[TRANS] 140101 ’10 Years Down The Road’, Kim Junsu’s Endless Growth Brings Him To His ‘Stage Of Dreams’



Kim Junsu’s 150-minute-long performance of sincerity and vocal talent has left a lasting impression in the hearts of his fans.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Following the previous year’s concert, Kim Junsu held his ’2013 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.2′ and met with 13,000 fans. The concert, which featured a 35-member orchestra and a 100% live performance, had the singer expressing his hopes, dreams and love through musical numbers, ballads and OSTs.

The musical numbers reflected Kim Junsu’s four-year career in the musical industry. Kim Junsu reinterpreted memorable numbers from ‘Mozart!’, ‘Elisabeth’ and ‘December’.

‘The Shadows Get Longer’, ‘Last Dance’, ‘Golden Star’, ‘What A Cruel Life’ became bigger than ever with a chorus and orchestra, while Kim Junsu and his dancers prowled the stage for a more theatrical effect.

His duet with Kim So Hyun was a highlight of the show. Standing on stage together for the first time in four months since ‘Elisabeth’, Kim Junsu and Kim So Hyun sang ‘If You Love Each Other, You’ll Know Each Other’ from ‘Mozart!’ and ‘A Brushing Touch’ from ‘December’, showcasing an amazing harmony of voices. Kim Junsu introduced Kim So Hyun as ‘The goddess of the musical industry’ and said, “I was a fan of Kim So Hyun for so long, and I got to work with her on ‘Elisabeth’ and perform with her during this concert. I’m so happy and grateful to be sharing this stage with her.”

Kim Junsu continued to transform with the help of the various instruments in his orchestra. From melodious ballads to extravagant and overpowering musical numbers and OSTs, Kim Junsu proved why he is called one of the greatest vocalists in the industry. To commemorate his 10th anniversary, a video montage was shown to show how much Kim Junsu has grown in the past four years to become a pillar of the musical industry. The video showed the sincerity and passion Kim Junsu holds for the musical industry, as well as his gratitude for the people who showed their love and support for him in his new career path.

Kim Junsu’s ballads created a beautiful drama for the lovers and families attending his concert. Warmth was added to ’11 o’clock’, a favorite from his second solo album, through an accompanying acoustic guitar, while the ballad version of ‘Incredible’ was met with a positive response from fans.

The OST performances were also another highlight of the show. From ‘Too Love’, which featured a violin solo to his most recent OST ‘I Love You’ and ‘Love is Like a Snowflake’, Kim Junsu sang various OSTs to the delight of his fans.

For ‘Thank U For’, Kim Junsu ran up to the second floor to get up close and personal with his audience. The singer was joined by his dancers as they gave fans high-fives. To go along with the sweet melody of the song, a small event of passing out sweets and chocolates to fans was prepared and the singer was met with a standing ovation.

The countdown event was a rare sight to see. Kim Junsu’s comment that it was 11:55pm, five minutes before the new year, had the screen showing a scene from Times Square in New York. When the clock struck twelve, the orchestra started playing to greet the new year. Kim Junsu was surprised by the audience and staff, who had prepared a birthday party for him as his birthday is on the 1st of January. The romantic countdown event, and Kim Junsu’s surprise birthday party created unforgettable memories for all those who were present.

Kim Soo Min, a fan who attended the concert, stated, “LIstening to ‘Father’, I began to think about my family and those most dear to me. I will be leaving this concert with happiness and excitement for the new year. It was an emotional performance that will be hard to forget,” while Jeon Hyun Sun said, “The musical performances were so touching, and I cried and laughed throughout the whole three hours. I felt happy as it gave me a chance to reflect on the past year. Kim Junsu’s music makes me happy.”

Kim Junsu did not forget to talk about his dreams and aspirations, as he had done in the previous year. He said, “I suffered from my voice cracking for three years. The doctors all told me that I wouldn’t be able to become a singer. But I couldn’t let go of my dreams, so I worked hard and am now standing on this stage. As long as you have the determination, never give up on your dreams and work hard till they come true.”

He also stated, “I’m so happy to be with you all. I’m so happy to hold a concert where I can showcase such great songs from my albums and musicals. I want to hold a Ballad&Musical concert every year. I plan to greet you all with a variety of activities this year. Please anticipate it.”

