[NEWS] 150127 JYJ reclaims top spot on Oricon Chart with first single in Japan..Popularity↑


Group JYJ reclaimed the 1st place, recording a reversal with their first single ‘Wake Me Tonight’ released in Japan.

According to Japan’s biggest records-counting site Oricon Chart on the morning of January 27, JYJ’s first single ‘Wake Me Tonight’ –that was released last Jan. 21– climbed up the top of Single Daily Chart, recording sales of 20,609 copies for one day on January 26.

This single had also recorded No. 1 on Tower Records [Japan]’s Daily Chart and HMV 24-hour chart, as well as, No. 2 on Oricon Daily Chart; on its release date. JYJ has proven that there is no change in JYJ’s popularity –despite many restrictions all the while–, with this being the first time that they have their album distributed fully in Japan.

JYJ has [already] climbed to No.1 on Tower Records’ Monthly Chart and No.2 on Oricon Weekly Chart without an official release in Japan, with their regular album ‘JUST US’ released prior in Korea last summer.

Source: OSEN
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
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[News] 140605 JYJ to release new album in the second part of this year


JYJ (Photo: Choi Soo-Young/GettyImages)

The trio of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu are scheduled to release a new album later this year, yet no exact time has been released yet.

The announcement was made by the agency C-JeS Entertainment to confirm the statement that Yoochun made during the fan meeting event that was held yesterday. The agency confirmed the plan and at the same time tried to clear up the rumor about the rumor about the members army enlistment sometime this year. Regarding the latter, the agency said that there is still no exact time for the enlistment for Jaejoong and Yoochun yet.

The members are currently working on the new album in the middle of their individual schedules. Following the release of the new album, the group plan to do promotion until early next year. The album will be the second album for JYJ who has yet released an album since 2011 after their first, “The Beginning”.

Each of JYJ’s members is currently dealing with their solo projects. Junsu is preparing for his upcoming musical “Dracula”, Yoochun is preparing for the release of his movie release “Sea Fog” and Jaejoong is currently busy filming for the drama “Triangle”.

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[TRANS] 140121 Contents of Tohoshinki New Album “Tree” Released!!

The contents of the new Tohoshinki album “Tree”, which will be released on 5 March 2014, have been decided!
The CD includes hit singles, as well as 10 tracks that were not included in the singles!! In addition, it
contains deluxe contents which showcase a variety of charms!!


2014.03.05 On Sale NEW ALBUM “TREE”


CD+DVD <Jacket A>
“The DVD contains a total of 12 tracks, including music clips (which were no included in the singles)
and live footage!!”
[First Press Limited Edition・Regular Edition AVCK-79191/B] Price: ¥5,460 (tax inclusive)

[CD Tracklist]
●I love you – Introduction –
●Breeding Poison
●愛をもっと (More Love)
●Good Days
●Hide & Seek
●信じるまま (Still Believing)
●Crazy Crazy Crazy
●Good-bye for Now
Expected to contain 14 tracks in all

[DVD Contents]
<Music Clip>
●Very Merry Xmas
●OCEAN (Dance Version)
●SCREAM (Dance Version)
●Something (Dance Version)
<a-nation 2013 stadium fes.(Live Clip)>
●Catch Me – If you wanna –

[First Press Limited Edition Specials]
Includes a jacket-sized photocard (1 of 6 types randomly included)
Includes serial number to apply for the special release commemoration event for the purchasers of 『TREE』

CD+DVD <Jacket B>

“The DVD contains offshoot clips and a documentary film!!”
[First Press Limited Edition・Regular Edition AVCK-79192/B] Price: ¥4,410 (tax inclusive)

[CD Tracklist]
Similar to AVCK-79191/B
Expected to contain 14 tracks in all

[DVD Contents]
<Off Shoot Movie>
●In Our Time (Off Shoot Movie)
●White (Off Shoot Movie)
●TREE OF LIFE (Off Shot Movie)
●Album Jacket Photography (Off Shoot Movie)
<Documentary Film>
●One and Only One (LIVE TOUR 2013 “TIME” Documentary Film)
●In Our Time (LIVE TOUR 2013 “TIME” FINAL in NISSAN STADIUM Documentary Film)

