JYJ‘s Jaejoong changed his profile image on Twitter to that of the yellow ribbon poster. Other celebrities such as 2AM‘s Seulong and Jo Kwon, Bada, Shim Eun Jin, Kim So Yeon, Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Saeron, and Byun Jung Soo also participated in the Yellow Ribbon Campaign through their sns.


Moreover, BIG BANG‘s G-Dragon also indicated his heart towards the tragedy by uploading an image on his Instagram of a white cross on a black background with the phrase “Pray for Korea.” The singer also uploaded a yellow ribbon on a black background on his Twitter indicating his thoughts on the tragedy.


Due to the Sewol ferry accident, most of Korea’s dramas, variety shows, and all of Korea’s music programs have been cancelled. The accident, which occurred on April 16 at around 9AM (KST), was carrying 476 passengers passengers when the ship began to sink on its side. After several hours, the boat completely capsized; among the 476 passengers on board, 325 passengers were second year high school students of Danwon High School who were on their way to a class trip to Jeju Island.

We give our condolences to the families and all whom have been affected by this terrible accident, and we hold on to hope for a miracle to occur.

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[News] 140212 SM The Ballad Releases “Breath” MVs Featuring Changmin and Moon Ga Young


SM Entertainment‘s ballad project called “SM The Ballad” has released the full music videoㄴ for title track, “Breath,“ of their second album of the same name.

The Korean version of “Breath” is performed by Girls‘ Generations‘  Taeyeon and SHINee‘s Jonghyun, while the Chinese version is by Zhang Li Yin and EXO‘s Chen,  and the Japanese version is by TVXQ‘s Changmin and f(x)‘s Krystal. The song is about the feelings of a man and woman right after a breakup.

The music videos for all versions feature scenes from Changmin and actress Moon Ga Young‘s upcoming drama, “Mimi.”

Another track from the album, “Set Me Free,” has also been made available for download today. “Set Me Free” is a solo by Taeyeon, and  tells the point of view from a woman after separation.

The full album will be released February 13. Learn more about the album here.

Korean version:

Chinese version

Japanese version:

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[TRANS] 140204 Individual Covers For ‘THE JYJ’ Magazine Are Revealed… Set To Be Released In Both Korea And Japan


Each member’s individual cover for their ‘THE JYJ 3rd edition’ magazine have been revealed.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The covers for the third edition of THE JYJ magazine, which is set to be released in February, have been revealed. The upcoming magazine will feature a collaboration between each member of JYJ and a famous photographer, and will contain each member’s thoughts and feelings about their lives.”

They also added, “Each member’s magazine will be released simultaneously in Korea and Japan, and we have opened up a second round of reservations for the magazine due to the flood of requests we received after the first round. Each magazine will be a photo spread of around 130 pages, and will feature collaborations with Cho Sun Hee, Mok Najung and Kim Young Jun.”

The revealed cover pages reflect each member’s unique personalities. Kim Jaejoong looks like a carefree musician wearing a loose-fitting knitted sweater, Park Yoochun looks like a wild man enjoying a day at the sea, while Kim Junsu looks like a dandy but striking model.

Kim Jaejoong’s magazine will feature photos that reflect his everyday life, while Park Yoochun’s will reflect his work as an actor, having been shot in Busan, the location of the star’s upcoming movie ‘Sea Fog’. Kim Junsu’s magazine will contain photos of the star using various props and outfits to create an amazing photo spread.

‘THE JYJ’ is JYJ’s signature interview magazine that has already gained a great deal of popularity for its first edition, which contained 25 hours-worth of interviews, and for its second edition, which focused on the theme of friendship.

Meanwhile, JYJ’s upcoming magazine will be released this month in Korea and Japan, and can be bought at the CJeS Store (http://cjesstore.com/ , http://www.jyjjapan.jp/).

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[News] 140126 Yoochun holds a New Year’s fanmeeting with 1000 Japanese fans


JYJ‘s Yoochun held a special new year’s fanmeeting for his Japanese fans!

His label said, “Yoochun had his ‘PARK YOOCHUN 2014 HAPPY NEW YEAR FANMEETING IN SEOUL‘ today afternoon at Gangnam’s The-K Seoul hotel. 1,000 Japanese fans came to Korea for a special New Year’s fanmeeting with Yoochun, and he gave them an unforgettable 200 minutes.

