[TRANS] 130831 Kim Eung Soo’s Smartphone Addiction, “Kim Jaejoong Gave Me One As A Gift And Opened Up A New World”

Kim Eung Soo has admitted to being addicted to his smartphone.

Kim Eung Soo’s daughter Kim Eun Seo appeared on SBS’ ‘Like Parent, Like Child’ on the 31st of August and said, “My dad is addicted to his smartphone. There are times when he’s fiddling around with it secretly, even when we’re on set.”

Kim Eung Soo added, “I’d been using a 2G phone up till last year, and Kim Jaejoong, who I worked with on a drama, was so surprised to see me using a 2G phone to call people. The next time he saw me, he gave me a smartphone as a gift.”



He also explained, “Having a smartphone was such an amazing experience because I’d never had one before. I keep it right next to my head when I sleep and I keep fiddling around with it because it’s so cool. It’s opened up a whole new world for me.”

Source: [newsen]

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