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Album: Triangle Soundtrack Part 2 – “싫어도 (Even If I Hate or I Hate It But)”
Song Artist: Kim Jaejoong (김재중) [JYJ]
Release Date: 2014.06.09
Genre: OST
Price: aprox US $1.29

The producers said, “Jaejoong completely became the character Heo Young Dal and lived as him, so he was able to write lyrics that were perfect for his theme song. As soon as the song was revealed on broadcast, we got an explosive amount of requests for the song. The song is even more meaningful because it’s a song for Young Dal that is sung by him and written by him.” via Allkpop

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[TRANS] 140109 [Star Cast] ‘Something’ Interesting About ‘Something’, As Told By TVXQ


10 years. 10 years are an epoch. And ‘TVXQ’ have changed in those 10 years. No, they have transformed. And their new album ‘TENSE’ is a result of that transformation. ‘TENSE’ has the meaning of ‘full of nerves and tension’. This is meant to reflect the nerves and tension that TVXQ feel when they’re on stage. It also reflects the pronunciation of ’10th’, to commemorate the group’s 10th anniversary.

TVXQ’s change is refreshing and exciting. This can be felt through their title track’ Something’. As a swing jazz song, a genre that TVXQ have never tried before, it is lively and refreshing. Completely opposite from the grandiose and strong music they’ve created so far, the song is appealing to the masses.

“We wanted to show a lively and refreshing side of TVXQ that we’ve never shown before to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We chose swing jazz because our goal to strive for new music and new genres. We wanted to be more appealing to the public. Shall we call it a gift for our fans?”

Why did TVXQ choose ‘Something’ as the title track of their 10th anniversary album? There’s ‘something’ there that has yet to be uncovered. Here is that ‘something’ of ‘Something’, as told by the members of TVXQ themselves.


◆”‘Something’ marks a flare of change.” (by Yunho)

We first asked about the musical aspects of their choice. We wanted to know why they chose ‘Something’. Their answer was simple. It was ‘A flare to mark a transformation’. Changmin said, “We wanted to showcase a variety of our charms. We searched for fun and lively music that we could enjoy singing, and ‘Something’ seemed to tick all the boxes.”

Yunho expressed his agreement as he added, “We added a modern twist to a classic genre that never goes out of style,” and “We wanted to get our music out to as many people as possible. It was like a flare to signal that TVXQ are ready to continue trying out a variety of new genres in the future.”

Does that mean their composers have changed? A surprising story behind ‘Something’ is that is was created by the Yoo brothers (Yoo Young Jin, Yoo Han Jin). As the brothers are famous for their ‘SMP’ (SM’s signature music that focuses on powerful performances) music, fans were shocked to discover that they had written the song. Could this signify a change for the Yoo brothers as well?

“TVXQ have always strived to created music that focuses heavily on the performance aspect of things. And because the Yoo brothers wrote most of our title songs, the image of ‘Yoo Young Jin + Yoo Han Jin = SMP’ seems to have stuck. But those two composers have worked with a huge range of genres. They will continue to surprise everyone with new music.” (TVXQ)

What was the musical aspect they focused on the most? It was their vocals. Swing jazz is easy to listen to but difficult to sing. This is because rhythm is the key to a successful swing jazz piece. Yunho explained, “It’s a 24-beat song. We tried to bring the rhythm to life. We decided to focus on creating nuances for terms like ‘Sneak up’ with our pronunciation.”

Changmin said, “The key point of his song is to keep the lively rhythm going. We wanted to bring the rhythm to life through our singing,” and “We did our best to make it fun enough for people to dance along to. The vocal range is actually lower than our previous songs, and I think this makes the song more appealing to our listeners.”


◆”The choreography is a musical with a story” (by Changmin)

There’s something that can’t be left out when talking about TVXQ, and that is ‘performance’. They’ve come back with an extremely difficult dance number that uses ropes. From pretending to play the guitar to creating a boxing ring, standing microphones and the strings of a marionette doll, viewers are bombarded with an array of exciting dance moves.

The choreography was created by Tony Testa, who has worked with stars like Britney Spears and Janet Jackson. Where did the idea come from? Yunho said, “The swing jazz genre reminded us of shows in Las Vegas. We were trying to think of something that could reflect that, and that’s how the idea of our line performances was created.”

Here is the second interesting story. Both TVXQ and the dancers use the ropes in their line performance, and we wonder if any accidents have occurred during rehearsals. Yunho said, “While rehearsing, we kept stepping on the ropes, bumping into each other  and falling over. Our final product is a result of countless hours of rehearsals. But we can never let our guard down because we don’t know what could happen at any moment.”

Changmin stated that the ending is the most difficult move of all, which has them leaning forward with nothing but the ropes keeping them upright. He said, “We’re the first to try out a performance with ropes. Personally, I’ve fallen over a lot during the end part of our performance. That part still worries me, but I’ve gotten used to it through constant practice and the exchange of opinions.”

They’ve emphasized a change from other jazz dance sequences, with a story-based musical as their goal. Changmin said, “We wanted to differentiate ourselves from the choreography of other swing pieces. I think our line performance helps us do that. We practiced whenever we had a spare moment so we could get used to it.”

