[News] 140416 JYJ’s Junsu to have a special stage with Jung Sun Ah in upcoming Japanese concert


JYJ’s Junsu will be presenting a special duet on stage with musical actress Jung Sun Ah at the upcoming “2014 XIA The Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Japan”.

The news was revealed today by C-JeS Entertainment, Junsu’s agency. The two will be performing a duet for the musical songs, including those from “Mozart!”, “Jekyll and Hyde”, and “Aida” in the concerts that will be held in Osaka and Tokyo.

The duet stage between the two musical talents will be their first stage in four years after they first met at the musical “Mozart!” back in 2010. The musical was so successful and grabbed several awards at the Korea Musical Awards, including the most popular actor and actress for Junsu and Jung Sun Ah.

The concert will be 100% live. It will be the second time for him to have a solo tour in Japan without his group mates. The tour will be starting in Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo from May 13-15 and Osaka-jo Hall from May 22-24.

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[News] 140417 JYJ’s Jaejoong shares a bowl of ice cream with ZE:A’s Im Si Wan



Fans are getting more teasers from these two cute siblings from the set of “Triangle”. JYJ’s Jaejoong and ZE:A’s Im Si Wan are seen sharing a bowl on the latest update posted on Jaejoong’s Facebook account.

Jaejoong shared two pictures of him and Si Wan when they ate a bowl of ice cream in a restaurant. Both of them posed in somewhat hilarious expressions when they scooped ice cream to their mouth.

“The second and third brothers are sharing a big bowl of ice cream,” wrote Jaejoong as the caption of the pictures. Jaejoong seemed to be having a brain freeze right after he put a big spoon of ice cream into his mouth.

The two idol stars will be playing as two of the three brothers in “Triangle” who got separated after their parents’ death just to be reunited 20 years later with difficult and unexpected circumstances. Lee Bum Soo will play as the first brother to complete the siblings.

“Triangle” is planned to air its first episode on May 5to fill the slot that will later left by “Empress Ki”.

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[News] 140418 Movie version of Changmin’s starring drama ‘Mimi’ to be screened in theaters across Japan


It has been reported that TVXQ’s Changmin’s starring drama ‘Mimi’ will be screened in theaters across Japan!

According to Japanese media outlet Sankei Sports on the 18th, Mnet‘s four-part drama ‘Mimi’ will be edited into a movie version to be screened in thirty theaters across Japan starting next month. It’ll be split into two parts with the first part starting its run on May 9th and the latter part hitting theaters on May 16.

‘Mimi’ portrays the story of popular webtoon writer Minwoo, who is on the search to find the first love Mimi (Moon Ga Young) he lost when he was younger. Changmin portrays both the younger version of Minwoo who falls in love at the tender age of 18 and the older version who lost her. The drama aired from February 21 through March 14 in Korea, and now it’ll be making its way over to the viewers of Japan.

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[News] 140415 An unusual picture of Yoochun at the airport snatches the “KOPA & NIKON Press Photo Awards”


Airport security can sometimes be very hard for a number of people and JYJ’s Yoochun was one of those people. Once, he was pictured when he took off his glasses to pass the security checking at the airport to confirm his identity and match it with his passport. This picture was then chosen as the best photo for Entertainment Category at the “KOPA & NIKON Press Photo Awards”.

The picture was taken on March 27, 2013, when Reporter Choi Jin Seok covered JYJ who was going to Japan from Gimpo International Airport for their concert at Tokyo Dome. The picture was entitled “Park Yoochun, takes his sunglasses to confirm his identity.”

The awards ceremony is the most prestigious awards ceremony for Korean press. The winner category was divided into General, Sports and Entertainment. It has been held for the third time this year.

Meanwhile, JYJ members are currently focusing on solo projects; Jaejoong is preparing for his upcoming drama “Triangle”, Yoochun is focusing on his ongoing drama “Three Days” and Junsu is preparing for his upcoming concerts in Japan in May.

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[Pic] 140414 JYJ Official Facebook : Park Yuchun’s fashion which is as popular as the drama!

Park Yuchun’s fashion which is as popular as the drama!
The fashion he shows each episode become talks of the town.


