120412 Editors Note JYJ Fantalk Is Back!!!!!

Hi Everyone. Welcome back to JYJ Fantalk for sure. This site was down due to such a high volume of use that it discombobulated the server. JYJ Fantalk had to be switched to a server with a larger capacity. Thank God for the skills of my husband John who labored for hours and hours to transfer 4 gigs worth of posts and pictures to the new server. I love you, Honey. So now it is on to new adventures with JYJCY and JYJ Fantalk. Be seeing ya!! Momma Cha

5 thoughts on “120412 Editors Note JYJ Fantalk Is Back!!!!!

  1. Hi YF. Thank You. I am probably looney tunes to try to keep up all three, but multi-tasking keeps my brain alert. I had to update everything in Charlenes Attic because I started it first and I didn’t know how to do html. It was a shock to go in and see just words for the videos. Oh well. I’ve learned better.

    I’m taking a little easier today(yesterday I defrosted the freezer, etc. etc.) so my back hurts, but this too shall pass. How are you doing lately. I’m definitely behind. Do you have your computer back? Cha

  2. A few glitches still, YF. I had to delete and reenter your comment. I should have this fixed soon. Cha

    Above Comment in Response to Yunhofan’s: “We’re so glad you are back!
    it looks lovely in here. The Attic was a pleasure to visit also. (I was just there) The sound clips from your Youtube Channel
    [very sweet, Chris] 🙂 and the editorials were all so nice. I have a lot of catching up to do. Thanks for working so hard. You all are great–!

    See you, YF 🙂

  3. No problem. Glitches are everywhere – at the moment, Twitter is hiccupping. We cannot change our profile pictures or backgrounds. Let’s hope everyone is fairly happy with what they are stuck with for the moment ~ ! >.___< We are all well here. Cold cold weather. No guilty feelings about not fixing up the garden just yet. 🙂

  4. That’s okay, YF. I believe the web is overloaded. WordPress is certainly hiccuping too. I haven’t been in Twitter for a couple of days–I’ll check tomorrow. Our wether came in unseasonably hot and now it has settled into the norm. Days are warm but chilly at night. I’m springcleaning right now so the posting is down– I’m just trying to stay connected.

    Very proud of the Boys right now. They are working hard–so are my girls. I’m always proud of them. BTW. Do you get link messages from other sites that are years old in yourdashboard? Cha

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