Night time It’s pitch black no moon…

 Refeatured 6/7/13
Night time.
It’s pitch black, no moon in the sky tonight, and the shadows seem to press in. You walk down a country road, pebbles crunching beneath your feet, your destination a crumbling mansion that looms before you.  (cue creepy music: dun dun dun, dun dun dun….)

All around you have been the sounds of the night, but suddenly they are hushed, silence encroaching and enveloping you the closer you get to the mansion. Why exactly are you approaching this place? Why are your feet moving closer when every nerve in your body is screaming at you to run?   

I don’t know. Just a fitting prelude, I guess.  Anyways, back to the story.

You step onto the porch, aged wood creaking beneath your tentative feet. A shiver runs down your spine as you push open the gilded door, step through it, cobwebs clinging to your hair. You can’t see a thing, but some unknown force seems to be propelling you forward, and you step with confidence….until you stub your toe on the staircase. Ouch, that’s gonna leave a bruise. Okay, maybe there’s no compelling presence, but you see just a slit of light to your left, somewhere towards the back of the mansion. Heart pounding, toe throbbing, you tiptoe towards the light. As you get nearer, your ears pick up the strangest sound. Almost like….slurping? Is someone eating something? Hmmm…  

You stop before a closet, the light, strangely enough, coming from inside it’s narrow walls. You hesitate before opening the door, because, let’s face it, this story is weird enough already, right? But you’ve come this far, so, with a deep breath, you reach for the handle. However, before you can grasp the brass globe, the closet is opened from within! You scream, closing your eyes and hugging yourself for protection. When nothing attempts to bite you, you dare to peek out from beneath your eyelashes. What greets you is nothing like what you were expecting.

Yes, it is our very own Shim Changmin!  Because you have wandered into yet another segment of DBSK CUTENESS!!! Just couldn’t stay away, could yah? (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

Okay. Back to our magnae.  Ahem, Changmin-shii?



Yes? What do you want? You’re… interrupting my midnight snack.              

Oh. Sorry. Well, I’m doing a series of posts on the cuteness of DBSK, and I needed some footage of you. If that’s okay with you of course.






Yeah, whatever. I don’t care. There’s some pictures in my bedroom. Help yourselves.

Oh. Thanks.






(shuffles over, starts flipping through the pictures)  It’s gonna be hard to find cute pictures of Changmin. I mean, how cute can an ‘evil magnae’ be, right? Maybe I should have done a charisma series instead….


Finding everything okay? 

Well, kinda. No offense, but you don’t really strike me as the cutie type.



Let me take a look. I burnt some of the pictures, so my hyungs wouldn’t blackmail me, but there might be some left.




Don’t feel like you have to exert yourself or anything, Changmin-shii. I mean, you just ate and it’s the middle of the night. You must be sleepy…ooh! What do you have there?






 Wow!!!! So cute!! I’m in shock!


There’s more.




Wow! You were so young! Bet you can’t look that cute anymore, can you?




Okay. So you can. Never mind.


Okay, I think that’s enough cuteness for one day. Thanks. We’ll just be going now. See ya.

(pregnant pause…)


You don’t think I’ll just let you leave, do you? Once you’re here, here you’ll stay.

And now that you’ve seen my cuteness, I’ll have to do away with you quietly.




Oh? Really? Are you sure you want to do that?






JK. Hehe.





Uh huh. Well, goodnight, Changmin-shii.



Ahem. Goodnight.






Uh huh. Now if I could just find the way out of here….Changmin-shii, could you show us where the door is?

Awww. Never mind, we’ll let ourselves out. So cute…..


All pictures from google. You know who you are.


7 thoughts on “  Night time It’s pitch black no moon…

  1. Wah! I absolutely love this! It beats every picture fanfic and every macro featuring Changmin that I have ever laid eyes upon – not only have you nailed his personality, (the scary part as well as the cute part – let me tell you, I was actually really scared at the start, because I had no idea where you were going with this and…eh…let`s admit it…he CAN be quite frightening…) but it`s so funny too!
    Yes, Changmin. We are convinced. You are cute. A great big “thank you” to thatmelancholysoul who risked her life, her sanity and (I imagine) a substantial part of her sleep time to venture out into the darkness to find our hero and compose this lovely piece. 🙂 YF

  2. OMO~! This is too cute! 😀 I’d have to agree with YunhoFan on him being quite intimidating. :3 The beginning sounds like a really good opening for a story too. Thank you for the good read, themelancholysoul and Momma Cha~!

    • You are very talented. I really love your writing. I hope there`s more to come, but please, take your time. It`s worth waiting for. And I fully understand that sometimes it is not easy to go public with your pieces or even compose them at all. Your effort is much appreciated! 🙂

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