Happy Birthday to Thatmelancholysoul from Mommy Cha

 Happy Birthday to thatmelancholysoul from Mommy Cha

I can remember the first time that I laid eyes on you. You were blue, and a team of doctors and nurses were fighting for your life. Thankfully, through God’s grace, they won, and I was able to hold you in my arms. You have always been my most curious one; the one who questions everything; and my music and dance companion. If I were to define you I would say that you are multi-faceted and multi-talented. What you choose to put your mind, time, and effort into becomes a positive reality. It is in the choosing that you must display the most wisdom–because every moment spent in pursuit of a goal is a lost moment if the goal is not attained.

You have endless potential my Dear, and life is beckoning you to explore and conquer. I can remember being your age and the things that I wanted to do– imaginable and unimaginable things. The horizon was vast and many pursuits beckoned. Art college came first–then an art career. BB, [Before Babies], I was content with graphics, but after your sister and then you were born–I somehow gained a different perspective on life.  I discovered that I enjoyed children so much that my next pursuit became teaching–a pursuit I still engage in. Over time, I have taught everything from kindergarten to college; from church school to public education; infancy to geriatrics–and I have enjoyed them all. I have had a wonderful life filled with teaching and learning with and from you and your sister. Surprisingly, young people can teach their elders a thing or two. It is the young who face challenges head on and refuse to give quarter. It is the young who look for possibilities before impossibilities.

I guess I could say that I hold you responsible for introducing me to the world of J-Pop and K-Pop. First came Super Junior. I struggled so hard to remember [much less pronounce] each member’s name, and I danced many times with you to ‘Sorry, Sorry’. For a while we were unaware of any other K-pop groups until the day that you discovered ‘Mirotic’ while surfing on Youtube. That is the day that DBSK became a part of our existence. I was immediately fascinated by their dancing and singing abilities, and I can remember spending hour upon hour learning everything that I could about the group and its members. I learned to talk on the blogs and forums, and gradually became solidly supportive of Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin. I was attracted by their musicality and their personalities. For a while I struggled because I couldn’t understand why, I, a classic music teacher, gospel singer, songwriter, wife, and mother of two grown daughters, would enjoy listening to this music. For some reason it both soothed me and challenged me to explore beyond my everyday music parameters. Hence came that immediate Mommy, agape love for the members of DBSK. If it seems as if Super Junior paled in comparison, not so, I still enjoy their music and their antics. What was most surprising, however, was that nurturing spot that DBSK immediately occupied. I became a Momma Bear, ready to defend if needed. Sadly, it would be needed.

There are happenings in life that defy description. One such happening was the split of DBSK. 2010 became a remarkable year that smelled of change on the wind. Many were confused and frightened, including the members, and in an effort that would take strength from us all, the Five became Three and Two. As a family, we stood in the position of distressed observer, never abandoning any member, but with a spirit that knew deep down that things would never again be the same. This didn’t mean that hope was abandoned, but reality dictated that change was inevitable. We fought with everything in us to maintain the faith, and we still fight for the hope that someday these friends and brothers will be able to sit down and enjoy quality time together. It is no longer about the music or the companies–it is about the friendships.

So now, thatmelancholysoul, how does this in any way relate to your Birthday? Why have I written this narrative in this way? It is because I want to see you fight just as hard to be who you are despite all the obstacles and oppositions that life can mete out. It isn’t even about who’s right or wrong–it is about seeking the truth that will set you free to pursue goals that are beneficial to you and to those around you. It is about hanging in there when everyone else says that it is time to give up. It is about clinging to hope when it seems as if hope has abandoned you. Word to the wise–hope never will abandon you as long as you cling to hope because hope is in Christ.. It is in realizing that faith and hope are the underpinnings through GOD’s Holy Spirit that keep you stable in a world full of instability.

You are now an adult making adult decisions and entering this arena called life. Think deeply about things; meditate on things; then trust your spirititual instincts. …”Whatever things are pure, think on these things”….

I will always love you, thatmelancholysoul, with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength because I am striving to be made in the image of Christ.  I do not expect perfection…I only ask you to strive for it.

Love, Mommy

Captain Coco and The Bubble Incident Chapter One: First Engagement Part 4

The bridge of the ISP Grande Pollo is shaking from side to side. Not content with simply dancing to the music, the crew, with Captain Coco at the lead, has formed a Conga line and is snakily moving from one end of the bridge to another. Alas, Science Officer Smarticus has been left alone defending the ISP Grande Pollo with bombardment after bombardment of giant omelets aimed at the Bubble Berry Soapy. Forgotten in the midst of dancing frenzy is the actual dilemma which could drown the ship at any moment in a bubble of gargantuan proportions.