[First Press Limited Edition Specials]
Includes a jacket-sized photocard (1 of 6 types randomly included)
Includes serial number to apply for the special release commemoration event for the purchasers of “TREE”

CD Only <Jacket C>
“Contains two exclusive bonus tracks that were not previously released in singles!!”
[First Press Limited Edition・Regular Edition AVCK-79193] Price:¥3,150 (tax inclusive)

[CD Tracklists]
Similar to AVCK-79191/B, 14 tracks in all

<Bonus Track>
●I love you – Full Version –
●Very Merry Xmas

[First Press Limited Edition Specials]
Includes a jacket-sized photocard (1 of 6 types randomly included)
Includes serial number to apply for the special release commemoration event for the purchasers of “TREE”

Bigeast Version <Jacket D>
(Only available exclusively from the Bigeast Official Shop)-Limited Quantities-
“The CD-EXTRA contains the music clip for TREE OF LIFE(Lip Version)!!”
[CD Only Version (AVC1-79194)] Price:¥2,835 (tax inclusive)

[CD Tracklist]
Similar to AVCK-79191/B, contains 14 tracks in all

<Music Clip>
TREE OF LIFE (Lip Version)
※Lip Version comprises a compilation of scenes of the members singing.

[First Press Limited Edition Specials]
Includes a jacket-sized photocard (1 of 6 types randomly included)
Includes serial number to apply for the special release commemoration event for the purchasers of 『TREE』

*irrelevant portions omitted, images will be updated when available

Source: [Tohoshinki Official Site]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 140109 [Star Cast] ‘Something’ Interesting About ‘Something’, As Told By TVXQ


10 years. 10 years are an epoch. And ‘TVXQ’ have changed in those 10 years. No, they have transformed. And their new album ‘TENSE’ is a result of that transformation. ‘TENSE’ has the meaning of ‘full of nerves and tension’. This is meant to reflect the nerves and tension that TVXQ feel when they’re on stage. It also reflects the pronunciation of ’10th’, to commemorate the group’s 10th anniversary.

TVXQ’s change is refreshing and exciting. This can be felt through their title track’ Something’. As a swing jazz song, a genre that TVXQ have never tried before, it is lively and refreshing. Completely opposite from the grandiose and strong music they’ve created so far, the song is appealing to the masses.

“We wanted to show a lively and refreshing side of TVXQ that we’ve never shown before to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We chose swing jazz because our goal to strive for new music and new genres. We wanted to be more appealing to the public. Shall we call it a gift for our fans?”

Why did TVXQ choose ‘Something’ as the title track of their 10th anniversary album? There’s ‘something’ there that has yet to be uncovered. Here is that ‘something’ of ‘Something’, as told by the members of TVXQ themselves.


◆”‘Something’ marks a flare of change.” (by Yunho)

We first asked about the musical aspects of their choice. We wanted to know why they chose ‘Something’. Their answer was simple. It was ‘A flare to mark a transformation’. Changmin said, “We wanted to showcase a variety of our charms. We searched for fun and lively music that we could enjoy singing, and ‘Something’ seemed to tick all the boxes.”

Yunho expressed his agreement as he added, “We added a modern twist to a classic genre that never goes out of style,” and “We wanted to get our music out to as many people as possible. It was like a flare to signal that TVXQ are ready to continue trying out a variety of new genres in the future.”

Does that mean their composers have changed? A surprising story behind ‘Something’ is that is was created by the Yoo brothers (Yoo Young Jin, Yoo Han Jin). As the brothers are famous for their ‘SMP’ (SM’s signature music that focuses on powerful performances) music, fans were shocked to discover that they had written the song. Could this signify a change for the Yoo brothers as well?

