[TRANS] 130503 Kim Jaejoong Joins The Ranks Of ‘Men Straight Out Of Comic Books’, “He’s Prettier Than A Woman”

[TRANS] 130503 Kim Jaejoong Joins The Ranks Of ‘Men Straight Out Of Comic Books’, “He’s Prettier Than A Woman”

Never-before-seen still-cuts from Kim Jaejoong’s movie ‘Jackal is Coming’ have been revealed to commemorate the release of the movie in Japan.

The photos were posted on JYJ’s official Facebook page on the 3rd of May with the caption, “‘Jackal is Coming’ will be released today in Japan! Enjoy it!”

The released photos show Hallyu star Choi Hyun (Kim Jaejoong) dressed in historical attire for a music video in the movie.

His long hair and unrealistic good looks had fans leaving comments such as, “His good looks couldn’t possibly exist in real life”, “He looks better with long hair than I do”, “He’s prettier than a woman. He’s a true man who came straight out of a comic book!” and “He makes me feel so bad about myself because he’s so pretty.”

Meanwhile, ‘Jackal is Coming’ is a comedy that depicts the kidnapping of Hallyu star Choi Hyun (Kim Jaejoong) by a slightly lacking killer (Song Ji Hyo) and hit the big screens in Japan on the 3rd.

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Trans] 120828 Kim Junsu’s World Tour Will Be Clashing With Typhoon Bolaven, “Awaiting Anxiously At Airport

Trans] 120828 Kim Junsu’s World Tour Will Be Clashing With Typhoon Bolaven, “Awaiting Anxiously At Airport

Kim Junsu (XIA), who is currently affected by Typhoon Bolaven, will be boarding the airplane for his world tour.

Kim Junsu concluded his last stop on Asia Tour on the 27th of August at Hong Kong and had returned to Korea, followed closely by a flight to New York scheduled on the the 9.30am of 28th.

C-JeS Entertainment expressed through a telephone call with Newsen today that, “When he returned from Hong Kong yesterday, typhoon had already reached Korea. This morning he has also anxiously boarded the flight at New York.”

“Although it was scheduled to take off in another 30 minutes, the flight for the staffs and the flight for the staffs who have worked together in Mexico and Paris are still in stand-by status, thus we are worried about current situation. It’s been 4 hours and they are still in stand-by on the flight for further instructions.”

Kim Junsu’s World Tour started right after the end of Asia tour, and thus the typhoon’s situation is closely observed. Especially since there are no direct flight to South America, if there is a need to transit, it will need at least 3-4 days for transition. For such situation, there is also a preemptive measure made in case for any unforeseen circumstances, other flights can be taken.

Compared to other, the health status of the performer Kim Junsu is the most important. The representative company said, “In fact, the most worrying is the stressed artiste due to the natural disaster. A nothing abnormal health status before the world tour will then be able to present the best situation on stage.”

Kim Junsu’s World Tour will be starting in New York this 30th August, followed by Los Angeles, Mexico, Brazil and Chile.

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[Trans] 120606 Lee Tae Sung: “The Prejudices I Had Towards Idols-Turned-Actors Were All Broken By Yoochun

[Trans] 120606 Lee Tae Sung: “The Prejudices I Had Towards Idols-Turned-Actors Were All Broken By Yoochun

While “Rooftop Prince” was being broadcast, Lee Tae Sung would often demonstrate his close friendship with Park Yoochun through Twitter. To Yoochun, who had suffered the loss of his father in the earlier stages of filming, Lee Tae Sung had sent a message full of genuine care, “Although you are doing very well now, just be a son that your father would be proud of. Don’t say such heartbreaking things. You just experienced it earlier than others would. Press on.” Naturally, it makes people wonder how Park Yoochun is like in his eyes, as a colleague.