In 2010, Kim Junsu was pulled out of his despair when he was given the opportunity to appear in a musical. The past four years have seen him greeting fans time and time again on the stage. After his concert ended, Kim Junsu walked around the stage and gave a bow in all directions. He kept saying his farewells, up until the curtains finally closed on him, his dancers and his orchestra. It was a concert that reflected his affection for the stage and his gratitude for his audience members. The fans left his concert with smiles on their faces as they began thinking of their own dreams and aspirations for 2014.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu will return to the stage on the 2nd of January for the musical ‘December’.

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[TRANS] 131022 Musical ‘December’ To Hold A Large-Scale Showcase… Kim Junsu WIll Sing The Main Theme Song


The musical ‘December: The Song That Hasn’t Ended’ will be holding a 1,000-seat showcase on the 31st of October at the Sejong Culture Centre.

‘December’ will feature Park Gun Hyung, Kim Junsu, Oh So Yeon and Kim Seul Gi as the leading roles and will feature a special event that invites 1,000 audience members to get a glimpse of the musical that centers around the late Kim Kwang Seok’s music. The showcase will be attended by CEO Kim Woo Taek of NEW, the Sejong Culture CEntre’s Yoo In Taek and Director Jang Jin. Park Gun Hyun, Kim Junsu, Oh So Yeon and Kim Seul Gi will also be joining them as they hold a press conference and perform a few musical numbers. Kim Kwang Seok’s study notes and unreleased songs will also be revealed during the event.

The tickets will be sold at 1,000 Won on Interpark as part of the ’1,000 Won Happiness’ event. The money that is earned from the event will be donated to society. The musical ‘December’ has been created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Kim Kwang Seok’s birth and is a jukebox musical that features Kim Kwang Seok’s compositions and unreleased songs. Director Jang Jin will combine a strong storyline and the best technology in the industry to go with Kim Kwang Seok’s music to create a new musical. The show will commence on the 16th of December at the Sejong Culture Centre.

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[TRANS] 131015 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Dominates Japan, ‘Incredible’ Long Lines On A Weekday To Buy His MD Goods


The excitement for JYJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA)’s second album Asia tour is hotter than ever.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The response that Kim Junsu has received for his first Japanese solo tour is amazing. There were approximately 60,000 seats available for his Nagoya and Yokohama concerts, and more than three times that number of people applied for tickets with all seats selling out before the show. His popularity in Japan was proved yet again when fans began queuing from the early hours of the morning to buy MD goods ahead of Kim Junsu’s concert on the 14th.”


They continued to add, “The fans who were coming to watch the Yokohama concerts began queuing extremely early because they heard that the MD goods had been sold out in Nagoya. This may be because only one MD good can be bought per person. Though all concerts of Kim Junsu’s Japanese tour were held on a weekday, Japanese fans packed Yokohama’s busy streets to show their support for Kim Junsu on his first solo tour.”

The Japanese fans themselves expressed their satisfaction with the concert. Keiko Yamada (36) of Osaka stated, “I was sad that we couldn’t see Kim Junsu in Japan the last time he held a tour. I’m so happy that he’s here this year. Kim Junsu’s music has a sincerity that touches the heart. It was such a moving experience that I could never properly express in words.” Aimee (24) of Saitama said, “Kim Junsu sang ‘Tsubomi’ and said he’d come all the way here to see us. I could feel just how much he cares for his fans. I hope he will be able to release a full-length album in Japan soon.”

A representative stated, “There were many middle and high school students who had come to buy MD goods. Though he has been inactive in Japan for the past 3~4 years, Kim Junsu has been able to attract new fans with his albums. The fandom continues to expand as the years go by.”

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[TRANS] 131013 XIA Junsu To Begin His Yokohama Concerts Tomorrow… Tickets Sold For All 33,000 Seats


XIA Junsu will be holding the grand finale of his Asia tour from tomorrow till Wednesday at the Yokohama Arena in Japan. Having already kicked of his first Japanese tour as a solo singer, JYJ’s XIA Junsu has already held three successful concerts in Nagoya.

On the 13th, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “XIA Junsu is currently on a successful tour around Japan. From tomorrow (14th) till the 16th, he will be holding concerts in Yokohama and all 33,000 tickets have been sold, with over 99,000 initial applicants.”