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[NEWS] 140414 First Look at JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong in ‘Triangle’ Unveiled

Playing the most unfortunate of three brothers, new stills from JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong for his upcoming MBC drama, Triangle, have been revealed.


The photos were released on April 14 showing the bad-boy side of Kim Jae Joong as he hops on a motorcycle with a full leather outfit. He will be playing Heo Young Dal, who loses his real name Jang Dong Chul after unfortunately splitting with his two other brothers and hitting rock bottom.

“As it’s a character he’s never done before, he came very prepared. He had to ride a motorcycle on the first shoot and he came as Young Dal, who is unafraid of anything,” said production company, Taewon Entertainment. “His transformation that couldn’t be seen through any performance or video was just like his nickname, shocking.”



Kim Jae Joong will be working alongside Lee Bum Soo and ZE:A’s Im Si Wan, who will be playing his character’s brothers.

The drama is scheduled to begin on May 5.

Photo Credit: Tae Won Entertainment
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[NEWS] 140414 See Kim Jaejoong, Tough and Fearless on the Set of “Triangle!”

The production for MBC’s new drama “Triangle” recently released stills of singer/actor Kim Jaejoong on set, where he has put on a new type of masculine look, with a leather jacket, motorcycle, and piercing stare.


“Triangle” is a drama about three siblings, who, separated after losing their parents, fatefully cross paths as adults. Kim Jaejoong plays the role of third-rate bum Heo Young Dal, having lost his real name as the middle sibling, Dong Chul.


This is Kim Jaejoong’s first stab in a role as someone at the lower end of society, and production company Taewon Entertainment said, “It might be because it’s a completely new kind of role, but it seems he prepared a lot on his own. He had to get on the motorcycle during the first shoot, and the fearless character of Young Dal came right out.”


“Triangle” will air its first episode after the end of “Empress Ki” on May 5.


Credit: Soompi


[NEWS] 140414 Kim Jae-joong’s Makeover as Gangster for New Drama ‘Triangle’

Kim Jae-joong’s makeover for MBC’s new drama ‘Trangle’ is remarkable.

 Kim Jae-joong plays small time gangster ‘Heo Young-dal’, who grew up on the street. The character is in stark contrast to his past roles like a senior manager and handsome office worker, drawing much attention.

 Kim Jae-joong’s intense gaze in the teaser video is attracting attention. He shows a perfect makeover as a manly man with items like a leather jacket, disheveled hair and a motorbike.

 New Drama ‘Triangle’ is about three brothers who got separated at a young age after their family falls apart. The oldest brother grows up to be become a cop, the second becomes a gangster and the youngest brother is raised up in a rich family. The brothers do not recognize each other until they meet.

 ‘Heo Young-dal’ is the second brother, who lost his real name ‘Dong-chul’ and lives a miserable life.

Officials from production company ‘Taewon Entertainment’ of the drama said, “Kim Jae-joong seems to have prepared a lot to play such role for the first time. His showed Young-dal’s character really well in the first filming where he rides a motor cycle”. The cast including Lee Beom-soo, Yim Si-wan and Baek Jin-hee is also gaining attention.

The follow-up of ‘Empress Gi’, ‘Triangle’ is directed by Yoo Cheol-yong and written by Choi Wan-gyu who, together, made dramas like ‘All In’ and ‘Swallow the Sun’. The first episode of ‘Triangle’ will be aired on Monday, May 5th.

Written by Han Jihee, Photo by MBC, Translated by Lee Sarah
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[News] 140407 JYJ’s Junsu is a sweet boyfriend in “ARAMOND” commercial


Who could ever resist a boyfriend as sweet as Junsu? The new soy milk product “ARAMOND” showed how Junsu is the sweetest boyfriend by choosing the healthy milk for his girlfriend.

Junsu was chosen to be the brand ambassador of Sahmyook Foods’ “ARAMOND” in late March. The company is a Korean food company which produces a wide range of soy milks and vegetarian products since 1978. He was chosen to endorse the product for his healthy and bright image as a singer and musical actor who receives much love from people from various ages.

The commercial video comes in two versions: long version (30s) and short version (15s).

Meanwhile, Junsu is scheduled for a spring tour in Japan in May.

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