[Trans] 130117 Generous Park Yoochun And Yoon Eun Hae “Gift All Staff Members With An Overseas Trip”

[Trans] 130117 Generous Park Yoochun And Yoon Eun Hae “Gift All Staff Members With An Overseas Trip”

A special gift ahead of the end of ‘I Miss You’

The two leading roles of MBC’s drama ‘I Miss You’ have prepared a ‘special gift’.

On the 16th, a representative of the drama stated that Park Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hae have decided to gift all the staff members with an overseas trip ahead of the drama’s ending on the 17th. They have worked together with the staff for the past four months since the end of October, and they have decided to show their gratitude for the staff members as they suffered through the especially cold weather this winter. The two people will pay for the traveling expenses, and a portion will be covered by the production company.

Though it is normal for the staff and actors of a drama that has had high ratings or has been filming for a long period of time to give each others gifts, but it isn’t normal for the actors to send their staff on a vacation. The representative added, “We’re not sure if the actors will be able to go with the staff members because of their packed schedules.”

The staff of ‘I Miss You’ will be going to Thailand for five days from the 20th or the 21st after the drama ends on the 17th. Another representative of the drama stated, “The filming schedule has been extremely packed but the atmosphere was great,” and “We’re really grateful to the actors who have worked hard till the end, and we were able to bring the drama to a successful conclusion thanks to them.”

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