“Before the filming, I had my doubts as to whether Park Yoochun, who had started off as an idol, would be able to take on the role of Lee Gak well. So I think the way I looked at Yoochun was influenced by these social perceptions. Although he has quite little experience with filming productions as an actor, if you were to look past that, he is really very hardworking. Despite the tight filming schedule where we did not even have time to sleep, he was still able to familiarise himself perfectly with the script. He had to deal with some tough situations while filming, and in the latter half his physical condition got worse and worse, but he was still able to take on what is equivalent to 3 different roles, right up till the end. He is a good actor.

(irrelevant portions omitted)

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[News] 120604 JYJ’s Yoochun Seriously Considered Adopting A Younger Sister Over The Past Two Years

[News] JYJ’s Yoochun Seriously Considered Adopting A Younger Sister Over The Past Two Years

On June 4th, JYJ‘s Yoochun was interviewed at a restaurant in Kangnam, in which he shockingly revealed, “I really love daughters. My mother and I seriously considered adopting a younger sister.”

During the start of the interview, Yoochun could not conceal his excitement at the mention of Kim So Hyun, the child actress who played the young Sena on SBS‘s ‘Rooftop Prince‘. Yoochun stated, “She is so cute. I want a younger sister or daughter like her. I really do love daughters.”

Fans were very curious as to how Yoochun and So Hyun have such a close relationship, in which they hold numerous conversations over Twitter, even though they have never had a scene together in ‘Rooftop Prince’. To this, Yoochun explained, “There were many times when our waiting rooms were close by or times when we shared the same waiting room. Therefore, So Hyun and I saw each other a lot . I spent a lot of time with So Hyun because the waiting time [for ‘Rooftop Prince’] was long. So Hyun would come find me first and bring me food to eat and ask to take pictures together. It was really cute”.

Furthermore, Yoochun revealed his past consideration of adopting a younger sister and stated, ”Whenever I went to welfare buildings or shelters for children to volunteer or make a donation, I was heartbroken when I saw the children. I also have memories of when I went through a difficult period because I lived away from my family, but I feel like those children must be having a much more difficult time. I wanted to give someone as much love as I can, which is why I considered adoption for the past two years. It was a serious dilemma for me.”

The interviewer stated that Yoochun’s smiling face turned serious in an instant when he discussed the reason for not following through with the adoption. Yoochun stated, “I felt that a celebrity is a profession in which you cannot give all your love to one person. I gave up the decision to adopt because I felt like it would be an irresponsible act.”

Subsequently after discussing the topic of marriage with Yoochun, the interviewer wrote, “He is giving much thought about marriage, which is why I think he said that he will publicly reveal his relationship if he starts to date this time. With dating and marriage in mind, Yoochun wants to meet her in a sincere manner. He doesn’t have a concrete plan set for marriage, but his face brightened as soon as he began to fantasize about having a daughter.”

Yoochun said, “I really love daughters. I fantasize about having a loving family. When I marry I think I will be able to have a daughter like So Hyun. At the minimum, I think there is a 70% chance that I will have a pretty daughter. If she’s my daughter, she’ll definitely be pretty,” causing himself to laugh.

Source & Image: Newsen
Credit: allkpop

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News 110612 Yunho Expresses His Disappointment On ‘Kiss & Cry’

[News] 110612 Yunho expresses his disappointment on ‘Kiss & Cry’

TVXQ’s Yunho expressed his disappointment in falling during his pair-skating performance.

On the June 12th broadcast of SBS’s “Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry“, Yunho and his skating partner, Claudia Mueller, gave a pair-skating performance from the musical “Grease“.

In the last episode, Yunho, who placed 1st during the first singles performance, was unable to practice much for the pair-skating performance because of his overseas schedule. Because of this, he gave a sluggish performance during the half-way evaluation.

Yunho revealed, “I was so shocked during the half-way evaluation that I wondered if I would be able to stand on stage. We have a performance, but I just came back from abroad today.”

The two skaters were much more in sync during the actual performance, but because of the lack of practice time, Yunho did make some mistakes.

