Editors Note: Happy Birthday Yoochun 2014


It’s a wonderful thing! Micky Yoochun is celebrating his 28th birthday with Korean fans, friends, and family. It’s been a long haul from debut to now for Park Yoochun aka Micky Yoochun. Probably one of the less obviously gregarious members of both DBSK and JYJ, Micky is an intense, sensitive, talented pianist, composer, singer, and actor. He is a loyal friend to those he chooses to include in his inner circle, and a born leader. Yoochun leads behind the scenes through the ability that he has to influence others. This influence is a reflection of his heart reaching out to others, and their response of trust. There isn’t much pretentiousness in this man. I admire his honesty and integrity, and that part of him that reveals the injustices. Micky will tell you in word or action when he’s had enough, and there is no going back. Twitter is a prime example. When he was through, he was through.

On a personal note: Yoochun, you can be shy and reclusive at times; yet this serves well to allow you rest time. You need to keep your energy reserves up, and it is wise not to allow people’s expectations to dictate your lifestyle. Public work, whether as an entertainer or other form of public servant is demanding and tiring. You tend to pour your all into everything you feel passionate about, but if you don’t–oh well…you are notoriously famous for ignoring people’s outrageous demands.

I believe that you can accomplish anything you put your effort into. You are the most remarkable actor. You make your characters come to life. I forget that it’s you, thus high praise and kudos indeed. Your latest drama, ‘3Days’ displayed you at your finest. You made us proud.

This ten year span has yielded great rewards as well as heartaches for Yoochun, whether as a member of DBSK, JYJ, an individual artist, or a devoted son. A lot of support has come from his family and team members; and I believe from fans and supporters as well. I sincerely want to see Micky continue to achieve and to grow. I believe that he is an ethical person, and I pray that his choices will always reflect that part of him whether as a member of JYJ, or as an individual influencer and achiever. I hope the best of life, peace and joy will always be there for the person of Park Yoochun.    🙂  <3

Narrative credit: Momma Cha @ JYJ Fantalk

[ENGSUB] 140305 How to enjoy ‘Three Days’ at 300% – Park Yoochun

Dear Micky Yoochun. I can assure you that every eye is glued to the screen while enjoying this spectacular ‘Three Days’ production. I was so blown away by the fight scenes. If anyone hasn’t begun to watch this fast-paced, exciting drama, please do so!       🙂

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[TRANS] 140122 Can The Park Yoochun Effect Even Beat Out ‘You, Who Came From The Stars’? Set To Be Exported To China At The Highest Price Yet


Can the ‘Park Yoochun effect’ beat out ‘You, Who Came From The Stars?’

The value of SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Three Days’, which features Park Yoochun as its leading role, is experiencing a sharp increase.

It is set to be exported to China at the highest price yet, even beating out SBS’ ‘You, Who Came From The Stars’, the drama that features a star-studded cast of Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun and Park Hae Jin, and recently became a hot topic for becoming the Korea drama that was exported to China at the highest price.

A representative of SBS stated, “SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday dramas ‘Heirs’ and ‘You, Who Came From The Stars’ have both become a huge hit in China, shifting the focus to ‘Three Days’, which is set to air right after ‘You, Who Came From The Stars’ ends. The value of each episode has recently skyrocketed to 35,000 dollars (approximately 37 million Won).” Considering the fact that the average value per episode is 5 million Won for Korean dramas in China, ‘Three Days’ is set to earn 7 times the average amount.

China is considering to be one of the biggest markets for the Hallyu Wave, other than Japan. However, broadcasting rights are sold at much lower costs than in Japan, where dramas fetch up to 100 million Won per episode, and there is a quarterly restriction on foreign dramas broadcasted in China. But the power of Hallyu stars like Lee Minho, Park Yoochun, Jang Geun Seok and Park Haejin is helping to raise the value of dramas, reflecting a change in the market. The SBS representative stated, “Though the price of exports is still much lower than in Japan, China is a market with great potential. It will be extremely encouraging if ‘Three Days’ is able to break the record of ‘You, Who Came From The Stars’.”