Yoochun started the fanmeeting with Kim Dong Ryul‘s “Aged Song“. He had a cake cutting ceremony to celebrate 10 years since debut as well as his first fanmeeting of 2014. When his fans told him, “We always waited for you“, he answered, “I miss you, too“.

During the talk time, he said, “As I met you, I think I became optimistic and confident.” Since it was the year of the horse, he even gave a fan a picture of a horse he drew himself. He also introduced his Japanese fans to Korean traditional games, and also sang his self-composed song “Walking Spring With Her“.

The fanmeeting representative said, “The fans’ response to Yoochun’s New Year fanmeeting was amazing. It’s also unheard of that 1,000 people came to Korea just for a one-day event. After ‘Rooftop Prince‘ was aired in Japan, he couldn’t go to Japan because of his movie and drama, and that’s why he prepared this fanmeeting. That’s why the response was even hotter.

Yoochun said, “It was a fun fanmeeting because I haven’t had one in a while. I got energy by meeting my fans. I want to perform in Japan this year with JYJ.

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[TRANS] 131103 Kim Jaejoong’s Concert, “There Is No Right Answer To The Dress Code Of Innocence And Impurity”


On the 3rd of November, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong held a press conference at a conference room in COEX to commemorate the release of his first full-length album ‘WWW: Who, When Why’ and the end of the Seoul leg of his Asia tour.

Starting off in Seoul on the 2nd of 3rd of November, Kim Jaejoong is set to perform in Yokohama, Japan on the 15th and 16th, in Taiwan on the 23rd and in Nanjing, China on the 7th of December. The Seoul concerts attracted 14,000 fans across two days and were sold out in just 15 minutes. The concert features tracks from his ‘WWW’ album, as well as other songs that Kim Jaejoong likes singing, such as ‘Glamorous Sky’ and ‘Ultra Soul’. Kim Jaejoong will also be singing ‘Makeup’ in Korean, which he himself translated from Japanese.

Kim Jaejoong looked calm yet excited, having already performed the night before at the same venue. The singer said, “This is my first full-length solo album, so everything feels new and I feel great about it. This album has a very strong rock influence infused throughout the whole album. But it’s not just about rock; I’ve incorporated other genres such as pop, punk and hard rock with melodies that are easy to follow to bring more variety to the album.”

Regarding his first concert, Kim Jaejoong said, “I worked really hard for this concert. It’s great that I’ll be able to make it an exciting concert with a live band. I saw the audience bobbing their heads to the beat and jumping along to the music. I was joined by Moon Myung Jin and Kim Beom Soo yesterday. Today, I’ll be joined by Lee Sang Gon and Gummy. It was great to see the audience cheering loudly for the guest singers as well. I believe that the guest singers have helped take my concert up another notch.”


Here is a Q&A session we had with Kim Jaejoong.

-The name of your first full-length album is ‘WWW’.
“Naming the album was a decision I made with our album management team. We talked about creating a story that connects all the tracks from the first one to the last one. In this process, someone came up with the theme of ‘love’, something that anyone can easily experience and understand, and that’s when we thought of ‘Who, When, Why’. In love, you need a person to give your love to, a place to meet that person, and a reason why you loved that person. I believe these three things are important when it comes to love. I’ve incorporated these three things into all thirteen tracks. There are some songs that beat around the bush, and some that are more direct in addressing these three components.”

-The response you’ve received for ‘WWW’ from all around the world has been mostly positive.
“I was so surprised to see such love from countries that I’d never heard about before. I think it’s probably because rock is a genre that anyone can enjoy, no matter where they’re from. I think some people gave my album a listen, even if they didn’t know who I am, because of this.”

-Love is the main emotion of your music in this album.
“Isn’t love one of the emotions that are most often expressed in music?”

-Are there any differences in the concert you held yesterday and the one you’re holding today?
“In terms of stage management, nothing has changed. I guess the only differences are the guest singers who are coming today? But since this is my last performance in Seoul, I won’t hold back and keep going without worrying about my throat or body. I’ll make it a passionate performance.”

