[TRANS] 120502 Kim Junsu’s Solo Comeback – “Are You Ready To Be Shocked?”

[TRANS] 120502 Kim Junsu’s Solo Comeback – “Are You Ready To Be Shocked?”

JYJ member Kim Junsu will be making a “visually shocking” comeback as a solo artists, raising the anticipation for his.

On 2 May, C-JeS Entertainment released the second teaser via JYJ’s official youtube channel (www.youtube.com/CJESJYJ)for Kim Junsu’s debut solo album.

In this video teaser, Kim Junsu gives off a wonderous, almost feminine aura and with his shining eyes, fashionable hairstyles as well as luxurious outfits, as he is shown performing powerful dance moves.

The MV director for Kim Junsu’s new song “Tarantallegra” said, “We are blending the explosive power and the intangible fantasy-like feeling in front of the camera, with the scene and dance matching perfectly to give a powerful visual effect.” “We will present to you the best product possible, so please get ready to be shocked”

Kim Junsu’s first solo album named “Xia” will be up for online and offline presales on 4 May, and he will also be holding his first official solo concerts for 2 days, on 19-20 May at Jamshil stadium.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Star Today via Nate]+CJESJYJ

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