‘Three Days’ is a story of the president mysteriously disappearing from his residence, and his secret service struggling to find him. The drama brings together screenwriter Kim Eun Hee and PD Shin Kyung Soo, and will feature a cast of Park Yoochun, Sohn Hyun Joo, Park Ha Sun, Yoon Jae Moon, Soh Yi Hyun and Jang Hyun Sung.

Source: [sportsseoul]

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[Trans] 140103 Stars Who Will Shine In The Year Of The Wooden Horse (1) – Park Yoochun


2014 is upon us. Sports Hankook has created a list of stars who will shine in the entertainment industry this year, the year of the wooden horse. They may be rookies or veterans. We have given them the name of ‘New Risers’, stars who will rise to success in the New Year of 2014.

#Park Yoochun is set to captivate the movie industry and the drama industry at the same time

[SWOT Keyword]
S(trength) – Solid acting, success in previous productions, trustworthy seniors
W(eakness) – Stamina, schedule
O(pportunity) – Two-pronged approach, ‘You, Who Came From The Stars’
T(hreat) – Joo Sang Wook, Lee Min Jung, Kim Hyun Joong

Kicking off with Micky Yoochun. But these days, people are more familiar with the name ‘Park Yoochun’. The title of ‘actor’ sounds less awkward on him than the title of ‘member of JYJ’.

He was a leading role from the start. Making his debut with ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ in 2010, he has appeared on ‘Miss Ripley’, ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘I Miss You’. He has encountered a variety of genres, like comedy, history and thrillers. He never suffered from any ‘acting controversies’, something that has followed every idol who has transformed into an actor. It would not be wrong to say that Park Yoochun is the most successful idol-turned-actor in the industry.

His solid acting and the success of his previous productions has landed him a major role. He has been chosen as the leading role of SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday miniseries ‘Three Days’, which is kicking off with a 10 billion Won investment. As the creation of screenwriter Kim Eun Hui, who has worked with successful actors like Park Shin Yang and So Ji Seob in ‘Sign’ and ‘Ghost’, the drama is a great choice for Park Yoochun.

‘Three Days’ is already set to become a success. Though there are still two months left till the drama begins airing, Kim Eun Hui has already written more than half of the entire script. The drama is set to be of a high quality as she won’t be scrambling to finish off her script. ‘You, Who Came From The Stars’, the preceding drama of ‘Three Days’, already has a viewership of 25%. If they current trend continues, ‘Three Days’ has a high possibility of beginning with a 30% viewership.


2014 is set to be a great year for Park Yoochun as an actor because he will also be making his big-screen debut through Director Bong Joon Ho’s movie ‘Sea Fog’. If Park Yoochun is able to succeed in his two-pronged approach, he will solidify an unparalleled position in both industries.

A representative of the entertainment industry stated, “Kim Soo Hyun and Song Joong Ki have both made their mark as top stars by appearing in both movies and dramas. Park Yoochun is still considered more of a ‘star’ than an ‘actor’, but if ‘Three Days’ and ‘Sea Fog’ succeed, he will establish himself as the most influential Hallyu star and actor of the industry.”

The weight on Park Yoochun’s shoulders is slightly lighter because of the experienced veterans at his side. In ‘Sea Fog’, he will be working alongside stars like Kim Yoon Seok, Moon Sung Geun and Kim Sang Ho. In ‘Three Days’, he will be working with Sohn Hyun Joo, Yoon Jae Moon, Jang Hyun Sung, Choi Won Young, Park Ha Sun and So Yi Hyun.

The representative also added, “In both movies and dramas, the ensemble is extremely important. This is a great opportunity for Park Yoochun as he will be working with the most well-known and talented actors of the industry.”