-Your dress code of innocence and impurity is quite unique.
“To be honest, there’s no right answer to the dress code of innocence and impurity. Each person’s beliefs and mindset will make their interpretations different. Even if you come dressed in your regular attire, it might look different to others based on their point of view. There’s a moment in the concert where I step back and take a look at the audience’s attire and makeup. It’s not something I do just for my own sake; it’s a time for the audience to take a good look at each other. I think I’ll probably set a dress code for all the upcoming concerts as well.”

-Did anything happen while you were preparing for your concert?
“I used to hold two or three rehearsals every day in the past, but I couldn’t do more than two a day this time around. I tried to hold back because I didn’t want to hurt myself or damage my vocal chords during rehearsals.”

-It’s been 10 years since you made your debut.
“I’m in my tenth year (of becoming a singer) and our 10th anniversary is coming up. I’ve taken on a lot of challenges during these ten years, and I tried so hard to finish everything I started. But all of a sudden, I’ve begun to feel like ‘returning’. There’s something I want to accomplish that I can only do by going back to how I felt during that whole process. I want to go back to the starting line again. I’ve got a new goal.”

-What do you mean by that?
“I guess you could call it going back to how I felt when I first began. I’ve fallen into the dilemma of ‘What should I do from now on,’ and ‘What else do I have left to develop,’ now that ten years have passed. I need something to stimulate me. I feel most concerned when I can’t feel any growing pains. I want to feel the need to continue to grow and fulfill the anticipation of others.”

-What was your proudest moment in the last ten years?
“Right now? When I released my first full-length solo album. A lot of people expressed their concern and support for me. I was conflicted on whether I should release a rock album. But I’m glad to see that so many people have responded positively to it. Even people who aren’t my fans are giving my music a listen. I’m really proud of that.”

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[TRANS] 131014 Shill Duty Free Holds A ‘TVXQ Fan Festival’ With Japanese Tourists


The TVXQ Fan Festival was held on the 13th at COEX and gave Japanese fans an opportunity to fly to Korea to meet with TVXQ.

A total of 2,000 Japanese tourists flew in for the event, twice as many as last year, for the two day trip and enjoyed a trip around Seoul and the Shill Duty Free main shopping centre, and met with TVXQ during their fan festival before flying back to Japan.

The day’s event had TVXQ gifting lucky fans with the shirts and cardigans they had worn during their Shilla Duty Free photoshoot.

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[TRANS] 131007 Kim Junsu Lands In Gimpo Airport On The 7th, Not Even A Typhoon Could Stop His Love For Musicals


Kim Junsu, who had been staying in Japan, has made a surprise return trip to Korea.

Kim Junsu left for Tokyo on the 3rd for the Japanese leg of his ‘XIA 2nd Asia Tour Concert’ tour. He plans to stay in Japan for two weeks and meet with a total of 60,000 fans in Nagoya and Yokohama.

However, Kim Junsu made a surprise appearance at Gimpo Airport at 11a.m. this morning, a day before his first concert.

Kim Junsu’s surprise return got him back to Korea for the ’19th Korean Musical Awards’, that was held tonight at 5:20p.m. at Kyung Hee University’s Hall of Peace. Having received the Best Musical Actor Award last year for his role in ‘Elisabeth’, Kim Junsu was scheduled to appear on stage with Ok Joo Hyun to announce this year’s winner.

Kim Junsu’s schedule today was a miraculous occurrence. With news that a typhoon would pass through the Korean peninsula today, Kim Junsu was unable to sleep for several nights at the thought that he would not be able to land in Korea. Luckily, the typhoon rerouted to China, but the news was soon followed by the announcement that another typhoon would be replacing it.

When it was told that the second typhoon would affect Japan on the 8th, the starting day of Kim Junsu’s Japanese tour, a representative of the concert stated, “There’s a high possibility that the plane won’t be able to depart, so please don’t go to the awards ceremony.” As his Japanese concerts are a promise to his fans, Kim Junsu could not brush off the request of his Japanese staff.

After mulling over his possibilities, Kim Junsu decided to fly back to Korea. Kim Junsu’s love for musicals, that not even a typhoon could stop, eventually overcame his Japanese staff’s requests.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu headed straight for a hair salon in Gangnam as soon as he landed in Gimpo Airport to prepare for the awards ceremony.