Yunho added to this by saying, “There are a lot of dynamic and large-scale moves in our new dance,” and “Our ensemble consists of our backup dancers and ropes, and we’ve created a performance that feels like a musical with a story. I think our new performance style has helped showcase a new side of TVXQ.”


◆”Our style? Cute and sexy…?” (by Yunho)

They’ve completely changed their style as well. It’s gotten much lighter than before. Short pants that show their ankles, and leopard-print pieces of clothing are used to give off a lively image. Changmin said, “We didn’t want our outfits to be too serious because it wouldn’t go with our expressions or performances, so we changed our look to match the song.”

Yunho said, “The overall concept of our song is a big band. But we’ve added a modern twist to it,” and “We’ve taken classical suits and added a modern twist with checkered prints. We’ve created a new look for TVXQ that is lively, but still has an impact.”

The hairstyles are the biggest change for TVXQ. They’ve taken risks that they’ve never taken before. Changmin said, “I’ve dyed my hair and parted it down the middle with curls. It’s a style I’ve never tried before. I’ve gone through a variety of hairstyles in the past 10 years, but I’ve never done this one before. I wanted it to match the song.”

Yunho also tries out wavy curls or a 1:9 side parting. Yunho said, “Instead of emphasizing flamboyance, I opted for a natural look. It’s a style that goes well with the suits,” and “To put it in one sentence, it’s a cute but sexy look.”

Each member’s style preference has been taken into account. Though the style and colors of their suits are the same, small differences have been made in the details. Yunho has a brighter and cuter look while Changmin prefers a more formal look. Their outfits reflect this difference.

TVXQ said, “We don’t make a lot of differences between the outfits worn by each member. We prefer to find a balance through different details,” and “The difference in how we’re styled is that Yunho wears vests for a lighter look, while Changmin prefers to wear jackets for a formal look.”


◆”A joy for the ears, as well as the eyes~” (by Changmin)

To conclude, ‘Something’ reflects TVXQ’s transformation. Their goal was to break the stereotype of ‘TVXQ=performance’ and connect with the public on a deeper level. Yunho said, “We want people to think of us as versatile artistes, rather than just focusing on our powerful performances. I want us to be a group that is appealing to the public.”

Changmin shares the same opinion. He said, “If TVXQ’s music till now has been ‘music to watch’, I hope ‘Something’ helps transform our music into ‘music to listen to as well as to watch’,” and “We want people to know that TVXQ can create ‘easy listening’ music, and that’s what we’re doing right now.”

They also revealed a secret to enjoying ‘Something’ more. Yunho said that people should sing this song at karaoke rooms as he stated, “I recommend that people sing ‘Something’ when they go sing karaoke. You can use the microphones there to follow along with the choreography, and that will make it even more fun.”

TVXQ concluded with remarks about their 10th anniversary, and what comes next. Yunho said, “We plan to continue our never-ending transformations,” and “Our goal is to keep trying out new music. Our 10th anniversary marked our plan to become more appealing. I’m excited to see what our 11th anniversary will bring.”

What’s on Changmin’s mind? “When people think of TVXQ, they immediately think of strong performances,” and “I’m determined to show people that TVXQ are capable of a variety of genres through ‘Something’. I’m confident that we’ll be able to do so. This is want I want to say most, with 10 years of experience under my belt.”

Source: [Naver StarCast]

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[News] 131208 JYJ’s Junsu to Pre-release a Duet Song with Lyn


Kim Junsu, who will be on the stage as the leading role in a musical for the 50th birth celebration of the late Kim Kwang Suk ”December: The Endless Song,” will release a special album under the title of “Musical December 2013 with Kim Junsu” on December 18. Before that, on December 12, he will also pre-release a duet song “Passing by” with a singer Lyn!

The special album will be available for pre-order online from December 9. This album includes some of Kim Kwang Suk’s hits such as “Hope Love Is Not Too Painful” and “Letter of a Private,” as well as an unreleased song “December.”

The original musical song “Passing by” is Jinwook (Kim Junsu)’s theme song which will be put in the scene when he meets and falls in love with Lee Yeon. Kim Junsu’s resonant voice and Lyn’s sweet vocal will harmonize to complete this beautiful ballad song.

An insider commented, “Different from other musical OST releases, Junsu will be the first artist in Korea to release a special album with newly-edited songs.”

Meanwhile, the special album “Musical December 2013 with Kim Junsu” will be available for pre-order on INTERPARK and YES24. Musical “December” will start from December 16 at the Sejong Center.

credit: soompi
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[News] 131203 TVXQ ‘Very Merry X-mas’ Continues to Ranks Number 2 on Japan Oricon Chart for 6 Days


Group TVXQ’s Japan Christmas song has continued to stay at number 2 on the Oricon chart for the past 6 days.

On December 3, Oricon stated that TVXQ’s song, “Very Merry X-mas” sold 3,429 more copies than the day before and was ranked at number 2.

They released the song on November 27 and sold 77,831 copies and continued to sell more throughout the week.

