[TRANS] 120919 TVXQ’s New Song Is ‘An Ardent Love Song + Mind-blowing Performance’

[TRANS] 120919 TVXQ’s New Song Is ‘An Ardent Love Song + Mind-blowing Performance’

On the 24th of this month, TVXQ will be releasing their new song ‘Catch Me’, an ardent love song that is complemented by a powerful performance.

On the 19th, SM Entertainment stated, “‘Catch Me’ incorporates trendy Dutch electronic sound with a splendid orchestral melody. It is a fresh dance track which creates a harmony between the melody and ear-stimulating dubstep.” They also added, “The lyrics depicts a headstrong man who breaks up with his lover, but in reality wants her to show her love for him and never let him leave her.”

SM Entertainment continued to reveal that, “TVXQ are working hard to combine their charisma and powerful choreography to create a powerful performance that has a story behind it. It will be a stage with the perfect blend of music, visuals and performance.”

As the group has been turning heads with their superior performances since their debut, TVXQ plan to bring forth a ‘performance to end all performances’ with mind-blowing choreography.

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