Doc Shades, while dancing energetically with all the rest, still keeps a watchful eye on the crew. After all, this much strenuous exercise could cause problems. He is equipped with sedatives and adrenaline.

Never one to miss an opportunity at grandeur, Counselor Penna, who has refused to join the Conga line, suddenly belts out a phrase that stuns everyone to silence. “Focus!!! Seriously, people, we are in a battle zone!!! Captain, what can you be thinking?”

“I’m thinking that my buffalo wings may be burning because Mr. Blade is not in the galley tending to my needs!!!”

“Captain,” Mr. Blade says, lifting his chin and looking down his nose at the captain, who squirms uncomfortably in his chair, ”you sent Protection Officer Bun-Bo to compel me to dance to save the ISP Grande Pollo from extreme bubbles, Sir!!! How can I be in two places at once since Engineer Francois has not yet perfected the temporal cloning device?”

Captain Coco turns to Counselor Penna and declares, “I will have Mr. Blade court-martialled at the end of the day on the grounds of disrespect, disloyalty, and desertion of my poor burnt buffalo wings!!!”

Counselor Penna sighs, eyeing him with a look that clearly states the phrase “we need to talk”, and shakes her head. “Sir, you are suffering from extreme stress and have returned to childish ways…again…”

“It’s not the stress,” Mr. Blade mutters, studying the cobweb patterns on the bridge ceiling and casually holding out a hand to catch a drop of strawberry soap as it falls from a vent above. He sniffs it and smiles. “It is good bubble bath. Counselor…”

Seeing an opportunity to display his knowledge and worth to the crew, Doc Shades pulls out a sedative and attempts to insert the needle in Captain Coco’s derriere, the most muscular part of him, in an attempt to calm him down. He underestimates the sensitivity of the Captain’s derriere and finds himself sailing through the air to land at Mr. Blades feet. Blinking rapidly, he looks down at his thigh which has the needle projecting from it, a result of the Captain’s quick action. Mr. Blade quickly extracts the needle and helps Doc Shades [who is rapidly falling asleep] to his feet.

“The next person who attempts to touch me will be COURT-MARTIALLED!!!…………

In quantum time, Science Officer Smarticus is running madly about his lab, grunting as he lifts his giant chickens from their nests in a frantic effort to find more egg ammo.

“Girls! Daddy needs more eggs! You were good girls and you drank your egg laying tonic, right? Right? Ah!!!” Science Officer Smarticus tears at his feathery mohawk in frustration, deciding that he should have tested the tonic a long time ago… He runs wildly to the intercom and attempts to hail the good captain, but since Captain Coco is currently arguing with Mr. Blade the effort is futile.

Desperate, he decides to hail Engineer Francois. He laughs in near hysterical relief as Francois answers promptly.  Hehehehehehe….….

“Hello?” Engineer Francois’ laconical tones strangely contrast with the wild yelling and banging noises that resonate in the background.

“Francois! I’m out of ammo! The gir…the chickens aren’t laying and the captain isn’t answering. Please tell me the bubble bath hasn’t blocked the power to the ship’s weapons.”

No answer. Somewhere, a voice cries, ”Engineer Francois! Engineer Francois! The core drive is pink! The core drive is pink!!!”

Engineer Francois bellows back, “What color do you expect it to be, you imbecile? It’s covered in strawberry bubble bath!!!”

After a short delay, Engineer Francois manages to remember that Science Officer Smarticus has asked him a very important question. “Frankly speaking, Smarticus, we have no power. You are our only hope!

“Wahhhhhhhhhhh…….I’m out of eggs!!!…” screams Smarticus. “We are doomed, Francois, Doooooooomed……”

Always quick to grasp the situation, Francois replies, “Are you out of methane?”

“I told you I’m out of…oh! Methane! Methane!!!”

Engineer Francois chuckles to himself, knowing full well that Science Officer Smarticus is already racing for his methane supplies. Francois chuckles to himself at the sheer anti-gravity of their situation. When in danger, smile lads, smile!!!