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[TRANS] 130911 Max Changmin’s Japanese Film “Fly With The Gold” Is Set To Be Shown In Korea From October 10th

Max Changmin’s movie will finally reach Korea.

With an amazing cast that includes Max Changmin and Satoshi Tsumabuki, ‘Fly with the Gold’ is set to be screened on the 10th of October.

‘Fly with the Gold’ is based on a novel of the same name that is a best-seller in Japan and won the Japanese deduction and suspense Award in 1990. Kazuyuki Izutsu has taken the reigns as the director and the movie has been recognized for its top quality with awards won at the Takasaki Movie Awards, the Osaka Cinema Festival and the Japanese Academy Awards.

Satoshi Tsumabuki and Tadanobu Asano, top Japanese actors who are well-known in Korea as well, have taken on the leading roles and they are joined by TVXQ’s Max Changmin, a singer who is popular in both countries, as Momo.

Through this production, Max Changmin was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award at the 27th Hochi Film Awards. He won the Best Supporting Actor award at the Japanese Academy Awards, as well as the Best Rookie Award at the Japanese Film Critics Awards Ceremony.


The movie is a crime thriller that brings together six talented thieves to steal 24 billion Won’s worth of money from a bank.

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[TRANS] 130812 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Says At His Busan Concert, “Singing Would Be Meaningless If There Were No Fans”


JYJ’s Kim Junsu has completed the fourth leg of his Asia tour in success.


A representative of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Since releasing his second album on the 15th of July, Kim Junsu has successfully toured four cities in a month. Starting in Bangkok, Thailand and moving on to Shanghai, China, and Seoul and Busan in Korea, Kim Junsu has been praised for his ever-evolving stages. Not only did he pull off a perfect performance, but his idea of granting three wishes every concert has been met with an explosive response as a great idea for fan service. The first act of Kim Junsu’s second solo album tour has come to an end.”


This latest tour was named ‘XIA 2nd ASIA TOUR in BUSAN’. The day’s performance was composed of a setlist containing songs from his first and second album, as well as his OST songs. Kim Junsu performed heart-wrenching ballads such as ‘Sorry’, ‘Don’t Go’, and ‘Love is like a Snowflake’, as well as explosive and energetic songs such as ‘Turn it up’, ‘Incredible’ and ‘Fantasy’ with Jeri Slaughter’s dance crew to create the perfect concert.

With Kim Junsu’s concert being held in the city of passion, the response he received was out of this world. Even before the concert had begun, fans began chanting Kim Junsu’s songs together and during the concert, they responded to Kim Junsu’s each and every move. When Kim Junsu sang ‘I’m Confessing Right Now, OK?’, fans held placards that said ‘Junsu, Thank You’ and when he sang ‘Sorry’ for his encore, they all switched to blue fanlights to create a sea of blue. In response, Kim Junsu bowed before the song and said, “Thank you for the blue ocean.”

During ‘Genie Time’, when Kim Junsu granted his fans’ wishes, he sang ‘Golden Star’ from the musical ‘Mozart!’, as well as first part of ‘Cherry Blossom Ending’. The most special wish an encore of ‘Incredible’. The fan had fallen in love with the upbeat rhythm and powerful choreography that had everyone in the venue getting up to dance, and Kim Junsu got back on stage after the concert was over to perform the song a second time.

Jeri Slaughter made a surprise appearance on stage and said, “This is the first time I’ve stepped on stage since Janet Jackson’s concert four years ago. I did my best because I was so impressed by Junsu’s care and attention for his fans. The fans’ reaction and response was amazing. It was an incredible moment! Kim Junsu’s music is a never-ending story. His passion will never die.”

Kim Junsu expressed his gratitude and said, “I believe that releasing albums and holding concerts is a way to repay you all for the love you have given me. Though I became a singer because I love to sing, singing would be meaningless if there were no fans. As long as there are fans out there who want to listen to my music, I will always be here to sing for you.”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu will now be returning to the stage as a musical actor for the musical ‘Elisabeth’. He plans to kick off the second part of his tour in Sydney, Australia on the 28th of September.

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