[News] Comedian Choi Hyo Jong Takes A Jab At Sasaeng Fans on ‘Gag Concert’

[News] Comedian Choi Hyo Jong Takes A Jab At Sasaeng Fans On ‘Gag Concert’

With the current controversy surrounding the issue of sasaeng fans, comedian Choi Hyo Jong made some hilarious jabs at the behavior of sasaeng fans on the latest episode of ‘Gag Concert’.

On March 18th’s broadcast of the segment ‘Praying Mantis Kindergarten’, Choi Hyo Jong’s character, Loan Shark, was asked, “What do you have to do to become a celebrity with lots of fans?” and he replied, “That’s not hard at all. All you need are solid skills, natural talent, and ability to keep your fans happy.”

He continued, “After you’re done with your schedule, you’re going home, but someone grabs you. When you’re doing your business in the bathroom and when you are sleeping, someone’s next to you. In those situations, all you have to say is ‘Thank you, I was lonely.’”

He continued saying, “You call the Chinese restaurant to order jjajangmyun, and before you order you hear, ‘Here’s your jjajangmyun oppa’. It’s your fan! Right as you get a new cell phone, you get a call right away asking, ‘Oppa, why did you change your number?’”

Choi Hyo Jong sarcastically commented on sasaeng fans saying, “They are people you are grateful for because they always stay by your side.”

Choi Hyo Jong warned to never get angry at the sasaeng fans by saying, “One day, what if this life becomes too hard and you want to get angry at your fans? Be careful. They might have a recorder.”

He concluded by leaving a message to the sasaeng fans out there, “Like how you leave space for safety while driving, it is important that you leave your oppas safety space too.”

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Ode to Christmas Fandom Part 1: Ahjumma Got Run Over By A Fangirl

To all the rabid fangirls out there: I’m one of you. Don’t be offended, please. It’s all in good fun ;D That being said, time for some holiday cheer. (insert evil laugh here)

To the tune of ‘Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer’:

Ahjumma got run over by a fangirl
Leaving her apartment Christmas Eve
(Wasn’t) her fault she lived right next to Jaejoong
In apartment A while his was B

Verse 1:

Ahjumma was a sweet old lady
Made the nicest kimchi stew
Saved some once a week for our Jaejoong
And also, by proxy, our Junsu

When she left the house that evening
The night was so peaceful and calm
Until Jae came round the corner
With stalker fans tagging along

Chorus (pretty catchy right?)

Verse 2:
Jae had left the house at midnight
In need of some toiletries
The fangirls saw through his disguising
Though he wore a beanie and coat to his knees

When he passed the dear old lady
He kindly stopped to say hello
Some of the fans got ‘jae’lous
And pushed poor ahjumma into the snow

Chorus: (hehehehe)

Ahjumma didn’t die there
She wasn’t even really hurt
But the fangirls were so sorry
They vowed to wait on her hand and foot

Now she lives in a high rise
With fangirl servants at her bid
No more does she cook Jae kimchi
But wears a golden crown upon her wig

Repeat chorus to end

….sorry…it had to be done. If ya’ll aren’t American, then you might not get this, so I’m sorry if it’s in bad taste. But I just couldn’t resist.