However, there are rising powers Park Yoochun must be wary of. ‘Three Days’ will be going head to head with KBS 2TV’s ‘Emotional Generation’, which will feature Kim Hyun Joong, and MBC’s ‘Cute Returning Single’, which will feature Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung. Analyzing the cast, the power of the screenwriters and the statistics of the previous Wednesday-Thursday dramas, ‘Three Days’ has the upper hand. However, this does not mean they can be relaxed about it. The tables can turn at any moment, and Park Yoochun must be on high alert.

It is imperative that Park Yoochun takes care of his stamina and schedule in order to succeed this year. He must begin filming for ‘Three Days’ as soon as he finishes filming for ‘Sea Fog’. He must make sure his schedule is well-balanced in order for him to be in the best condition possible. Both productions have many outside filming sessions, which means that it is important for Park Yoochun to take care of his health.

Source: [sports hankook]
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[Vid] JYJ @ Incheon Asian Gwanzhou Showcase

credit: naicha kun+gak themicky+sisiemoon703+xiahshirley+coupleyusoo

JYJ Fantalk source: youtube

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[TRANS] 131112 A Letter Park Yoochun Wrote In High School For His Mother Surfaces… Full Of Cute Comments


A letter written by JYJ’s Park Yoochun has become a hot topic.

On the 12th, a post called ‘A Letter Park Yoochun Wrote in High School for His Mother’ started grabbing the attention of netizens.

In the letter, Park Yoochun begins on a cute note by saying, “To my momma. Momma! Happy birthday.” He continues to fill his letter with affection for his mother with statements like, “I was going to write a really touching letter, but that would make you cry, wouldn’t it?” and “From now on, I’ll take care of my little brother and listen to what you tell me, so don’t worry anymore. I love you.”

Netizens who read the post left comments like “Ahahaha it’s so cute”, “It looks like it was written by an elementary school student”, and “The content is cute, but he has really bad handwriting.”

Source: [weeklytoday]

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[Info] 130429 Five Fun Facts About JYJ Yoo Chun (As Actor)

[Info] 130429 Five Fun Facts About JYJ Yoo Chun (As Actor)

Here are a few facts you may not know about Park Yoo Chun.


Park Yoo Chun, also known as Yoochun and by the stage name of Micky Yoochun is so popular throughout Asia, that when he travels with his group JYJ, airports are often immobilized by the arrival of eager fans.

Although you may know a lot about the singer-turned actor, here are a few more facts.

1. Park Yoo Chun is very close to his brother, Park Yoo Hwan, who is also an actor. The brothers immigrated to America with their parents but were separated when Yoochun left to pursue a career as a singer. The experience was difficult for both of them, but today the siblings are closer than ever.

“My brother is like a father to me,” said Yoo Hwan, who appeared in the drama, “A Thousand Days’ Promise.”

As to who is a better actor, Yoochun says his brother’s acting is more natural than his, but he is better at being emotional.

2. The role of Han Jung Woo in “Missing You” proves that Yoochun can turn on the tears. The line his character kept repeating was that he was not really crying but the wind was making his eyes tear up. But it was so cold on set that it actually interfered with his crying.

“When the chilly wind is blowing, it’s not easy to cry,” said Yoochun. “And in the cold wintry weather, my mouth often became frozen when I was saying my lines.

3. He does not think he is a good actor yet or necessarily very attractive.

“Honestly, I need makeup in order to look good, and because I became an actor all of the sudden after being a singer, there is a lot of room for improvement,” said Yoochun.

When praised for his work, he said. “It is not because my acting is good; rather I think my personal experiences show through my acting. As I have experienced crying bitterly before, it was possible for me to cry in scenes like that.”

4. He would like to grow hair longer again, as it was in his early JYJ days, but drama roles get in the way.

“After “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” my hair was so long I could tie it up, I like long hair like that. But after I cut it off, even if I want it long again, I can’t do it. If I want to let my hair grow long, I need to have one year of no work, but there is work continually.”

5. He is so busy that he considered adopting a daughter but decided his schedule was too demanding. He so enjoyed interacting with the young actress Kim So Hyun when he starred in “Rooftop Prince” that he began to think about how much he would like to have a daughter.

