[TRANS] 131126 ‘December’ Releases Additional Tickets… Breaks The Record For Most Tickets Sold In The Shortest Time


‘December: The Song that Hasn’t Ended’, the musical to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the late Kim Kwang Seok’s birth, will open another round of ticket reservations on the 2nd of December.

With the first round of ticket reservations already breaking the record for the most tickets sold in the shortest amount of time in the industry, the second round of ticket reservations is expected to be met with an explosive response from fans.

The first round of ticket reservations had the musical topping Interpark’s reservations rankings easily as it broke the record for the largest number of tickets sold in the shortest amount of time. Befitting the size of the large-scale musical with a production cost of 5 billion Won, tickets for a total of 70,000 seats were released simultaneously with news that another round of reservations would be taking place soon.

The musical’s production company NEW has decided to open another round of reservations after being flooded with requests from musical-lovers who were unable to grab good seats for the show.

The second round will release tickets for 10,000 more seats, including the first two rows for the B, C and D areas, and is expected to be met with an explosive response from those who were unable to get good seats during the first round of ticket reservations. The additional tickets will be available on Interpark.

Meanwhile, with approximately four weeks left to go till ‘December’ opens its curtains, the musical has already been chosen as the most-anticipated musical of the second half of 2013 as a jukebox musical that features songs, compositions and unreleased songs from the late Kim Kwang Seok. It will open its curtains at the Sejong Culture Centre on the 16th of December.

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