The experts stated that Yunho’s skating was good, but that they were disappointed by his mistakes. Skater Kim Yuna stated, “Your spiral was good, but I was a little disappointed in the speed.” Singer Kim Jang Hoon commented, “I liked that you didn’t get flustered when you fell and got back up.”

Meanwhile, the pair received a score of 33.7 for their performance.

Watch Yunho’s performance below!

source: Newsen via Nate
credit: allkpop
Momma’s source: sharingyoochun.net
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Translation 110531 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Transforms Into “Meticulous Director Kim”

Translation 110531 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Transforms Into “Meticulous Director Kim”

Rhythmic Gymnast Sohn Yeon Jae and JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong was featured together in a preview video for the Gala show.

Kim Jaejoong, who directed the JYJ Worldwide Concerts, also directed this highly-anticipated Sohn Yeon Jae Gala performance, and a practice video of this event was revealed.

This video, which was revealed via Nate included a video of the production team meetings, with Kim Jaejoong putting up his ideas, as well as Sohn Yeon Jae’s practice and interview. This video is about the preparation process of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Gala Show “LG Whisen Rhytmic all Stars 2011.”

In this video, Sohn Yeon Jae uses her skills that have been shown in her competitions, as well as other newly choreographed moves, displaying a strong performance. This heightened the suspense for the Gala show, which will hold its debut performance on 11 June.

Kim Jaejoong and the LG Whisen Rhythmic All Stars production team have meshed well. Despite his current participation in the JYJ Worldwide Concerts, he has been communicating with the team via emails, selecting the soundtracks, direction, choreography and styling for this special stage which he is the director of.

Sohn Yeon Jae said, “Director Kim has given his advice on even the smallest details, including expressions and looks etc.” also, Sohn Yeon Jae showed her support for Kim Jaejoong, who is currently involved in the JYJ Worldwide concerts, via a short video message, showing her thankful emotions.

The LG Whisen Rhythmic All Stars 2011 will hold a total of 2 performances, on 11 June at 3pm and 12 June at 2 pm, at the Hwajung Gymansium.

Source : [Baidu TVXQ + Newsen]
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Translation 110505 Enraged PD Says “If There Was…

Translation 110505 Enraged PD Says, “If There Was External Pressure, We Wouldn’t Have Called Park Yoochun From The Start”

A shockwave spread through the industry when it was found that a string of Park Yoochun’s TV appearances were canceled. Many have voiced the opinion that the broadcasting companies are buckling under external pressure, and the production crews have stepped forth to give their clarifications.

It was revealed recently that not only was Park Yoochun, as well as his fellow leading actors of MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Ripley’, denied an appearance on MBC’s ‘Come To Play’, but his appearance on KBS 2TV’s ‘On A Roll’ was also canceled. Regarding this issue, a representative of the broadcasting industry even cautiously voiced the opinion, “It seems that someone is trying to hinder JYJ’s activities in the entertainment industry.”

But Yoon Hyung Joon, PD of ‘On A Roll’, refuted all claims of external pressure on the program canceling Park Yoochun’s appearance. On May 4th, PD Yoon stated, “It’s ridiculous that people believe Park Yoochun was unable to appear as Kim Kap Soo’s surprise guest because of external pressure. The rumors are completely and utterly false.“

He also stressed, “If there was any external pressure, we wouldn’t have called him from the start to ask him to appear on the show,” and “PDs have the authority over recruiting guests. It’s a bit extreme to say that we were pressured into canceling on him.”

A representative of ‘Come To Play’ also refuted rumors of external pressure when he said, ‘It’s true that the ‘Ripley’ team wanted to appear on the show, but we simply chose a better episode plan, that’s all.”

Some are saying, “Because the general consensus of the public is being steered towards blaming JYJ’s inability to appear on TV shows on external pressure, there are people who are spreading baseless rumors on the existence of such issues and making it worse.”

Source: [Newsen]
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