“TVXQ have always strived to created music that focuses heavily on the performance aspect of things. And because the Yoo brothers wrote most of our title songs, the image of ‘Yoo Young Jin + Yoo Han Jin = SMP’ seems to have stuck. But those two composers have worked with a huge range of genres. They will continue to surprise everyone with new music.” (TVXQ)

What was the musical aspect they focused on the most? It was their vocals. Swing jazz is easy to listen to but difficult to sing. This is because rhythm is the key to a successful swing jazz piece. Yunho explained, “It’s a 24-beat song. We tried to bring the rhythm to life. We decided to focus on creating nuances for terms like ‘Sneak up’ with our pronunciation.”

Changmin said, “The key point of his song is to keep the lively rhythm going. We wanted to bring the rhythm to life through our singing,” and “We did our best to make it fun enough for people to dance along to. The vocal range is actually lower than our previous songs, and I think this makes the song more appealing to our listeners.”


◆”The choreography is a musical with a story” (by Changmin)

There’s something that can’t be left out when talking about TVXQ, and that is ‘performance’. They’ve come back with an extremely difficult dance number that uses ropes. From pretending to play the guitar to creating a boxing ring, standing microphones and the strings of a marionette doll, viewers are bombarded with an array of exciting dance moves.

The choreography was created by Tony Testa, who has worked with stars like Britney Spears and Janet Jackson. Where did the idea come from? Yunho said, “The swing jazz genre reminded us of shows in Las Vegas. We were trying to think of something that could reflect that, and that’s how the idea of our line performances was created.”

Here is the second interesting story. Both TVXQ and the dancers use the ropes in their line performance, and we wonder if any accidents have occurred during rehearsals. Yunho said, “While rehearsing, we kept stepping on the ropes, bumping into each other  and falling over. Our final product is a result of countless hours of rehearsals. But we can never let our guard down because we don’t know what could happen at any moment.”

Changmin stated that the ending is the most difficult move of all, which has them leaning forward with nothing but the ropes keeping them upright. He said, “We’re the first to try out a performance with ropes. Personally, I’ve fallen over a lot during the end part of our performance. That part still worries me, but I’ve gotten used to it through constant practice and the exchange of opinions.”

They’ve emphasized a change from other jazz dance sequences, with a story-based musical as their goal. Changmin said, “We wanted to differentiate ourselves from the choreography of other swing pieces. I think our line performance helps us do that. We practiced whenever we had a spare moment so we could get used to it.”

Yunho added to this by saying, “There are a lot of dynamic and large-scale moves in our new dance,” and “Our ensemble consists of our backup dancers and ropes, and we’ve created a performance that feels like a musical with a story. I think our new performance style has helped showcase a new side of TVXQ.”


◆”Our style? Cute and sexy…?” (by Yunho)

They’ve completely changed their style as well. It’s gotten much lighter than before. Short pants that show their ankles, and leopard-print pieces of clothing are used to give off a lively image. Changmin said, “We didn’t want our outfits to be too serious because it wouldn’t go with our expressions or performances, so we changed our look to match the song.”

Yunho said, “The overall concept of our song is a big band. But we’ve added a modern twist to it,” and “We’ve taken classical suits and added a modern twist with checkered prints. We’ve created a new look for TVXQ that is lively, but still has an impact.”

The hairstyles are the biggest change for TVXQ. They’ve taken risks that they’ve never taken before. Changmin said, “I’ve dyed my hair and parted it down the middle with curls. It’s a style I’ve never tried before. I’ve gone through a variety of hairstyles in the past 10 years, but I’ve never done this one before. I wanted it to match the song.”

Yunho also tries out wavy curls or a 1:9 side parting. Yunho said, “Instead of emphasizing flamboyance, I opted for a natural look. It’s a style that goes well with the suits,” and “To put it in one sentence, it’s a cute but sexy look.”

Each member’s style preference has been taken into account. Though the style and colors of their suits are the same, small differences have been made in the details. Yunho has a brighter and cuter look while Changmin prefers a more formal look. Their outfits reflect this difference.