Meanwhile, Smarticus’ claw-toed boots are clacking madly over the deck as he dodges his beloved chickens to access the Blast-O-B.O.101…a device he has been secretly perfecting whenever Captain Coco’s back is turned. This device, intended to power the Eggonizer 5000 for hours (if he hadn’t run out of eggs) has unlimited quantities of methane gas. A minute amount has been used so far in lobbing the eggs onto the Bubble Berry Soapy’s hull–so Smarticus is “cooking up” a method to put this remaining methane to good use. He knows the danger involved in releasing the methane into the ship, but it is the ISP Grande Pollo’s last hope for victory. (Or so it appears).

On the bridge, Captain Coco has given up trying to battle wits with Mr. Blade. Mr. Blade is aptly named. He is capable of slicing the best of the Interstellar Peacekeeping Force officers down to size without raising his voice or moving an aggressive muscle. Motivated by his need to protect his best buddy, Doc Shades, he has managed to turn Captain Coco into a blithering mass of seething jelly using sheer rhetoric alone while the entire crew of both ships looks on. It is painful to watch a Captain being so humiliated, so Counselor Penna places her hand gently on Mr. Blades’ muscular arm.

“Mr. Blade, shouldn’t we be checking on those buffalo wings?’, she asks. Blinking rapidly at the change of mental direction, Mr. Blade glances down at her perfectly manicured hand on his arm. He could never resist beautiful hands. As he raises his eyes to hers, Counselor Penna smiles seductively, then pulls him quietly off the bridge. Doc Shades crumples to the floor, snoring loudly.

“Remind me to court martial Mr. Blade twice”, yells Captain Coco.

While all this one-sided yelling has been going on, Science Officer Smarticus has managed to hook the methane fueling line to the ship’s ventilation system. After all, as a last resort he is sure that Captain Coco would prefer to blow up the ISP Grande Pollo than to let her fall into the hands of the enemy. What he doesn’t realize is that at that very moment Captain Wash-a-lot has managed to beam himself aboard the ISP Grande Pollo despite the extreme lack of transporter support. [Captain Coco fudged on transporter parts too]. Groping his way blindly toward the engineering section–it is Captain Wash-a-lot’s intention to take over the ISP Grande Pollo single-handedly. I’m afraid that watching Mr. Blade succeed in stripping Captain Coco of his dignity on the Bridge has changed Captain Wash-a-lot’s opinion of the ISP Grande Pollo leadership. He sees Captain Coco as a nincompoop and has decided to take advantage of the confusion on board. What he doesn’t realize is that Lt. Bomma Whama has overheard his instructions to his crew via the telephone line and is precisely at that moment conveying her knowledge to, not Captain Coco, but to Chief Security Officer Bun-bo.

“I’m certain that I heard him say that he was going to beam aboard–then take over engineering. It seems a bit foolhardy considering that we have only a few minutes before the ISP Grande Pollo will be useless as a starship.”

Officer Bun-bo thinks for a moment then exclaims. ‘Send out an alert to all decks. We have to abandon ship and catch this perpetrator”!!!.  I will inform the Captain of this latest development….

To be continued…Muahahahaha…

Note: No resemblance to any living persons intended. Uh-huh. Yeah, right. You know it is. Sorry.

.Credit: The JYJ Fantalk Team

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DBSK Spazz: Just a Little Vacation: Part 1


You see a globe. A shiny, sparkly globe covered in flashing lights that makes you think of bell bottoms and peace sig…wait a minute. Wrong globe. (removes quickly)



Ahem. (tries again…)



You see a globe. A slowing rotating globe that really reminds you of something you saw in geography class. It is called…What was it again? It’ must have been important….OH YEAH!!!! PLANET EARTH!!!!




Duh. Well. It is Earth, spinning exotically on it’s invisible axis, looking so peaceful from this far away. Really peaceful. What a shame that you’re suddenly getting closer…and closer…and even closer, until you can make out the outlines of high rises and fast moving cars. It seems you have descended into a very big city, and are quickly aiming for a curtained window, at the very top floor of an expensive-looking housing complex. You flinch and try to slow your velocity, expecting to crash straight into the window any second, but there are no air brakes on this ride. You close your eyes, and wait for the shattering of glass….but surprisingly enough, all you feel is a sudden blast of air-conditioned air, that seems to come from all around you. Someone has central air controls. Nice. The grandly furnished house seems empty at a first glance, but your quickly adjusting ears pick up the distinct sound of voices, male voices to be exact, voices that you recognize immediately….






