Translation 110505 Enraged PD Says “If There Was…

Translation 110505 Enraged PD Says, “If There Was External Pressure, We Wouldn’t Have Called Park Yoochun From The Start”

A shockwave spread through the industry when it was found that a string of Park Yoochun’s TV appearances were canceled. Many have voiced the opinion that the broadcasting companies are buckling under external pressure, and the production crews have stepped forth to give their clarifications.

It was revealed recently that not only was Park Yoochun, as well as his fellow leading actors of MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Ripley’, denied an appearance on MBC’s ‘Come To Play’, but his appearance on KBS 2TV’s ‘On A Roll’ was also canceled. Regarding this issue, a representative of the broadcasting industry even cautiously voiced the opinion, “It seems that someone is trying to hinder JYJ’s activities in the entertainment industry.”

But Yoon Hyung Joon, PD of ‘On A Roll’, refuted all claims of external pressure on the program canceling Park Yoochun’s appearance. On May 4th, PD Yoon stated, “It’s ridiculous that people believe Park Yoochun was unable to appear as Kim Kap Soo’s surprise guest because of external pressure. The rumors are completely and utterly false.“

He also stressed, “If there was any external pressure, we wouldn’t have called him from the start to ask him to appear on the show,” and “PDs have the authority over recruiting guests. It’s a bit extreme to say that we were pressured into canceling on him.”

A representative of ‘Come To Play’ also refuted rumors of external pressure when he said, ‘It’s true that the ‘Ripley’ team wanted to appear on the show, but we simply chose a better episode plan, that’s all.”

Some are saying, “Because the general consensus of the public is being steered towards blaming JYJ’s inability to appear on TV shows on external pressure, there are people who are spreading baseless rumors on the existence of such issues and making it worse.”

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