They continued to add, “The upcoming Yokohama concerts will signal the end of XIA Junsu’s Asia tour this year, and Kim Junsu’s special performances of ‘Minna Sora No Shita’ and ‘Tsubomi (Kobukuro)’ have been met with a positive response in Japan.”

The representative also stated, “XIA Junsu’s Japanese fans were moved by his vocal talent and sincere fan service, and they were jumping and dancing along to his performance of ‘Incredible’. XIA Junsu even sang his title song a second time in Nagoya at the request of his fans.”

Meanwhile, XIA Junsu will be marking the end of his Asia tour at the Yokohama Arena for the next three days and will soon return to Korea to begin rehearsing for the musical ‘December: The Song That Hasn’t Ended’, which will make its debut in December.

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[Info] 130819 JYJ Official Facebook Update : XIA ‘Incredible’ Concert in Australia

XIA JUNSU Australia concert tickets are available today!
Ticket open: 2013. 8. 19 4:00p.m.(Local time)
Ticket link: http://bigtopsydney.com.au/xia.html
Offline: Bigtop ticket office


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[TRANS] 130727 If You Are Curious Of The True Extent Of JYJ Kim Junsu’s Ticket Power

The reason why everyone should see Kim Junsu in ‘Elisabeth’


‘Elisabeth’, the large-scale musical that took the industry by storm last year, has returned. Like last year, Kim Junsu’s performances, which seat a total of 20,000 people, were sold out in five minutes.


Looking at the overall critiques by the public and media, Kim Junsu’s ticket power is astounding. But this time around, the expectation for ‘Elisabeth’ is different from that of last year, because this time around, many people are saying “‘Death’ by Kim Junsu, ‘Death’ for Kim Junsu.”


First of all, last year’s Tod role was given to three actors, Ryu Jung Hwan, Song Chang Ui and Kim Junsu. The first two actors are veterans who each have at least 10 years of experience in the industry. Because of this, Kim Junsu was constantly compared to them for their ease and presence on stage.


On the other hand, 2013′s ‘Death’ role was given to Kim Junsu, and two other young actors. Park Hyo Shin, who appeared in ‘Rock Hamlet’ in 2000 but is better known as a singer than a musical actor, and Jeon Dong Seok, who hit the musical scene through the 2009 production ‘Notre Dame de Paris’.


Not only does Kim Junsu have the merit of having been in the first round of ‘Elisabeth’ performances, but he has also created a strong foundation for himself in the past three years through ‘Elisabeth’, ‘Tears of Heaven’ and ‘Mozart!’.

During the press call of ‘Elisabeth’ that was held on the 25th at the Seoul Arts Center’s Opera House, composer Sylvester Levay showed his faith in the singer as he said, “I personally think of him as a close friend and I’m honored that Kim Junsu will be working with me for another production since ‘Mozart!’. His presence on stage is truly spectacular.”


Kim Junsu’s role of ‘Death’ is a fantasy character that draws off the fact that the real-life empress Elisabeth used to write countless poems about death. He is an important character who makes the life of ‘Elisabeth’ more dramatic and tragic.


‘Death’ falls in love with ‘Elisabeth’ when she falls from a tightrope at a young age. He is a mystical character whose gender can’t be properly defined. Though he approaches Elisabeth as a man, he approaches her son Rudolph as a woman. He follows her wherever she goes throughout her life, and tries to seduce her into taking the last dance with him because he is the only one who can give her true freedom.


The image of ‘Death’, who is both strong and soft, is similar to Hyde of ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ or the phantom of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ when he appears on a lift. In the musical, he seduces both Elisabeth and her son Rudolph, but also has to draw the audience in and entrance them.


‘Death’ is accompanied by six ‘Angels of Death’, who fill the stage with sophisticated choreography. The ‘Last Dance’ number showcased Kim Junsu’s superior dance skills that he honed as a member of idol group JYJ.


During the press call, Kim Junsu performed ‘The Shadows Grow Longer’ and captivated everyone with a more dignified and charismatic stage presence than last year. During the press conference that followed, he impressed the reporters as he sat and paid attention to what the other actors were saying. It seems as though we must let go of some of the prejudices and negative feelings we have for singer-turned-musical-actors when it comes to Kim Junsu. One critic even justifiably stated, ‘Kim Junsu’s aura grows longer.’


