JUNSU_XIA_UNCOMMITTED MV Full.ver+ [MV/HD] Xia Junsu – Uncommitted [ Lyrics] + UNCOMMITTED – JUNSU (XIA)

 Junsu. I like it!!! O.K.  I love It!!!!  You did good Duckie  🙂

credit: CJESJYJ

credit: HDSubs1

credit: MinEunRi

Momma’s Source: youtube

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Translation 111219 “Full-Song Ringtones” With The Voices of TVXQ Distributed Exclusively by Mu-Mo

[TRANS] 111219 “Full-Song Ringtones” With The Voices Of Tohoshinki, Distributed Exclusively By Mu-Mo

Tohoshinki, whose appearance in the year-end NHK’s “Kohaku Uta Gassen” has been decided, and will also be holding a nation-wide tour beginning January next year, released their first Winter Ballad Single “Winter Rose/Duet (Winter Ver.)” on 30 Nov!

This release is a luxury gift version single which contains Tohoshinki’s first Christmas song, “Winter Rose”, and the winter version of “Duet” from the album “Tone”.

“Winter Rose” is a familiar song being broadcasted as the TV-CM song of the CM that the members themselves appeared in, the 7&I Holdings’ “Tohoshinki’s Winter Gift (Snow Version)”, while “Duet (Winter Ver.) has been decided upon as the theme song for the first mobile drama that Ishihara Satomi will be starring in, Bee TV’s “He’s, My Sister’s Lover”, which will be broadcasted starting 25 Dec.

Though the full ringtones of “Winter Rose” and “Duet (Winter Ver.)” have already been made available, the full ringtones with the voices of the members will be distributed exclusively by mobile-content distribution site, “New. Music Life mu-mo”.

This “with-voice” version has Christmas messages from Tohoshinki added to the front and back of “Winter Rose” and “Duet (Winter Ver.)”! Check out Tohoshinki’s Christmas messages, which are now being widely distributed, from the “X’mas Premium With Voice”.

Source : [CDjournal via yahoo.jp]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

Momma’s Source: dongbangdata.net

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Vid HoMin TVXQ – I Don’t Know MV…

[Vid] HoMin/TVXQ – I Don’t Know MV (Full)

It’s so dark HoMin, I can hardly see a thing. Hearing the music is the important thing though,right?
Momma Cha 🙂

I Don’t Know

credit: nguyenwhen

Momma’s Source; youtube

Lee Min-Ho is back…
In a new Korean drama “City Hunter’. Watch it free online in HD on ViKi!

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