 …so I told the manager that I was going to be gone for a few days, and he seemed okay with it. The only thing that’s really worrying me is….Yah. Hyung. Do you really need to pack so many clothes? It’s a vacation, not a photoshoot.










 Hmmm…..do you really think so? I might need them all…






                           Junsu thinks you have too many. Right, Junsu?

                        RIGHT!!! Hyung, can I put these down now? Please?



Hmmm…I just don’t know. Jiji-ah, what do you think?

Hyung, please.

What did you say, Jiji-ah? Junsu spilled orange juice all over Appa Jae’s new white sofa? Really? Maybe we should let him hold the clothes a little longer….

 Grrrrr…..(drops pile) Forget it. No more punishments.

Awww, Junsu-ah. You’re no fun.



Tell that to my back. Besides, there’s no stain on your precious sofa.

That’s because you painted over it with white-out.

…How’d you know that?





Doodlydoodlydoo…so many lines, so little time….


Tehe. Anyways, the only thing I’m worried about is someone spotting us with Yunho-hyung and Changmin-ah. I mean, it could really cause a scandal, if one of the fans took a picture or something.





That’s why they’re coming in disguise. Or at least that’s what Yunho said over the phone yesterday. I hope we’ll recognize them. It’s been such a long time…was this a good idea?

Of course, hyung.

Yeah. Of course.

Okay. Well we’d better go pick them up from the airport. (closes suitcase) Are we all ready?










I don’t know. Chunnie-ah, are you ready to have fun? Even more importantly, do you even want to have fun?

No. No, I hate fun.




Just kidding. Relax, Jae.

Yeah. Come on. Let’s go.





Sizty minutes later, at the airport……




Hope they won’t take too long. It’s a long drive to our resort.






I know right? Their plane’s already landed, I hope we didn’t miss them… Oh! Wait! Is that really…Oh my goodness….





(insert hysterical chicken laughter here)





I don’t know these people. Really.


What kind of disguises are those?










Wanna buy a Christmas tree?! It’s on sale!








                                                   Yunho. It’s May.



Which is exactly why it’s on sale! 40% off! You can’t beat that!!!

They can’t beat that, but they sure look ready to beat us, hyung. Do you think we should have chosen more thorough disguises?

We didn’t have time, Changmin-ah. Just smile and look pretty. Smile and look pretty.



Someone’s going to recognize you.





Nonsense! We’re hiding in plain sight! The fans will never see us!












to be continued….


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credit: thatmelancholysoul at jyjfantalk.com





  Night time It’s pitch black no moon…

 Refeatured 6/7/13
Night time.
It’s pitch black, no moon in the sky tonight, and the shadows seem to press in. You walk down a country road, pebbles crunching beneath your feet, your destination a crumbling mansion that looms before you.  (cue creepy music: dun dun dun, dun dun dun….)

All around you have been the sounds of the night, but suddenly they are hushed, silence encroaching and enveloping you the closer you get to the mansion. Why exactly are you approaching this place? Why are your feet moving closer when every nerve in your body is screaming at you to run?   

I don’t know. Just a fitting prelude, I guess.  Anyways, back to the story.

You step onto the porch, aged wood creaking beneath your tentative feet. A shiver runs down your spine as you push open the gilded door, step through it, cobwebs clinging to your hair. You can’t see a thing, but some unknown force seems to be propelling you forward, and you step with confidence….until you stub your toe on the staircase. Ouch, that’s gonna leave a bruise. Okay, maybe there’s no compelling presence, but you see just a slit of light to your left, somewhere towards the back of the mansion. Heart pounding, toe throbbing, you tiptoe towards the light. As you get nearer, your ears pick up the strangest sound. Almost like….slurping? Is someone eating something? Hmmm…  

You stop before a closet, the light, strangely enough, coming from inside it’s narrow walls. You hesitate before opening the door, because, let’s face it, this story is weird enough already, right? But you’ve come this far, so, with a deep breath, you reach for the handle. However, before you can grasp the brass globe, the closet is opened from within! You scream, closing your eyes and hugging yourself for protection. When nothing attempts to bite you, you dare to peek out from beneath your eyelashes. What greets you is nothing like what you were expecting.

Yes, it is our very own Shim Changmin!  Because you have wandered into yet another segment of DBSK CUTENESS!!! Just couldn’t stay away, could yah? (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

Okay. Back to our magnae.  Ahem, Changmin-shii?



Yes? What do you want? You’re… interrupting my midnight snack.              

