JUNSU_XIA_UNCOMMITTED MV Full.ver+ [MV/HD] Xia Junsu – Uncommitted [ Lyrics] + UNCOMMITTED – JUNSU (XIA)

 Junsu. I like it!!! O.K.  I love It!!!!  You did good Duckie  🙂

credit: CJESJYJ

credit: HDSubs1

credit: MinEunRi

Momma’s Source: youtube

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5 thoughts on “JUNSU_XIA_UNCOMMITTED MV Full.ver+ [MV/HD] Xia Junsu – Uncommitted [ Lyrics] + UNCOMMITTED – JUNSU (XIA)

  1. Hi Junsu. I really like this soul-man part of you. Congrats to Bruce “Automatic” Vandervere. This song has a snappy staccato, edgy beat with a real-life storyline. It reminds me of my youth because once I found the right one I was totally committed. You will be too. 🙂 <3 Momma Cha

  2. Ohh lyrics ~ ^___^ And a quality video as well. We have come to expect so much of Junsu, and he keeps making us happy and proud 🙂 All of them do 🙂 Thanks for all the new posts. I’ve missed you – so I finally took the time to come here. (The shame.) All the best to you, Cha ~ ^__~ YF

  3. Hey, YF. Yep. Our mancubs are super special aren’t they? Where does June get the energy? Or all five? Aw,,,,Youth.

    The shame is really mine. I somehow feel that when I visit your site that i’m going to knock something off-kilter. I have been there though–so cool and inviting. I guess because I have a lot of snafus right now, I’ve been struggling to keep everything alive. I upgraded my Internet Explorer 8 recently on this computer and it has been hiccoughing ever since. Thank You Lord for the laptop. I put in Firefox and that works when internet Explorer is having a tizzy fit.

    Right now we are packing and clearing to get to Virginia. That’s why you see whole days with no posts. It will be a blessing to have this all behind me and settled. The family is enjoying the Korean church we are attending right now. They are warm people.

    Yes, I wrote a book again. Love you. Cha 🙂

  4. Hi Cha. Good question. Very good question. In fact, it’s so good and complicated, just thinking about an answer to it makes me…ZzZ…?! You were saying? Ah, energy, so hard to find. 😉
    Really? I can’t imagine you’d ever make any mistake in there. It’s your site too. 🙂 In fact, I have been neglecting it a lot lately because after Jae’s drama ended, I…just continued watching dramas actually. >///< You know how I tend to become addicted to stories. I can't put them away easily. I couldn't love the boys more, but it's a special thing to me whenever they embark on a project involving acting ( it doesn't need to be anything more than a CF sometimes. ^^) It's so fun!
    You did a lot of work upgrading – goodness, my computer seems to be dying now and there's something every day. I am not good at upgrading – for some reason it never seems to work? Now my media player has given in. I found some other ones, but as long as they are free, they always seem to come with a lot of baggage that slows down the entire system. I need to make friends with some computer-savvy people, fast.
    So you are moving back to Virginia. I truly think it is a good thing to go home whenever you may, and I have a feeling you have really been wanting to make this move for some time, right? I'm sure that does not make the move any less complicated, though. What is to happen to the farm? You are attending a Korean church, really? How wonderful. I wish there was a way to do do so for me. Their church seems so sincere and inviting, whereas our church seems not to need us at times. I am so glad you are doing well.
    I like your books – would that be e-books? ^_~
    Love, YF

  5. Hi YF. Sorry. I didn’t even get to turn on my computer yesterday. I was cleaning house stem to stern and sorting books and papers. A lot is going to the Goodwill. I know what you mean about the dramas. They are extremely addictive. I just watched SKKS over again on “Roku”. Do they have this device where you are? It’s a little $50.00 box that allows you to access so many entertainment channels. A large majority of them are free including yhe church channels and K Drama channel.

    We booted out the cable and the Dish network a long time ago.

    Anyway, I see that the Guys are doing their thing traveling everywhere. I guess Jae is holding down the fort right now. They seem so busy yet more relaxed. I had better get some posting done while I have a little window.

    Yep. I am learning what to do and what not to do–and I updated to the 3.4.1 version. It’s a little more sensitive than before and I am having trouble with my media. It won’t allow me to crop or size pictures right now– so one more problem to solve.

    The church is nice abd very traditional (I’m not) but we are enjoying the people. I have to swallow a lot of my leadership tendencies because as you know they are very structured, and they do tend to want the elders to take it a bit easier. I like to move. The girls are gaining the most benefit here, but that’s o.k. They are taking a Korean language class with one of the church members. She is a nice person.

    Life comes around. I used to teach ESL for the United Way to Korean military wives–now they are teaching me. 🙂 Go Figure. Cha

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