TVXQ said, “We don’t make a lot of differences between the outfits worn by each member. We prefer to find a balance through different details,” and “The difference in how we’re styled is that Yunho wears vests for a lighter look, while Changmin prefers to wear jackets for a formal look.”


◆”A joy for the ears, as well as the eyes~” (by Changmin)

To conclude, ‘Something’ reflects TVXQ’s transformation. Their goal was to break the stereotype of ‘TVXQ=performance’ and connect with the public on a deeper level. Yunho said, “We want people to think of us as versatile artistes, rather than just focusing on our powerful performances. I want us to be a group that is appealing to the public.”

Changmin shares the same opinion. He said, “If TVXQ’s music till now has been ‘music to watch’, I hope ‘Something’ helps transform our music into ‘music to listen to as well as to watch’,” and “We want people to know that TVXQ can create ‘easy listening’ music, and that’s what we’re doing right now.”

They also revealed a secret to enjoying ‘Something’ more. Yunho said that people should sing this song at karaoke rooms as he stated, “I recommend that people sing ‘Something’ when they go sing karaoke. You can use the microphones there to follow along with the choreography, and that will make it even more fun.”

TVXQ concluded with remarks about their 10th anniversary, and what comes next. Yunho said, “We plan to continue our never-ending transformations,” and “Our goal is to keep trying out new music. Our 10th anniversary marked our plan to become more appealing. I’m excited to see what our 11th anniversary will bring.”

What’s on Changmin’s mind? “When people think of TVXQ, they immediately think of strong performances,” and “I’m determined to show people that TVXQ are capable of a variety of genres through ‘Something’. I’m confident that we’ll be able to do so. This is want I want to say most, with 10 years of experience under my belt.”

Source: [Naver StarCast]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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[News] 131227 TVXQ suit up in teaser images for upcoming comeback


TVXQ hinted on the stylish concept for their highly anticipated comeback with new teaser images!

TVXQ suited up for the teaser images as they show their charisma and confidence as veteran singers who now celebrate their 10th anniversary. They will take on the swing jazz genre for title track “Something” with their first comeback stage on ‘Music Bank’ on January 3.

Stay tuned for more details as we get ready for the release of their 7th full-length album ‘TENSE’ on January 6!

credit: allkpop

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[INFO] List of Online Sites to Buy “Musical December 2013 with Kim Junsu”



1. 12월 / December

2. 스치다 (With. 린) / Brushing Past (featuring Lyn)3. 사랑이라는 이유로 (With. 거미) / In the Name of Love (featuring Gummy)4. 너무 아픈 사랑은 사랑이 아니었음을 / It’s Not Love if It Hurts Too Much5. 이등병의 편지 / A Letter from a Private6. 12월(inst.) / December (Inst.)

*Hanteo Chart – List of Sites:
Hanteo is one of the top album sales monitoring charts in Korea; with updates on daily, weekly and monthly sales.
Please support Junsu buying his album from these sites.


Hanteo is one of the top album sales monitoring charts in Korea; with updates on daily, weekly and monthly sales.
Please support Junsu buying his album from these sites.



  • Yesasia Links 12
  • DVD Heaven Links 1, 2, 3
  • Kpop Town Link
  • Kpop Mart Link








Note: We’ll update continuously with more information.


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[Trans] 130714 JYJ’s Kim Junsu To Make His Comeback As XIA On The 15th “Praised For His Value As A Vocalist”

[Trans] 130714 JYJ’s Kim Junsu To Make His Comeback As XIA On The 15th “Praised For His Value As A Vocalist”


JYJ’s Kim Junsu will be making his comeback as XIA (Junsu) on the 15th.

XIA (Junsu)’s second solo album will contain a total of 12 tracks, including the hip-hop dance track ‘Incredible’.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “XIA (Junsu)’s second solo album will be released on various online music sites and iTunes at noon tomorrow. The album contains various styles such as pop, electronic dance, R&B, funk neo-soul and ballads. At 7p.m., a live showcase will be aired on Melon and LoenTV.”