“I really love daughters,” said Yoochun. “I fantasize about having a loving family. When I marry I think I will be able to have a daughter like So Hyun.”

credit: kpopstarz

Momma’s Source: sharingyoochun.net

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[TRANS] 130405 JYJ Earn 20 Billion Won In One Go… Invite Seol Gyung Goo’s Daughter To Their Concert

[TRANS] 130405 JYJ Earn 20 Billion Won In One Go… Invite Seol Gyung Goo’s Daughter To Their Concert

They called it ‘The return of the kings’. From the 2nd till the 4th, JYJ held their successful ‘The Return of the JYJ’ concerts at Tokyo Dome, ‘the heart of Japan’.

According to C-JeS Entertainment, 300,000 people applied for tickets before reservations began. Only 150,000 tickets were given out, with the concert selling out instantly.

150,000 seats costing 130,000 Won sell out… MD goods ‘sell like hotcakes’

The cost of one ticket was 10,500 Yen. When this is converted to Korean currency, each ticket costs approximately 130,000 Won. If we take this into consideration, this means that JYJ earned 19.5 billion Won in ticket sales alone. MD goods were sold in sets of towels, t-shirts and fan-lights, costing 100,000 Won. Even the goods that were sold separately at cheaper prices sold out like hotcakes. Fans gathered near Tokyo Dome from 6am to purchase the goods.

Adding all of this revenue together, we can approximate JYJ’s sales for their Tokyo Dome to be over 20 billion Won. The real profit of the event is a mystery. A representative of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We have to factor in the cost of renting the venue, wages, and paying the Japanese concert management company we hired. So we aren’t sure what the real profit of the concert will be.”

Seol Gyung Goo, asks for a ticket for his daughter

On the second day of JYJ’s concerts, a special guest arrived at Tokyo Dome. It was Seol Gyung Goo’s ex-wife and daughter. According to a representative, they went to JYJ’s concert together.

Seol Gyung Goo recently called C-JeS Entertainment’s CEO Baek Chang Joo and personally asked for a concert ticket for his daughter, who is a JYJ fan. Thanks to his daughter, Seol Gyung Goo has become close friends with CEO Baek.

During the episode of SBS’ ‘Healing Camp’ that aired on the 1st, Seol Gyung Goo revealed that his daughter was a fan of JYJ. During the show, he stated, “My daughter is now a high school student as is a big fan of JYJ. Whenever JYJ move around, I get nervous. I wish they’d just stay in Seoul.” He also shot down rumors that he had abandoned his daughter as he added, “I wanted to get to know JYJ, so we’ve met outside of work and we watched ‘Tower’ together during the movie premier,” and “I’m sorry to my daughter. I feel a sense of guilt. But I’m getting along well with her.”

Aired live in 113 cinemas… Fans were ‘So proud’

JYJ’s last concert was screened live in various cinemas across Japan for fans who were unable to get tickets. The concert was shown in 113 cinemas in Japan, including Japan’s biggest cinemas TOHO Cinema and Warner Mycal Cinema.

A representative of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The Hallyu Wave was died down a little so most Korean films are shown early in the morning or late at night, but JYJ’s concert was aired live during the prime time slot,” and “Even this proves just how popular JYJ are in Japan.”

The reception from fans was equally explosive. Chieko (26, female) stated, “The past three years filled me with a sense of dread. But today’s concert makes those past three years so worth it. Of course, because it was JYJ. I always told myself that if I waited, I would be able to see them again. I missed them. I’m so happy and grateful to have seem them at Tokyo Dome again.”

Aya (29, female) gushed, “I went to Korea twice last year to see JYJ. Being able to see JYJ in Japan again means something completely different from just seeing them at a concert. I’m thankful that they never gave up, and I’m proud of all of us for waiting for them. I’m sure that the connection we have is something no other artiste has with his or her fans.”

Source: [edaily]

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