Oh. Sorry. Well, I’m doing a series of posts on the cuteness of DBSK, and I needed some footage of you. If that’s okay with you of course.






Yeah, whatever. I don’t care. There’s some pictures in my bedroom. Help yourselves.

Oh. Thanks.






(shuffles over, starts flipping through the pictures)  It’s gonna be hard to find cute pictures of Changmin. I mean, how cute can an ‘evil magnae’ be, right? Maybe I should have done a charisma series instead….


Finding everything okay? 

Well, kinda. No offense, but you don’t really strike me as the cutie type.



Let me take a look. I burnt some of the pictures, so my hyungs wouldn’t blackmail me, but there might be some left.




Don’t feel like you have to exert yourself or anything, Changmin-shii. I mean, you just ate and it’s the middle of the night. You must be sleepy…ooh! What do you have there?






 Wow!!!! So cute!! I’m in shock!


There’s more.




Wow! You were so young! Bet you can’t look that cute anymore, can you?




Okay. So you can. Never mind.


Okay, I think that’s enough cuteness for one day. Thanks. We’ll just be going now. See ya.

(pregnant pause…)


You don’t think I’ll just let you leave, do you? Once you’re here, here you’ll stay.

And now that you’ve seen my cuteness, I’ll have to do away with you quietly.




Oh? Really? Are you sure you want to do that?






JK. Hehe.





Uh huh. Well, goodnight, Changmin-shii.



Ahem. Goodnight.






Uh huh. Now if I could just find the way out of here….Changmin-shii, could you show us where the door is?

Awww. Never mind, we’ll let ourselves out. So cute…..


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Credit: thatmelancholysoul@jyjfantalk.com

Alright peoples It’s been a long time insert…

Alright, peoples. It’s been a long time (insert guilty giggle here). For many reasons, part 2 of DBSK cuteness was postponed. Do I feel bad? Of course. Am I ashamed to have made you wait all this time? Why, yes. Will this shame stop me from posting another round of cuteness?

Nuh uh. Hehehe.

So where were we? Lemme see… Ah yes. Cuteness!!!!! Come on, ya’ll! Let’s take another plunge into the vast, gaping chasm of fandom. Let us dive down into the depths of our dear obsession, in search of yet another of our darling dorks. Who shall it be today? Hmmmm. I know! Let’s go bother…

Yoochun. Tehe. (gulp)

Now, we all know that Park Yoochun is a nice guy. I mean, just look at his kind face.

Wouldn’t you trust him with your babies? I totally would, unless they were musical prodigies. He might make them write melancholy. soul-wrenching tunes in the basement while I’m at work. (cue Kiss Shita Mama Sayonara. (sniff.)

Of course, that’s just my imagination talking. Ahem. Chunnie’s a jolly good fellow, yes? But you may be asking yourselves “what does this nice stuff have to do with cuteness?” What indeed?

The truth, folks, is that there are all kinds of cuteness in the world. Most of us think of  kittens, puppies, babies and Junsu…















…when we rate the adorable factor, but Chunnie is not that kind of cute. No Sir! Our Chunnie has a completely different kind of squeal-worthiness, a totally unusual take on cheek-pinchability, and his own unique perspective on cuddly gooey goo. Shall we take a look? Why, yes. We shall.

Without further ado, shall I present…

The many-faceted cuteness of Park Yoochun!!!

Look at that face. Don’t you just want to kiss that wide forehead?

Ooooh! Ah!!!! Be still, my twitter-pated heart!

Okay, so I’m laying it on a little thick, but that’s okay, right?

Of course it’s okay, because it brings me to my next point, a crucial part of Chun’s lovable self. And that would be…

The cheese. Because, let’s face it. Chunnie’s very, very cheesy. Yes, Park Yoochun has skin of the softest brie, eyes that shoot muenster rays, and a heart of golden cheddar. All he has to do is look at you, and you are infected, turning into a pile of bubbling goo that would taste very good on a casserole.

Don’t believe me? Observe.

Do you feel it?

Are you digging the dairy?

Rocking the rind? I’m laying it on too thick again? Sorry. (reels it in)

Well, well. I’ll have to stop this somewhere. So shall we end with a classically cute Chunnie pic? (yes, I know he’s not classically cute, but everyone has their moments, yes?) Here you go!

Tehe. Okay. Until next time! Bye bye!

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Credit: thatmelancholysoul@jyjfantalk.com

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