They continued to add, “Like his first album, he participated in the composition and lyric-writing process, and was in charge of producing the whole album. The composers who participated in this album praised Junsu’s musical abilities and his value as a vocalist.”

The countdown event that was held on JYJ’s official Facebook page from the Friday has proved just how popular XIA (Junsu) is overseas with questions coming from Asia, Peru, Brazil, Morocco, Australia, Russia and Turkey.

Meanwhile, XIA (Junsu)’s album will be released both online and offline on the 15th and he will kick off his Asia Tour on the 20th.

Source: [topstarnews]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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[Trans] 130711 XIA (Kim Junsu) Gets Together With Quincy Brown To Create ‘Incredible’

[Trans] 130711 XIA (Kim Junsu) Gets Together With Quincy Brown To Create ‘Incredible


XIA (Junsu) met with Quincy Brown to work together on a song.

On the 11th of July, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “XIA (Junsu) worked with Quincy Brown, the son of famous rapper Puff Daddy, on his new song. As an upcoming rapper and actor in the US, Quincy Brown helped XIA (Junsu) out on his second solo album by featuring in his title song ‘Incredible’.”

According to this representative, Quincy Brown makes the song more mesmerizing with his English rap that begins with ‘You’re so hypnotic girl, you’re incredible’.

They continued to add, “The partnership of XIA (Junsu) and Quincy Brown, such energetic artistes, has created a high-quality song. The two artistes met at the music video shooting in L.A. and enjoyed their time together, talking about music,” and “XIA (Junsu)’s music video is a fusion of a song and video that goes great with the Summer season.”

XIA (Junsu)’s ‘Incredible’ music video brought back the staff behind the music video of his first album’s title song ‘TARANTALLEGRA’, which was praised for its sophistication.

Meanwhile, XIA (Junsu) will be releasing his second album ‘Incredible’ on the 15th and is planning to hold a showcase on the same day. The showcase will be aired live through MelonTV.

Source: [topstarnews]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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[Trans] 130710 [C-JeS] Our Business Dispute With Loen Entertainment Has Come To An Amicable Resolution

[Trans] 130710 [C-JeS] Our Business Dispute With Loen Entertainment Has Come To An Amicable Resolution


This is C-JeS Entertainment’s CEO Baek Chang Joo.

Our business dispute with Loen Entertainment (henceforth known as Loen) has come to an amicable resolution. Last night, we met with Loen’s representative staff members and received an official statement that they would progress with the planned distribution of XIA (Junsu)’s second solo album, as well as the previously agreed upon promotional marketing strategies.

There will be a live global broadcasting on of XIA (Junsu)’s showcase, which many fans have been waiting for, on Melon TV and Loen will be able to keep their promise with Melon users. Online promotions for XIA (Junsu)’s second solo album have been normalized, and we are now able to provide a lawful performance and music to those who love and support XIA (Junsu)’s music.

We would like to show our deep gratitude to the press who gave an entertainment agency with a desperate situation their attention, and the public for giving us their support.

We will repay this support with various activities from the release of XIA (Junsu)’s second solo album on the 15th to his Asia Tour.

Source: [C-JeS Official Homepage]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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[Trans] 130709 Kim Junsu’s Reps Refute Loen, “You Say That We Were Still Only In The Discussion Process?”

[Trans] 130709 Kim Junsu’s Reps Refute Loen, “You Say That We Were Still Only In The Discussion Process?

Loen’s nullification of promotional marketing strategies for Kim Junsu’s latest album has become a controversy.

Through an official letter of plea on the 9th of July, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “On the 8th of July, six days till the release of XIA (Junsu)’s second solo album, we received a unilateral notification from the album’s distribution company Loen Entertainment.”

