Ode to Christmas Fandom Part 1: Ahjumma Got Run Over By A Fangirl

To all the rabid fangirls out there: I’m one of you. Don’t be offended, please. It’s all in good fun ;D That being said, time for some holiday cheer. (insert evil laugh here)

To the tune of ‘Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer’:

Ahjumma got run over by a fangirl
Leaving her apartment Christmas Eve
(Wasn’t) her fault she lived right next to Jaejoong
In apartment A while his was B

Verse 1:

Ahjumma was a sweet old lady
Made the nicest kimchi stew
Saved some once a week for our Jaejoong
And also, by proxy, our Junsu

When she left the house that evening
The night was so peaceful and calm
Until Jae came round the corner
With stalker fans tagging along

Chorus (pretty catchy right?)

Verse 2:
Jae had left the house at midnight
In need of some toiletries
The fangirls saw through his disguising
Though he wore a beanie and coat to his knees

When he passed the dear old lady
He kindly stopped to say hello
Some of the fans got ‘jae’lous
And pushed poor ahjumma into the snow

Chorus: (hehehehe)

Ahjumma didn’t die there
She wasn’t even really hurt
But the fangirls were so sorry
They vowed to wait on her hand and foot

Now she lives in a high rise
With fangirl servants at her bid
No more does she cook Jae kimchi
But wears a golden crown upon her wig

Repeat chorus to end

….sorry…it had to be done. If ya’ll aren’t American, then you might not get this, so I’m sorry if it’s in bad taste. But I just couldn’t resist.



4 thoughts on “Ode to Christmas Fandom Part 1: Ahjumma Got Run Over By A Fangirl

  1. Hi Fangirl. This is hilarious. I ‘ve always loved this song at Christmas and there are a lot of versions out there. You have managed to bring it to an all new level.
    I love you, you rapscallion. Mama

  2. I swear I have never in my life heard of this song but now that does not need to worry me ever again – from hereon, it`s Ahjumma Got Run Over By A Fangirl -and you had me in stitches by the end of the first verse. thatmelancholysoul…PROMISE me that you`ll send this to Jaejoong. I can hear him laughing now. I`m serious. This is just pure therapy for them ragged holiday nerves. You are both a-ma-zing. Laughing my way out of here,

  3. Sorry, YF, we’ve been busy cleaning and decorating for the Holidays. Chris is sleep–I’ll let her know that you saw this and liked it. Please look for the song on Youtube–it is so catchy. Thanks, Cha

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