Kim Junsu is currently facing restrictions on his activities as a singer due to a dispute with his former agency. During the press conference, Kim Junsu stated, “My longing for the stage is on the verge of desperation. I’m only able to show my energy through concerts or in musicals. As desperate as I am, I’m going to put all my power and energy into each and every scene.” The instincts he picked up while on stage, as well as the passion he has for what he does, will ensure that Kim Junsu’s charisma will have increased tenfold this time around.


One more thing, EMK plans to open the musicals ‘Marie Antoinette’ and ‘Dance of the Vampire’ next year and the year after, and it looks as though he may be in the running to appear in one of these shows.


Meanwhile, the big and small changes made to this year’s ‘Elisabeth’ is drawing the attention of many. The biggest change is that a new song called ‘The Dance of Love and Death’ has been added to the musical. As a song that was showcased during the Japanese performances of the musical, it will greet Korean audiences this year. Small details have been fixed to bring a new ‘Elisabeth’ to the music industry.


‘Elisabeth’ opens on the 26th of July and features Ok Joo Hyun and Kim So Hyun as the leading role of Elisabeth. They will be joined by Lee Ji Hoon, Park Eun Tae, Yoon Young Seok, Min Young Ki, Lee Jung Hwa, Kim Isak and Noh Ji Hoon.


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[TRANS] 130715 JYJ’s Kim Junsu, “It Was Fun And Exciting To Stand In Front Of A Camera For The First Time In 4 Years”



His second solo album showcase.. A Summer dance track ‘Incredible’

JYJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA, 26) has come back with his technicolor second solo album ‘Incredible’.

Kim Junsu held a showcase for 1,200 fans at the UNIQLO AX Hall in Seoul on the 15th. The day’s event was aired live through Melon and LoenTV (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sa351v9k4g).

Having released his new album on various online music sites and iTunes, Kim Junsu performed a total of four songs, ‘Tarantallegra’ from his first album, and ’11 o’clock’, ‘I’m Sorry’, and ‘Incredible’ from the second album.

Appearing on a throne, the singer exuded an air of confidence and charisma for his rendition of ‘Tarantallegra’.He continued to sing ’11 o’clock’ a capella, till he was joined by a piano halfway through. ‘I’m Sorry’, which is a traditional ballad, captivated his fans with his husky voice.

Last of all, Kim Junsu walked on stage wearing the red jacket he donned in his music video and was joined by his neon-clad dance crew. He performed ‘Incredible’ for the first time, showing off his perfect live skills, unmarred by a difficult choreography. The song has a fun melody and strong beat, and showcases Kim Junsu’s powerful performance capabilities. As a collaboration with composer Automatic, who Kim Junsu worked with for his US single ‘Uncommitted’, ‘Incredible’ features a rap segment from Puff Daddy’s son Quincy Brown.


The music video was shot in a house in Malibu and is as refreshing as the song itself. When fans honed in on the kiss scene in the music video, Kim Junsu feigned ignorance as he said, “Oh, the kiss scene. Was that included?” He had everyone laughing as he said, “I just pretended to kiss her. I took on the ‘American mindset’. Whether it actually happened or not is up to your imagination. Then again, this is all just business…”

During the press conference that was held after the showcase, Kim Junsu said, “This is the first time in nearly four years that I stood in front of a camera (for a broadcasted show). Although it wasn’t on TV, it was still a broadcasted program and it was fun and exciting. I had a great time.” Kim Junsu has been unable to appear on broadcasted programs in the past due to his legal dispute with his former agency SM Entertainment.

Kim Junsu’s second album features a total of 12 tracks, including the pre-released track ’11 o’clock’. Kim Junsu participated in the composing, lyric writing and producing process of the album and showcased his maturity as a singer.

His second album features a variety of genres including dance, ballad, electronic, funk, neo-soul, R&B and acoustic. C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The composers who participated in this album all praised Kim Junsu for his musical abilities and value as a vocalist.”

Kim Junsu will be kicking off his Asia Tour with the release of his new album. Staring in Bangkok, Thailand on the 20th, he will hold concerts in Shanghai (28th), Seoul (August 3rd~4th), and Busan (10th, 11th).

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