According to C-JeS, Loen has cancelled all verbal agreements made in the past two months, and unilaterally notified the agency that they would still distribute the album online and offline, but would nullify all other promotional marketing strategies. The crux of the controversy is the broadcast of the singer’s showcase, which is set to be attended by Melon users, on MelonTV. Loen is said to have notified C-JeS that the event would be broadcasted live on LoenTV, but would be impossible to disclose on Melon.

To Newsen, Loen made a clarification and stated, “Regarding Kim Junsu’s showcase, C-JeS and Loen had not yet completed and signed a contract. This problem has arisen in the final stages of discussions between the two parties.”

They continued to reveal, “Many statements conditions and requests have been said between the two parties in the discussion process of the contract. C-JeS poster their letter of plea in the middle so such a process, and their statement that Loen unilaterally notified C-JeS of the nullification of promotional marketing strategies is completely false. A final decision on the contract hadn’t even been made yet.”

Regarding this, a representative of C-JeS Entertainment refuted, “After receiving a sudden notification on the 8th, six days before the showcase, we sent Loen an official statement outlining our stance. We clearly stated that we would release a letter of plea to the public if Loen did not give us a reply. However, we were met with silence. Loen’s representatives keep saying that we were still in the discussion process and had yet to sign a contract, but they had already taken reservations for the album and had already begun receiving applicants for their showcase event. If we had not come to a decision, then wouldn’t it have been right to wait till we had before they went through these processes?”

Regarding the problematic showcase controversy, Loen stated, “If we had really nullified our promotional marketing strategies as C-JeS claims, information regarding Junsu’s showcase and its related event’s page would have been taken down from Melon’s homepage, but as netizens can see, the page is still open and fully functioning. The list of people who are chosen to attend the showcase will be released on Thursday (July 11th) as planned.”

However, Kim Junsu’s representatives stated, “Kim Junsu has a packed schedule planned, which includes going overseas to film a CF, as well as a concert in Thailand. However, the reason why we decided to hold this showcase was to introduce Kim Junsu’s music to the public. We prepared this free-of-charge showcase because we wanted to show Kim Junsu’s performance to the public through MelonTV because broadcasted activities are difficult for us.”

They also added, “This is a showcase our agency is paying for, but if it cannot be aired on MelonTV, there is no reason for the showcase to only be open to Melon users. We have requested a reply to this from Loen by tonight (July 9th). If this problem is not resolved by then, our agency will take the initiative to invite fans ourselves, and it would only be right for the Melon users event to be cancelled.”

  • The translations for Loen’s statements come from this post
  • C-JeS’ full official statement can be found here

Source: [newsen]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 130705 JYJ Naver LINE Updates

[Trans] 130705 JYJ Naver Line Updates


(9:45am KST) Though I ended up basically living in the recording studio, I was really happy while preparing my second album. I hope that you will be able to feel that happiness~~~

Source: [JYJ’s LINE account]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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[TRANS] 130703 Kim Junsu (XIA) To Hold A Live Showcase For His Second Solo Album, ‘Inviting 1,200 Fans’

Kim Junsu (XIA) will be holding a showcase to commemorate his solo album.

On the 3rd of July, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “On the 15th of July, which is the release date of XIA (Kim Junsu)’s second solo album, a live showcase will be held at the UNIQLO Ax Hall,” and “For this opportunity to hear XIA (Kim Junsu)’s title song and new tracks live, Melon will be inviting 1,200 fans through an event.”

A representative also added, “This will be the first time that XIA (Junsu) holds a showcase on the release date of his album, and the showcase will feature performances of new tracks, as well as an introduction of his new album and behind-the-scenes stories of his music video.”



600 people (2 tickets per person) will be chosen through Melon’s mobile app and online event page from the 4th till the 10th of July after listening to XIA (Junsu)’s pre-released song and leave an album review.

Online and offline reservations for XIA (Junsu)’s second album will begin from the 4th of July. Pre-sales will be open in various offline stores and online shopping malls.

Meanwhile, XIA (Junsu) will release his second solo album on the 15th of July and will begin his Asia Tour on the 20th in Thailand.

Source: [topstarnews]

 Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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