[News] 120802 US Songwriter Bruce Automatic Praises JYJ’s Kim Jun Su

[News] 120802 US songwriter Bruce Automatic praises JYJ’s Kim Jun Su


JYJ’s Kim Jun Su recently spent a special week in Los Angeles.

Kim visited the United States two years after he recorded the JYJ worldwide EP. He worked with songwriter Bruce Automatic Vanderveer from Sony Music and shot a music video with director Marc Kalsfeld.

Kim says, “Working in the United States is difficult but fun. The system helps artist think about and express feelings more wonderfully. I especially liked working with energetic songwriter Bruce Automatic.”

“I think we created a pretty good song. Shooting a music video here was a bit different from Korea. I was shy to perform in front of many American staff members.”

Bruce has worked with Christina Aguilera, Wanted, and  Leona Lewis. He says, “I have worked with lots of artists but Kim is one of the best vocalists. I want to warn famous artists in the States to be careful of Kim. He has strong potential power like A class stars in the States. I’m happy to work with the great artists and I want to keep working with him.”

 Marc says, “Kim has quick instincts and beautiful eyes. He always creates a happy atmosphere on the set. I saw a music video for “Tarantallegra” on YouTube and I was happy to have chance to work with him.”

Kim says, “Unlike in Korea, here, I had to shoot the music video with only music and the explanation of the scene. Director didn’t tell me what to do in detail so I had to perform in one long take. I didn’t know what to do at first but after I realized what I should do, I was able to maximize the feelings about the song. I can’t wait to see the result.”

Kim will finish touring Asia in Hong Kong on August 7 then he will tour the United States, South America, and Europe.

Source: TV Report
credit: en.korea

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