[TRANS] 130831 Kim Eung Soo’s Smartphone Addiction, “Kim Jaejoong Gave Me One As A Gift And Opened Up A New World”

Kim Eung Soo has admitted to being addicted to his smartphone.

Kim Eung Soo’s daughter Kim Eun Seo appeared on SBS’ ‘Like Parent, Like Child’ on the 31st of August and said, “My dad is addicted to his smartphone. There are times when he’s fiddling around with it secretly, even when we’re on set.”

Kim Eung Soo added, “I’d been using a 2G phone up till last year, and Kim Jaejoong, who I worked with on a drama, was so surprised to see me using a 2G phone to call people. The next time he saw me, he gave me a smartphone as a gift.”



He also explained, “Having a smartphone was such an amazing experience because I’d never had one before. I keep it right next to my head when I sleep and I keep fiddling around with it because it’s so cool. It’s opened up a whole new world for me.”

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Feeling Under The Weather? Spit On Your Smartphone Then!

I thought that this was rather interesting. I’m sure the medical profession will be worried about losing revenues.  😉  I noticed that the byline says, ” If the work of a pair of scientists”…These kinds of innovative ideas can get squashed by those benefiting the most from the present system, even though it sounds like a great help to us as patients.

Feeling Under The Weather? Spit On Your Smartphone Then!
By Trevor Mogg | Digital Trends

If the work of a pair of scientists in South Korea is developed further, a future where people are commonly seen spitting onto their smartphones may not be too far off.

The two scientists, Hyun Gyu Park and Byoung Yeon Won, believe the smartphone of tomorrow could be used to diagnose an infection by placing a small amount of saliva onto its touchscreen. An app (what else?) would then be used to analyse the sample and identify the user’s ailment.

As explained by the New Scientist, it works through the touchscreen’s ability to detect minuscule differences between various types of saliva, depending on the virus present.

“Since these touchscreens can detect very small capacitance changes we thought they could serve as highly sensitive detection platforms for disease biomarkers,” Park said.

Using an iPhone-sized touchscreen in an experiment, the pair showed that such technology was indeed capable of detecting bacteria and could even differentiate between varying concentrations of the bacteria contained within the tiny droplets placed on the screen.

The scientists, based at the Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology in Daejeon, admitted that there’s still some way to go with the research. Up to now Park and Won have failed to find a way of getting the technology to identify individual pathogens, though they believe it will be possible at some point.

It sounds like an excellent idea, though spreading infected saliva on your phone may not do much to contain a virus. Fortunately, Park is planning to develop a film which can be stuck onto the touchscreen. “Nobody wants direct application of bio-samples onto their phone,” he told the New Scientist.

If the technology does become a reality, it could also allow people in their homes with long-term illnesses to monitor their condition, saving an unnecessary trip to the hospital, or flagging up a serious problem early if one arises.

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110925 NEWS JYJ in Optimus Q2 CF Exudes Charisma

[News] JYJ in Optimus Q2 CF Exudes Charisma

JYJ Reveals the Cell Phone CF with “Get Out” Background. Explosive Appeal in Black Suits


Group JYJ’s cell phone CF has been revealed and is thus gathering attention.

JYJ was selected to be the model for Optimus Q2, the smart phone from LG Electronics. On the 20h, LG Electronics revealed: “Because JYJ’s musicality, powerful performance, and the chic feel melded well with the particularities of the product, we have come to have them as its model.”

The current ad uses the music video of Get Out which is a song included on JYJ’s first Korean-language album and is becoming a hot issue. In the ad, JYJ wearing a black suit is singing and dancing to Get Out and is exuding charisma.

The netizens who saw this responded as follows: “I wish to see them on TV soon.” “Totally cool.” “Is it that you’re finally going to be on public TV? Daeback.” “Is this like a preview? My heart beats in just watching this.” “Going going to preorder the phone!”

Source: ENews24
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