Pops in Seoul – JYJ (Back Seat)


JYJ Fantalk Source: youtube

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2 thoughts on “Pops in Seoul – JYJ (Back Seat)

  1. My, my ~ you’ve been keeping busy in here, my friend. I’m behind ~ so much is happening these days and sometimes, it’s impossible to keep up! But let’s keep at it whenever we can ~ O/ Thank you for the posts and I hope everything is well with you! Now will JYJ come to the US to promote the new album? Fingers crossed! I’m actually not sure what their schedule looks like. Now there’s a shocker. ^^; Hug, YF

  2. No shocker at all YF. My apologies. I haven’t really been in here much lately. A lot going on, so I feel a wee bit guilty because I am definitely needing to catch up. My consolation is knowing that they are always on my mind and heart.

    I just managed to load the album on my MP3 Player. I am really behind. The album is sweet and their vocals are always outstanding.

    It’s so good to ‘see’ you YF. I hope they can make to the good ole USA, although I don’t like the idea of the flight. Cya Cha.

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