This is their 39th Japan single and is a Christmas themed song to celebrate the holiday season.

On the other hand, TVXQ will be holding their Japan tour concert starting next April.

credit: kpopstarz

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[Vid] 131104 Jaejoong’s Exclusive Interview with Entertainment Star World

about the 10th anniversary and WWW

credit: riahahaha

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Kim Jaejoong Butterfly [Eng Sub + Romanization + Hangul] HD

Metamorphosis is good Jaejoong. We all search for our meaning, existence, and rewarding pursuits. I love the drive behind this song and the intense vocals. 🙂

credit: HITTsubs

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[TRANS] 131015 Kim Jaejoong Pre-releases ‘Sunny Day’, A Song That Stimulates The Senses On A Rainy Day


Kim Jaejoong has pre-released ‘Sunny Day’ ahead of the release of his first full-length album.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Kim Jaejoong has kicked off his first full-length solo album ‘WWW’ with the pre-release of his track ‘Sunny Day’. The song, a ballad that blends Kim Jaejoong’s melodious voice with Noeul Lee Sang Gon’s to create a beautiful harmony, was released at noon on the 15th on various music sites and iTunes and immediately topped the real-time charts on Bugs, Cyworld Music, Olleh Music and Mnet, showing how much popularity the song is garnering.”

‘Sunny Day’ was written by Composer Baek Moo Hyun, who also wrote the popular OST track ‘Love is like a Snowflake’ and expresses a man’s longing in an honest way. The lyrical piano line and warm acoustics stimulate the senses.

The ballad is perfect for Autumn and has been met with an explosive response. As soon as it was released, ‘Sunny Day’ received hundreds of comments on online community threads, and dominated various online music sites and search engines of portal sites.

A representative stated, “Kim Jaejoong will be releasing a teaser image from the music video of his title song on the 17th through JYJ’s official homepage. We hope everyone gets excited for the title track, which will be completely different from the pre-released track.”

Kim Jaejoong will be releasing his first full-length solo album ‘WWW’ on the 29th and will be holding his ’2013 Kim Jaejoong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert’ in Seoul on the 2nd and 3rd of November at COEX.

Source: [newsen]

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[Vid} Kim Jaejoong A Sunny Day

Beautiful song Jae Joong–full of pathos and unrequited love. Everyone can relate to this. Your two voices blend so perfectly it’s hard to distinguish the difference. Looking forward to more on the 29th    🙂 <3

credit: baimiyiya

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[TRANS] 131012 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong To Pre-release A Ballad On The 15th Ahead Of His First Full-Length Album


JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong will be pre-releasing a ballad ahead of his upcoming album.

On the 12th of October, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Kim Jaejoong is set to make his comeback on the 29th of October,” and “Promotional activities for his new album will begin on the 15th, with the pre-release of a ballad track.”

The ballad, which will be released two weeks ahead of the album, is a piece that Composer Baek Moo Hyun, who also wrote ‘Love is like a Snowflake’, participated in and has lyrics that depict the longing for a love already lost with the help of an acoustic guitar and string accompaniment.

Kim Jaejoong’s melodious voice and sophisticated vocal talents will be supported in the song by Noeul’s Lee Sang Gon to create a high-quality production.

Kim Jaejoong’s first full-length album will be filled with a variety of rock genres; all songs have been recorded and the album is currently receiving its finishing touches.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will be kicking off his Asia Tour in Seoul on the 2nd and 3rd of November. Ticket reservations were held this week and all 14,000 seats were sold out in 15 minutes.

Source: [wstarnews]

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[TRANS] 131010 Yoon Do Hyun Participates In Kim Jaejoong’s New Album, “Received A Song From A Much Respected Senior”


Kim Jaejoong and Yoon Do Hyun’s surprise meeting has become a hot topic.

With the two celebrities’ conversation on social networking systems becoming a hot topic, many were curious to know if Yoon Do Hyun would be participating in Kim Jaejoong’s upcoming October album.

On the 8th, Kim Jaejoong posted a video on his Instagram account that showed Yoon Do Hyun in his recording studio, and soon after, Yoon Do Hyun tweeted, “Jaejoong~”. Both posts attracted a lot of attention and many netizens began wondering if the two singers were working together on a song.


Regarding this, a representative of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “It’s true that Yoon Do Hyun will be participating in Kim Jaejoong’s first full-length album. With Kim Jaejoong’s first full-length album being a rock album, Kim Jaejoong asked Yoon Do Hyun, a senior he deeply respects, if he could write him a song and Yoon Do Hyun happily agreed to do so. Many artistes other than Yoon Do Hyun will also be participating in Kim Jaejoong’s upcoming album. Fans will definitely be surprised.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will be pre-releasing a track from his first album on the 15th and will release a teaser image on the 14th.

Source: [sportsworldi]

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[TRANS] 130727 JYJ Naver LINE Updates


(6:59pm KST) Shanghai!!!!!!! It’s good to see you again~~~~^^


(8:43pm KST) Sitting in front of the piano.. What song should I play…?
(8:45pm KST) It’s Summer.. and a Saturday.. Hmm…

Source: [JYJ’s LINE account]

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