[TRANS] 131028 [C-JeS] A Warning To Netizens Spreading Vicious Rumors


Last year, our company declared war against vicious netizens who spread malicious rumors and attacks against JYJ.
The crimes of some vicious netizens have been  proven through countless lawsuits we have filed against them.
However, we would like to post the following notice as the number of incidents involving false rumors and malicious attacks being made online against the members has not decreased.

1) Our company has a special task team in charge of dealing with malicious netizens online, and they do their own monitoring and check over the screen-capture material that fans send in. This team is also in charge of a process that reports and files for legal compensation at investigative organizations, such as the police, when a crime has been verified.

2) In the case of the person who is active in DC Gallery under the ID ‘Holic’, they have not received a criminal penalty because they are a minor, and we are currently preparing a lawsuit against their parents instead. Because the truth of the crimes of ‘Holic’ have already been recognized, we ask that everyone deals with the posts of ‘Holic’ by not responding to them at all, and screen-capturing the evidence and reporting it to us. The same applies to ‘Sasahara’, who we talked about on our Japanese homepage. We are currently locked in a lawsuit with him at the Tokyo District Courts. We will continue to deal with malicious netizens such as ‘Holic’ and ‘Sasahara’ through the cyber investigative squad and legal representatives, so we please ask fans to deal with these incidents by not reacting or responding to them.

3) Our company is currently monitoring both portal sites and various communities, such as DC Gallery, Bestiz, and Daum cafes (closed membership). We would like to warn everyone that even if a site is only open to certain netizens through a membership system, spreading false rumors or malicious attacks are crimes of defamation and contempt that are be punishable by law. Also, we would like to stress that we will not engage in any favorable agreements or settlements with malicious netizens.

4) We will continue to post notices when verdicts are made on our lawsuits in order to stop these instances from recurring.

Source: [C-JeS Official Homepage]

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